Chalk Talk #15 – RDL

Be sure to check out “The RDL“.

This is a bit of a longer Chalk Talk, but it comprehensively covers the why, how, coaching cues, and programming of the RDL. Between the video and the linked article above, you’ll be a poster chain master.

8 thoughts on “Chalk Talk #15 – RDL

  1. such doms. wow. very pain.

    But really doing these on Monday makes Friday DL all kinds of good. Using the fat bar for grip gains is also helpful. Good luck with jeans though.

  2. Great stuff, thanks for all the recent chalk talks.

    Is the plan for your next book still in January to be released? I think I remember reading that awhile ago.

    Here’s the deal, I’m a bagpiper and I need to make sure I look good in kilt. Looking forward to the book for some upper body jackedness while I deal in nutrition and and throw some conditioning in (barbell complexes and/or sprints and/or some loaded carries ala Dan John). How much condition does one really need? 5 days a week? 2-3 days? Thanks.

  3. Great vid. I really enjoyed the post about RDL’s back in the days…

    Whats your take on GHD/nordic leg curls for hamstring building? A study conducted by Ebben et al. which showed that NHCs (in this study they were called Russian Curls or RCs) outperformed seated leg curls, stiff leg deadlifts, single leg stiff leg deadlifts, good mornings, and squats in hamstring EMG activity. I’m better there’s a fair chance that it would surpass RDL’s as well…

    I realize the movement doesn’t activate the hams in the same way as RDL which is knee dominant, I would just like to know how to program mine. Right now I’m doing it twice a week as assistance – they give the sick doms compared to RDL’s…

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