Chalk Talk #13 – Banded Squat

The ‘banded squat’ is merely wrapping a band around the thighs and performing an unloaded squat to work on the active external rotation in the hips. This exercise can be a powerful tool for trainees with inefficient glutes, problems with the knees coming in during the squat, and even piriformis or glute medius issues. The video talks about execution and cues, why they are beneficial, and how to program them.

5 thoughts on “Chalk Talk #13 – Banded Squat

  1. Dude, I wish Chalk Talk would have started a few years ago. Your recent videos related to the hips and glute med are excellent. I did most of this in rehab after FAI surgery. I may not have been able to avoid FAI due to my hip joint spacing, but this stuff really could have helped.

    Keep it up man. These videos are awesome

  2. Great topic, I’ve had problems with a lack of recruitment of the hips to externally rotate in the squat, making my knees track in when going heavy, planning to use banded squats now

    • Yup…Definitely sore the next day. However, interestingly, my knee pain kind of went away and my knees stopped cracking. Correlation? Causality? Who knows…

      Well-played Justin…Well-played.

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