PR Friday – 7 NOV 2014

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I thought this video of Travis Cooper and James Tatum lifting in the World’s training hall was really cool. Do you know anyone who has competed in a sport at a high level? What did they say about the preparation for the event? Did it bring out their best, or did it make them anxious?

15 thoughts on “PR Friday – 7 NOV 2014

  1. I completed the first week of the Smolov base cycle this week. (I skipped the second week of the intro cycle). It feels like a great program. I’m feeling stronger, barely even sore at all today, and I’ve gained three pounds in two weeks, up to 192 now. Next week I’ll add 20 lbs. to all the lifts and things will get interesting.

    I got cortisone injected into my elbow two weeks ago so I can’t do any heavy gripping for six weeks. I’ve been doing the Pec Deck and Pullover machines to keep it all pumped up in the upper body. That’s all I’ve figured out to do without putting any pressure on my elbow. The pec deck is actually kind of fun and it burns a lot.

    My friend is competing in Canadian Eastern Regionals for Powerlifting on November 29th. He’ll likely set several national records. He’ll almost certainly set the Canadian deadlift record. He got me into lifting for real about six years ago and I’m forever grateful for that. His philosophy is to train hard, never wuss out, but treat your body with reverence by always taking recovery and stretching, etc. extremely seriously. Excuses are for losers, but working around injuries/issues is for winners. For example, he’s the reason I’m doing the Smolov squats-only program while my elbow tendon heals. He doesn’t get anxious before competition. Lifting is a hobby and fun thing to do, so why be anxious?

  2. Volume Squat PR 365 x 8 on Monday.
    1RM PR 455×1 today.

    I took the summer off from lifting – I let things get in the way and just participated in the workouts we hold at lunch at work instead. I’m happy that 2 months back into lifting I was able to add 5 lbs to the 1RM I hit back in the spring.

  3. Injury PR of 5 repeated neck injuries. Hoping I have that one whooped for the final time. This has really set me back for competing in IPF/USAPL Louisiana State, Jan 10 2015. I’ve lost over 50 lbs on my squat while recovering. This is a huge setback to be so close to competition. I’m not really sure how to ramp my strength back up and peak for the comp. I run a basic 4 day split Texas Method.
    I was thinking I’ll just run 5×5 volume and do singles on intensity day for the next 8-9 weeks leading up to competition. Or is it better to do triples until about 3-4 weeks out and then swap to 3×5 volume and intensity singles?
    Anyone with experience or ideas please share.
    Age 27, 6’1″ @ 195
    Pre injury lifts:
    Squat 435x3x2
    Bench 265x3x2
    Deadlift 525×2, 530×1

    I’m healed and ready. Wearing my 70’s Big shirt.

    • You might try the Smolov program. It can add between 50-100lbs to your PR in 13 weeks. Since you’ve already been squatting a lot you might be able to get away with skipping the first two intro week.

  4. Deadlift 345×5 today. The last rep got super ugly. I may have to change my programming a little bit to keep gaining. Or a deload may be in order. Bench is still progressing but I’m still not back to my old PR (from like 6 years ago). Squat still sucks but it is progressing. That’s all I can ask for I suppose.

    • When my 5’s began grinding I swapped to doing 3 instead. Ran that for quite a while until eventually I only did 2, then 1. I made progress by leaps and bounds doing triples on deadlift.
      I think I swapped from 5’s to triples somewhere around 400+. I ran triples all the way to 500×3.
      Earlier on I did powercleans or speed deadlifts earlier in the week, deadlifts on intensity Friday.
      Closer to 500 I eliminated all pulling-from-the-floor assistance and began doing my triple deadlift and then a back off set of 5 with no belt at about 80% of my triple. That plus squatting so much was all it took.

  5. Managed to fuck lower back so no squat or deadlift, just worked up to 130kg back squat for a single light.
    62.5kg OHPx4, progressing well on TM, 60×5 last fortnight was fluke so happy enough and also dropped 1kg/2.2lbs.
    Weighted chin ups 27.5kgx3x5
    Last week benched 95kgx5
    16y/o, bw:73.5kg

  6. Last weekend I hit a 185# OHP following the “Clean your press” advice. I’m happy to say that cleaning your press does get you more pumped up and thus I was able to hit a higher 1RM than what my projection chart had guessed. Thanks for the advice Justin!

    Just ordered a 10MM Inzer single prong belt so I’m excited to break that in :)

  7. Some minor weight PRs but the big PR of the week is bodyweight. I was 188 pounds when I found this site early last month, I weighed in at 196 today. 4 pounds away from manhood! When I hit a solid 200 I plan to buy a T-shirt. I am also working on my 70s mustache.

    • Spectacular! I’ve been busting ass to hit a 300 bench so I can start wearing flannel with no undershirt. Given it’s fall in Louisiana, now’s the time. So this past Friday I finally nailed a VERY clean 300. I unrack and rack all my own weights. 300 was a delight to get. Especially since I’m in the middle of an injury recovery. So a PR there was especially motivating. I’ve been having my flannel hanging in my closet for months, waiting. So I know the feeling. I say get the t shirt and hang it on the first hanger in your closet. Tempting you, taunting you even, for that >200lbs.

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