PR Friday – 24 OCT 2014

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Recap: On Monday I addressed a question about “Reverse Dieting“, and it led to a simple discussion on basic nutrition philosophy. Chalk Talk #9 briefly showed one armed farmer’s walks and how they can strengthen the quadratus lumborum muscle.

Here’s Misha Koklyaev, one of the most impressive strength athletes of all time, doing one of his trademark ladders. This one is a deadlift ladder to 360kg (792 pounds) and back down.

Misha performs at a world level in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strongman. What sport would you prefer to shine in? What sports have you competed in?

22 thoughts on “PR Friday – 24 OCT 2014

  1. South Brooklyn USAPL meet last Sunday. At 207# BW, final numbers, all PRs:
    Squat: 485 (up from 455) – can post youtube video
    Bench: 325 (up from 315)
    Deadlift 507 (up from 500)

    Previous meet was in March, so about 6 months of training in between. The bench could have been better if I had spaced out my attempts. The deadlift (and squat to a degree) suffered from some lower back disc pain all through prep and at the meet. Disapointed I didn’t total higher but saw it coming with the back.

    Taking 2-3 weeks off with lots of mobilizing and soft tissue/acupuncture to get the back in shape, then a slow ascending taper back up to my old numbers.

  2. Anyone else take a look at/use juggernaut’s version of the texas method? It’s a more periodized approach, more volume at lower intensities to develop work capacity and all that . I’ve been using it and I’m on week 5 having success with my squat.

  3. I did a standing one arm press a la Pavel’s Power to the People at 95 pounds today. 2 reps with each arm.

    Deadlifted 365 for 5 which is a PR but not the first time I’ve done it.

  4. Went 98/125 in my 4th meet recently. 125 was a lifetime PR on the platform. Placed 2nd as a master. Not too shabby for a dude who could only squat 185# just a few years ago. I’m so glad I started competing, even at the age of 36.

  5. Hello everyone, i live in argentina (i say this to “explain” possible ortografic errors) and this is my first post here

    I recently started doing low bar and when i watch my videos i feel that my technique is bad but i cant seem to find out why. My stance is wider than the one recommended in starting Strength and my feet are pointed moré forward, about 15 degrees (the owner of the gym i go told me to try It this way and my loare back rounding disappeared or so i think). I am asking this to anyone that wants to respond. (I would ask the gym owner but he is biased against low bar and i feel that if i keep asking him questions he will prohibit me from going there. And i dont want this to happen because It’s the only gym in the city that i found that has squat stands and barbells).

    This is me doing 60 kg (linear program and this was wednesday:

    Sorry for the long post and thanks to anyone who is kind enougth to respond.

    • I’m no coach, but they look fine to me. In your first couple reps of your 2nd set (1st video’d set) you appeared to try to stand up too straight and almost lost it backwards. I imagine that’s just getting used to the more pitched forward angle you need to keep when you’re “at rest” at the top of the lift. It just takes some getting used to. Looks good otherwise.

  6. Squat: 375×5 5RM. Recently (2 moths) restarted my TM and I’m re-setting some PRs. Plan to be much more diligent with my nutrition and recovery this time.

    Also DL 405×7. Not a pr, but ties a pr. so I’ll take it.

  7. BW: 253
    Deadlift: 325×5 (PR), 385×1 (also PR)
    Used liquid chalk and the hook grip for the first time this week. Loved them both. Should be setting bench PRs in a couple of weeks. Squat has a little ways to go but I think I am finally on the right track with my form and bar placement.

  8. Squat 315×6
    Deadlift 375×15 (531 started me way low after my surgery and I’ve been doing 15 rep final sets for like 4 months now)
    Press 160×5

    Finally saved up the money and purchased some actual lifting shoes (I’d been using some old wrestling shoes from HS), so hopefully I will start seeing a difference. I’ve never actually competed in any sort of weight sport but I have always been drawn towards strongman. There’s something special about watching men flip cars and drag anchors.

  9. PR
    Sumo dl 125x6x2

    when i’m doing left hand farmer walk i tend to lean to the right but when doing right handed farmer walks its easier for me to walk straight without leaning, what side does it mean is weaker?

  10. Squat and bench are not doing too hot, idk what it is.
    Deadlift 415×5, 485×1
    I finally started deadlifting with a belt and it’s helped a ton. I always use one for squats but I just don’t like the feel for deadlifts.
    Have a meet coming up on the eighth. Would love to hit 405 on squat but I have my doubts since I missed 365 last week (which I’ve hit before)
    Bench, maybe 265, probably more like 255.
    Deadlift- the way that 485(pr) went up I should finally smoke the 500 mark.

  11. Squat 335×5 (rep PR), 365×1 (PR, finally feel like an adult)
    Bench 215×3,2 (lol, should probably go buy 6′ of rope)
    DL 275 5/5/5, 315×3 (easy, but grip went to shit)

    Pretty happy with the squat numbers, especially since recover was really suboptimal (read: shitty) this week. Using the fat bar seems to be helping the grip (albeit slowly). The worst part is that I’ve pulled lmao4plaet without straps; I don’t know how it could come to this. I used to play golf semi-competitively (way before doing any sort of strength training). I’m curious to see if liftan has done anything for muh game.

  12. Couple of nutrition questions for Justin/whoever wants to chime in:

    1) Curious where you stand on yogurt? Cool for digestive health, or does the dairy exclude it?

    2) Why might a high protein, high fat, lower-ish carb diet cause problems in the bathroom? Lack of fiber, despite pounding the veggies and having a sweet potato?

  13. Had some major shoulder issues earlier this week from an incident at work, so no real training this week. My “PR” though is that through daily work on it, multiple sessions per day, I used nothing more than a lacrosse ball, my hands, and some stretching to rehab the shoulder back almost to 100% by attacking the trigger points affecting it (scalenes, lats, serratus posterior superior, infraspinatus, and the anterior deltoid). I figure a few more days and it should be ready for some light snatches/C&Js on Thursday.

  14. Ramping back up from a wonky hip, things are looking on schedule for a lifting PR in the next week or two….

    But made a HUGE bodyweight PR today, two separate scales put me at 200# for the first time ever!

    It took 46 years… but TODAY I AM A MAN! ! !

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