PR Friday – 17 OCT 2014

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Earlier this week I wrote an article, “On Drugs and Supplements” that explains a general philosophy where you focus on the fundamentals of health, nutrition, programming, or training before putting weird things in your body (phrasing).

Consultations Are Back

Many of you have asked, and you shall receive. The 70’s Big Team — consisting of Justin, AC, Mike, Chris, and Brent —  is now available to give programming consultations. All of us have an expertise in general strength and conditioning, but a few of us have experience with a given athletic endeavor. Everyone has competed in a national lifting event, some in international competition, everyone has handled lifters in numerous meets, and Justin, Chris, and AC all have coached in a collegiate S&C facility. Some specialties include:

Justin – military/SOF, CrossFit, mobility, collegiate sports, Olympic weightlifting
Chris – powerlifting, team sports (football, rugby, basketball, etc.)
Brent – Olympic weightlifting, mobility
AC – powerlifting, football (including professional players), collegiate sports
Batt – strongman, powerlifting

For more about us, see the Bios page. If you’re interested in a consultation, send an e-mail to and include the type of consultation you want, if you have a coach preference, and what your goal is.

Weekend Topic

Foles was asked that question on the Mike and Mike radio show on Wednesday morning, and I thought it was interesting.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about training?

36 thoughts on “PR Friday – 17 OCT 2014

  1. SQ: 185kg x3. BW:82kg
    Last friday I squatted 185 (405lbs) for a new 1RM. Today I hit it for a triple.
    I failed my first attempt – missed my third rep by getting out of position – but I was so fucking mad at myself that I took a break and then made the set.

    The most important thing that I’ve learnt about training is that lots of people train hard, but what seperates the real successful athletes is how much effort they put into their recovery.

  2. This was the third week of 5/3/1, Monday called for 370# for one but I got plenty of sleep Sunday night and felt a little spry and did it for a new 5RM! I’m WAY excited about that one.
    I’m with spartan on on the recovery being so important. You cant go balls to the wall every single day and expect something great to happen.

    This is the link to my Deadlift that I did last week. I would greatly appreciate any advise.


    • Watch your low back. I’ve got an extruding L4-L5 from deadlifting.
      Now, I set my back up top, stretch the hamstrings, then bend the knees into the bar, then take the slack out hard, then go. I also always stand and reset after every rep.

      Set your low back harder, once it’s fucked up, it’s fucked up but good.

  3. PR 122.5x6x2 sumo dl with straight back

    Q: What muscle miss-firing or inactivation can cause chronically tight hamstrings and hip flexors on an physical working individual(not a desk jocky)

    Q2: what muscle weakness can cause thoracic flexion while highbar squatting?

    • I don’t know about Q1. But I do know that low bar squatting involves more of a hamstring stretch. Which you may enjoy. As for Q2, I don’t feel I have a direct answer for you. But be sure you have a gut full of air (valsava maneuver) and tightened abs and back, to create a rigid torso.
      I can’t say with any certainty, but at what I presume to be an under 200 lb squat (unless that DL was in kilos, though my statement here still stands regardless), it’s possible the issue isn’t with a specific muscle weakness causing thoracic flexion, but just needing more time in general getting the complex of your body stronger.
      Good luck. Perhaps someone more knowledgable will chime in.

  4. At 96kg i done 122.,5 Pr x3
    Also 210kg deadlift

    But i squatted 200 only once / and im doing docent 180kg for 3×5, not enough weigth on 180kg sets ? Or should i add more sets ? Im doing Texas method for my powerlifting meet, last week i hit 195×2 / or should i switch to sets of singles on intensity day ? Please help

  5. Squat: 325×5 (smoked), 350×1 (PR, pretty easy)
    Bench: Shitx3
    DL: 155 w/ fat bar 3×5 (dat pump)

    This was my first time squatting with a belt. The most important thing I’ve learned about training is to use a fucking belt. I was holding off for moronic reasons (I’m not sure how I never read a belt post on here until recently, but yeah those articles do a pretty good job explaining why not using a belt is dumb). Instead of muh gutz falling onto the floor around 325, I was actually able to engage my core and lift the fucking thing. Mother of god what a difference.

    • Also I went to a hipster grocery/market (it’s called Lucky’s, I think they’re based out of CO or something) but it was so worth it. The meats were incredible (grassfed, etc, and they run awesome deals) and the produce was awesome too.

  6. Power clean PR @ 215x1x2, happy w that after not lifting for 10 days and not cleaning for quite a while.

    I’ve learned the training is easy compared with eating, sleeping, mob, and stress/time management.

  7. Had to cut one workout short earlier this week, but made up for it the next one by hitting easy PRs on everything. Every workout I’m either improving in technique or adding weight/reps, so definitely no complaints right now.

  8. I am working my way back to good strength levels after taking time off in August. I should be back where I was in another three weeks. I’m still experiencing some elbow tendon pain. I’m hoping to see an orthopedist next week for an injection.

    I happened to open up Arnold’s first biography yesterday as I was rearranging my bookshelf and I read the section where he talks about the importance of incorporating non-lifting exercises to keep the body loose and comfortable. He recommends swimming and jogging. I’m going to make a point to go running/jogging more often after lifting. I’ve also found that hiking/backpacking is a really good way to recover from lifting, especially if you live close enough to some mountains to do your hiking up and down some big hills. So is doing any sort of manual labor. Last weekend I spent about six hours chain sawing brush after lifting heavy in the morning. The next day I felt sore but not stiff at all like I normally would. More importantly, I brushed up my deer blind with the trimmings. It’s all a big circle: lift hard, clear brush, build deer blind, kill dear, eat venison, lift weights, hike through mountains, kill grouse and deer, eat, lift. I’m going to do a yoga class tomorrow morning. Yoga really helps me recover and just generally feel good, even though I sort of hate it while I’m doing it. It burns!

    • Rucking (backpacking) is one of my favorite ways to do “cardio”, Maslow. I try to go for one good hike per week around the area, or sometimes I’ll drive out to the game lands. If hunting season is on, I’ll bring my bow and see if I can scrounge up some small game for dinner too as I’m rucking.

  9. I finally worked back up to cleaning 290 and squatting 365 using the Power Athlete Field Strong program after a major back injury in march. Was a long lonely road.

    Question: Does anyone else use a mouth guard for lifting? I use one (for clenching, not impact) and I can’t lift with out it. Plus I have a lot less neck pain when I use it. Any thoughts on it? Kstar has talked about it passing as he recommends it but it seems no one else uses it. I use an Under Armour one my Dentist hooked me up with (custom).


  10. Light week, no PRs. Planning on dropping some weight so probably no PRs for the foreseeable future. I did hit a sumo DL PR of 190kg last week which felt pretty good.

    Also, for Justin, a follow-up to the question about lamb last week. I find that the lamb in the grocery stores out here is a really good value when it’s on sale (under $5 a pound) and is typically grass-fed and imported from NZ. Chops are excellent on the grill, I just did some this last weekend coated in a mixture of cumin, coriander, garlic, salt, and pepper. Leg is great in the oven as a roast, aim for medium.

  11. The most important thing I have learned about training is to be well rounded. I have been training using the Madcow template with good results for 6 weeks now. During that time I have been doing basic Crossfit style metcons twice a week and resting Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday, I went for a run and it was awful! I hadn’t been on a run longer than 1600m broken. So, with that being said, I will be running three days a week, doing a metcon once and a full rest on Sunday.

  12. BW: 250 lbs
    Deadlift: 315×5 365×1 (both are PRs)
    Form could’ve been a little better but oh well. Count it!

    The most important thing I’ve learned about training is the importance of taking the time to recover. It’s hard sometimes to not go balls out and train my ass off 6 days a week. Taking 3 or 4 rest days a week has been what’s kept me growing.

  13. 6′ 198 pounds, age 23

    I’ve been progressing steadily and consistently on 5/3/1 3 days a week for two months now. My bodyweight has dropped or remained the same. Ironically, my overhead press and bench have increased to all time PRs, but my Squat has somewhat stagnated, and my deadlift form feels like it just can’t become grooved. Anyway, this week:

    Bench: 225×9

  14. 6’2″ 235lb age 22
    Making my way through cycle 4 of 5/3/1, trying to rebalance my strength after knee surgery and prepare myself for Army flight school.

    Squat: 300×5 (No PR)
    Bench: Stopped to prepare for Army APFT, lots of push ups, last PR was 225×12
    Deadlift: 355×15
    Press: 150×6

    The most important thing I’ve learned from training is the more that you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Just when you think you begin to understand something, something comes around and flips you on your head.

  15. Hit 210kgs for 6×1 yesterday and felt pretty solid. Creeping that 2.5 each week. Want to hit a 250kgs Dead for Xmas.

    Most important thing Ive learnt about training is scrapping the goal setting and putting in a system. Much more useful for long gainz for me at least.

  16. Hit a bench PR of 205×8. Had a spotter but he said he didn’t even touch the bar until rep 7 and even that was just a couple taps to get me out of the sticking point.

    It’s amazing the difference just having a spotter can make.

    Given that I would say the most important thing I’ve learned about lifting (since others have said consistency) is not to get inside your own head too much. You know the lift is there, let it happen.

    • You’re right, having a spotter can be a real help. When I started training I was benching it while my spotter was curling it, very bro forced reps style. Now when I bench, if I have a spotter (almost never) I give them a full job briefing on their duties, and that is to keep their hands to themselves. Not guiding my bar, not touching it. And to never help me make a rep. Ever. Even if the weight stops moving, don’t help me. Either I get it, or it starts coming back down and then help me, and that rep doesn’t count. It will boil my blood if I’m inching the bar up on a final PR rep and some jackass runs over and “helps” me force out the last rep. No no no.
      Having a GOOD spotter does indeed make a huge difference.

  17. Not lifetime PR’s, but, for an old man working his way back up….
    Squat 245*3 easy,know I can do more, but no program ADD allowed
    Press 115*3 again, easy
    Pendalay rows 195*3 a challenge

  18. Hello 70’s BIG, first time post from a UK based reader.

    My mother in law is buying me jeans for Christmas. She’s shopping in Florida. Who makes/sells jeans that guys who squat and deadlift can wear?

    I haven’t bought a pair of jeans in 4 years, and I don’t want to look like a 14 year old skateboarder. Apparently all high street jeans are for people with stick legs.

    If you know a brand that can cope with quads, please tell me and I will undergo a wardrobe revolution.

    Thank you
    PS I wear short shorts year round at work, but I require jeans to attend asocial functions with my wife.

  19. Currently running TM. 16 yrs old BW 73.5kg/162lbs 5″11.

    Bench PR:92.5kg/205lbsx5
    Deadlift PR:155kg/342lbsx5

    No squat PR, hit 130kg/287lbsx5 last week, went for 132.5kg this week for 5 but only got a double. Not sure what happened because my volume day weight was right up there… Maybe I just wasn’t recovered?

    I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to successful training than what’s done at the gym.

  20. Slowly building my squat back.
    DL 530×1 for the win.
    Bench 270x3x2

    Swapped from standard Texas Method to 4 Day Texas Method to alleviate my 2.5+ hour volume day and to allow more recovery flexibility with my manual labor job.

    I’ve learned the importance of long term training focus. That often means slower gains, and coming back in after an injury lighter than I’d wish, and progressing it slower than I’d wish. And to not overtrain with repeated large weekly jumps because having to reset 50 lbs after overtraining is stupid.
    I’ve always prioritized short term recovery. But when I get injured, I’m my own worst enemy getting back to good weight again. Ive learned to tend more astutely to that.

  21. Not PRs but my lifts this week
    Sn: 190 pr match
    CJ: 245 missed 255
    Gonna start using CoC more often, my grip has deteriorated somewhat since I haven’t been usin them as much

    Also entrepreneur pr. I’m starting an all natural men’s grooming company especially dedicated to bearded fellas. I don’t wanna shove this in your face cuz 70sbig is a sanctum for lifting heavy and manliness/womanliness, not an advertising platform, but I did want to make you aware. The company name is Silverback Grooming Co. For more info on it just search for the page under that name on Facebook. Thanks to anyone who shows some support.

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