PR Friday – 10 Oct 2014

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I haven’t had much computer access lately, but I’m now around to answer questions. If I missed your question in the past week or so, then drop it in the comments.


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I’ve had some things get in the way of eating and training lately. What are the major barriers that prevent quality training in your life?


52 thoughts on “PR Friday – 10 Oct 2014

  1. Not so much PRs as far as lifts go but after a bad back injury I’ve been having the most consistant training in ages. Probably jinxed myself right there. Struggling to eat enough as always due to intolerances.

  2. Hey Justin, huge fan of 70sbig, thanks for all the great information you provide in such an entertaining manner. A couple questions for you:
    –in Paleo for Lifters, and in general, you mention that you prefer beef and pork over chicken (and fish is like a garnish for the meat), but no mention of lamb. Where’s lamb fall for you, personally? And for someone trying to improve body composition, is it okay to eat or is it generally too fatty?
    –also in Paleo for Lifters, grass fed butter is given the ‘ok.’ If grass fed butter is okay to consume, what about grass fed milk? I generally stay away from dairy but for a post workout meal have considered grassfed chocolate milk.
    –lastly, in searching through the site, I see only a few older mentions of 5/3/1…do you still believe this is a program for older trainees or people who don’t eat/recover enough? after my greyskull lp, I’m considering an intermediate program and want to know your thoughts on 5/3/1.

    PRs this week:
    Squat 397 lbs
    Bench 275 lbs
    Deadlift 491 lbs

    • 1. I like lamb, but I just don’t eat it as much because it’s harder to get in the states, and I also don’t know how to cook it well. I probably over complicate it, but whenever I buy lamb it sits around because I think cooking it needs to be this big deal. I’ll probably try it more now that you got me thinking about it.

      But if you get a fatty cut, then keep that in mind if you are weary of such things. In this case, if you have you have your carbs under control, are eating a lot of fat, and don’t want extra fat, then maybe fatty lamb cuts aren’t for you.

      2. Grass fed milk is different than grass fed butter. Butter is just fat, but milk has the lactose that is problematic. If you’re into drinking milk, I’d imagine the grass fed variety is tastier and better, but it’s still a digestive irritant and not something you’d consume if you were trying to lose body fat.

      3. Yeah, I like 5/3/1 — I just don’t implement it with people as much. It’s fairly cookie cutter, so there’s not much to say about the variations that Wendler hasn’t said himself. It’s a good program for people that need their training volume/intensity fluctuated and still gives them tangible progress via rep maxes (it’s a way to get amped for lighter sets that aren’t going to destroy the body).

      • Cooking lamb is easy. Because it’s leaner than beef, just cook it the same way you’d cook grass-fed beef, using the same approximate cooking times and temperatures. You can also grill lamb on the BBQ, sear it on cast iron, roast it in the oven… easy peasy.

  3. Weird session squat session last night. Hit 325# x 2, but couldn’t do 345# x 1. Did 2 x 3 downsets at 295# and I’m slightly sore this morning. Recovery is not up to snuff I think.

    Almost hit a 205# push press, but I was a bit off balance and took a step as I pressed it out. Then push jerked the same weight without difficulty. Failed push jerking 215# due to mentally not being prepared for the lift. I should hit it easily next time.

    Rest of the week I did minor stuff due to time constraints – tabata pushups or a couple bodybuilding-style movements whenever I had a half hour to spare.

  4. Been a bit over a year since I was doing 5×5… started doing it again to help ramp my son up on SL5x5… got my OHP 5×5 to 160lbs and shooting for a 165lbs today.

  5. First time I’ve chimed in for like a year or more – Lovin’ all of the new content, Justin…keep up the good work!

    Body weight PR of 180lbs (I’m 5′ 6″) – My abs are still visible, albeit under the perfect conditions (viewing angle, lighting, absence of bloatiness *rare*).

    Current lifting PR’s
    LBBS – 410 x 5
    BP – 225 x 3
    DL – 430×2

    Been dealing with a bout of knee pain going on a couple months now (shortly after hitting the above squat PR), but Justin’s video from a couple weeks back inspired me to purchase a Thera-Cane and the Trigger Point Therapy workbook. After utilizing all of this glorious information, I dare say that the pain has all but disappeared and am working my way back up. Next order of business is to widen the gap between my squat and DL numbers (and I don’t even want to talk about my bench)…

  6. Mostly school gets in the way of eating enough. Some days I’m only getting maybe two meals; it’s a total shit show but IT’S FINE.

    PR Deadlift: 455×5

    Question: For a competitive martial artist, what kind of conditioning would you recommend? I was thinking some work with the Prowler, or maybe some Tabata style stuff on a bike or rower, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • It depends on what phase of training you’re in (i.e. off-season, competition time, etc.). If you were closing in on a comp, then you would do specific conditioning, and most likely do it at practice or the dojo (or whatever you call it).

      If you weren’t closing in on a tourny/comp, then I’d sorta fit it in the time frame of a given fight, occasionally going longer. Rowing and sled work is never bad. I’d probably have some calisthenics, but also some weighted stuff given that you’ll have to manipulate an opponent.

  7. Thanks for the site and resources; I’ve learnt a lot so far (Also thanks for the fiction recommends too).

    I’m a 20 year old trainee in need of a strength LP with conditioning. I’ve just started the 70s Big S%C program.

    1) Is there anything you would do differently about the S&C program now, considering it was written a while back?

    2) And more specifically, I read in some comments a few weeks back that you like high bar squatters to do RDLS for hamstring development; do you think I should trade power cleans for the RDLS, add them in on top of power cleans, or not add them in the program at all?

    And bonus question: What do you think of Ido Portal’s stuff?

    • 1) It’s a basic template that lends well to customization. The changes I make would be dependent on the goals of the trainee doing it. But I do like weighted RDLs early in the week.

      2. I’d slide them in after power cleans.

      3. I don’t know much about Ido. If it’s anything like MoveNat, I think it’s interesting as occasional supplementary work, but not the foundation of a program.

  8. Squat 325×2,2,1 & 345×0 (this sucked, would have been PR)
    Bench 215×3,3 (sad panda)
    DL 135×8,8,10 (used the fat bar, got a legit forearm pump)

    Last week I asked about improving grip. I don’t really feel like getting fatgripz, but I did start using a axle-like fat bar that I’ve never seen anyone use and kinda like it. Will likely do that for a few weeks (rack pulls, light DL, etc) and see how it goes.

  9. Eating/recovery is the one thing getting in the way of consistent progress. Is anyone else’s stomach queasy in the morning? I’m a car salesman, that comes with running around and stress. Sometimes I skip breakfast and have coffee and peanut MnMs for lunch. Training is the one constant, but two days in a row like that and try squatting the next day, it’s tough, and it often ends up a type of negative feedback loop. My goal is not consistent training, but (more) consistent eating.

    • Step 1: replace peanut m&ms with beef jerky. No brainer.

      It’s worth figuring out why your stomach is queasy. Figuring out what foods work for you is important. On top of that, I find stress and lack of sleep affect my digestive system. I personally have also found benefit in doing a 16 hour fast a 2-3 times a week, although I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re already having trouble getting enough calories.

    • Like these other guys said, it’s pretty easy to start being consistent with eating. You’ll have to do a little bit of planning.

      You may be queasy from shitty coffee. Especially if you have a lot of it. If you do that, then stop.

      I feel like you know what you need to work on, yes?

      • Yes, and your shitty coffee article from today describes me as well. I 100% know my issues, dealing with them is hard.

        But guess what, this site is all about doing hard things, and I’m now tackling my hardest. Cheap coffee is next, thanks for the constant perspective and inspiration!

    • mike, I work some crazy hours and am often running around so I feel you bro. Before I used to eat like crap and then I would feel like crap all day. Add in putting down half a pot of coffee a day thanks to the night shift and I would get terrible heartburn and would crop dust farts everywhere I went and could clear out the house after a particularly bad #2. Once I started getting my diet in check, my heartburn went away, I felt and looked better, and I actually started having more energy. I cook stuff ahead of time and keep it in the fridge, always try to pack a lunch, and if I do have to go out and buy something on the fly I try for the healthiest option I can. I use the MyFitnessPal app, it’s eye opening to see how much garbage you can put in your body if you’re not careful.

      • Also mike, try a darker coffee. I read a study that darker coffees tend to be more stomach-friendly, and after switching to darker blends I haven’t had any major issues like I was before and I still drink too much coffee due to shift work.

  10. 120kgx6 Sumo DL

    what kind of underwear do you wear Justin(as a big legged guy)?
    What do you think that is a better hand position when highbar squatting ? as close as you can with vertical elbows or slightly spreaded with elevated elbows to raise the chest and create a shelf(Justin and Ac)

    • I wear short shorts as underwear. If I’m training or doing something rigorous outside, I’ll wear spandex compression shorts.

      The ideal grip for a high bar will be the most narrow you can go without pain in order to pinch the shoulder blades together, therefore creating a shelf with the traps for the bar to sit on. There shouldn’t be any pain in the wrists, elbows, or shoulders to accomplish this.

      If you’re looking at old videos of me, or any videos of AC low barring, then that grip is different than what I’m referring to above.

  11. My PR this week: posing for an epic self-portrait with a 70# hunk of granite, after my spotter dropped it on my foot. I sucked it up and kept on shooting until I got the shot, then I let him drive me to urgent care for x-rays and crutches. My professor loved the shot, though, and praised my work ethic. That felt good.

    Which leads me nicely to my next answer: the thing standing in the way of my training at the moment is the three broken tarsals in my left foot. It’ll be at least three weeks before I can squat again. I am a sad dog.

    (Wish I could post the pictures here; I will post them on Facebook, though.)

  12. Does anyone know of any weightlifting shoes with a wider toebox?

    No prs yet but they’re coming soon I can feel it. I got a handstand pr, up to like 5 sec lol. 4 wks out from a pl meet.

  13. A 5 month old baby boy. Although to be honest the increased test surge as the result of feeling like the protector of my herd has only meant lifetime PR’s since he was born. Squat jumped 20kgs to 180, Deadlift jumped 15 to 230. Whenever the door bell rings I fan my lats and grab a sword.

    Question – being 6’4 I am having issues staying upright in bottom of squat. I have a hybrid low bar mechanic with high bar bar position. Lifted in cons and weighlifting shoes and seem to not be able to keep posture up. Although the back is always flat and never rounding….question is. should I just accept this fate as a tall man or look to increase mobs on particular areas?


  14. The only barrier in my training right now is the extremely persistent medial epicondylitis in my left elbow. I’ve had it for over 7 months now. I’ve been going to occupational therapy for a month or so and it’s helped, but it will still probably be at least another month or two before I can train my upper body normally again. On the bright side, I haven’t lost much (if any) muscle mass and my quads have gotten noticeably larger thanks to lots of squatting with a Safety Squat Bar.

  15. Not really a PR but my snatch form improved a lot over this week. I was snatching 95 pounds and having issues getting under the bar fast enough, but bumping it up just to 100 let me nail the best one I’ve done yet.

  16. Deadlift PR 525×2

    I really need to bench 300 soon so I can start wearing flannel this fall. And by that I mean flannel with no undershirt.
    Jesus PR. I’ve been letting my hair and beard grow for about 8 months now. I got addressed as Jesus the other day in the gym by a guy who says he refers to me as Jesus when he talks about me. Talks about me you say? Mirin. Compliments. Gains.

    Doing manual labor M-F holds me back like hell. Kills my recovery. I still average gains. But I know I’m a better athlete than this labor allow me to express.

  17. After training today, I do have a question to ask if you guys have any insight into this. I typically train at work during my lunch hour, but occasionally an emergency will pop up and I’ll have to drop everything, take care of it, and then come back to train. My problem then becomes warming up again to get back to my work sets.

    That’s what happened tonight. I had just finished my first work set of 5 in the squat, then had to run off for a work emergency. About 20 minutes later I came back, did my usual warm-up, and then after my second set of 5 I could already feel my lower back was aggravated so I had to stop. If for whatever reason we have to stop during our work sets only to pick it back up later, do you have any advice for how to better warm-up/prepare for the heavy sets? Should we just start over from square one again, devote more time to the warm up, or just move on to another exercise?

    Thanks in advance!

    • If you have to leave in the middle your work sets, and you still want to get some work in when you get back, I’d recommend warming up like normal, then just doing some lighter work.

      Definitely warm up though; you might also need to re-do some mobility work. For example, if you’re a fire fighter or EMS, you might be crouched down getting vitals on a patient for ten minutes or so. Then you’re sitting down in the truck to and from the hospital. Your hips have been in flexion the whole time and then you try and go back to squatting — not gonna work well.

      • Thanks Justin. I’m thinking next time if it happens I’ll probably redo my mobility work and warm-up sets, then maybe take 10-20% off and just do some higher rep stuff. I’m in LE so it’s tough to get enough quiet time and often when I run off I can end up exerting myself or getting banged up in weird ways (squatting after being bit by a K-9 on the ass is an interesting experience, lemme tell you…)

  18. Height: 6′
    Weight: 200

    Matched my Overhead Press PR of 120×8. Hit a Bench Press PR of 205×14. Really liking how 5/3/1 is going. My biggest obstacle is school and work. It’s not so bad, just means I’m lucky to get in the gym 3 times a week.

  19. Hello to everyone. Im new to this site .been reading it for few weeks then signing in before few days.
    My training partner came back so this week we are starting new strenght cycle. Been training for 4 years. Always been bigger and fucked my life with diets and cutting and wrong ideology. You guys opened my eyes. Been driniking 2liters of milk every day for last 10 days. No more cutting bullshit. My best gym prs – squat 210 kg, bench 140 kg , deadlift 240kg and push press 100*3 . All with only a belt. My bodyweight now is around 110kgs.
    Sorry for the kilos. Im gonna try to learn to transfer it to lbs.
    Dont have any questions jet. Just wanted to good day to every one. You guys rock.

    • Welcome to the site. I will say if you’re a bigger guy, then reconsider the milk. Skinny, young fellas may need plenty o’ milk, but older bigger guys would do well to just improve their food quality.

      And I speak in kilos, so keep rockin’ them.

      • Thank you for the coment. Also sorry for possible bad english. Its not my first language.

        Ill def reconsider the quantity of milk. I dont want to stop drinking it but maybe ill try little less in a day.
        Also i want to become even bigger and try strongman events and maybe one day a competition. So milk is not bad choice at all.

        I come from eastern europe, Croatia and love to cook so ill share some comfort food recipes from my area and of course training material.

  20. Thursday I didn’t have a weight PR for Deadlift but I videoed it and I feel like I might have gotten a “form PR”. It was 380lbs. for three, my 3RM about 5 weeks ago was 385lbs. I would really like for you to see it and maybe give me a cue or two but I have no friggin idea how to post the video. I have uploaded it to Vimeo, Clayton Adams.

    My biggest barrier usually comes down to sleep. Full time student plus about 20 hours of clinical observations leaves me to late night studying, which in turn effs up my sleep. Feed is sometimes a problem because if I’m running behind I’ll usually end up making a oats/kale/protein powder/creatine shake, I would rather eat but sometimes you gotta get it where you can.

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