PR Friday – 5 Sep 2014

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Recap: On Monday there was the first 70’s Big Radio podcast in a while, and it was an interview with Dr. Rob Andrade, physical therapist and smoked meat extraordinaire (it’s up to you to decide if that’s a metaphor). Chalk Talk #6 shows how waiter’s walks can be used for shoulder prehab/rehab.

Below is a sweet motivational pic of Chris deadlifting at a national meet a few years ago. What kind of external stimuli motivates you? Videos? Pictures? Songs? What gets you fucking amped to train?

Throwback pic of Chris

Throwback pic of Chris

22 thoughts on “PR Friday – 5 Sep 2014

  1. 445 deadlift, 10 pound PR, went up pretty quickly. Quick Question about Texas Method and conditioning. Is it okay to do some rucking and/or sprinting for OCS prep on saturday, and to account for that to lower the volume from 5×5 squats to 3×5 squats on monday? (Also work as a mover which has quite tough days as well)

  2. PR 320×2 DL 270X7 Sqt
    If you could critique my form(320×2, 220x5x2

    What can cause the hip flexor to feel too stretched while doing kneeling flexor stretch/couch stretch?
    What causes the foot to turn out while squatting? tried mobilizing the ankle and calves and planter fascia but nothing worked.

    p.s the radio show isn’t working :(

  3. Well the PRs are still coming in 5/3/1, and felt good on top of that, not tired or sore at all
    One question tho, about conditioning, I’m thinking of doing Farmer’s walk using the Tabata protocol + some stationary biking for 20-25 minutes twice a week, do you reckon that may hinder my recovery ?

    About motivation, I just like to lift heavy shit and put it down really, I feel like shit if I don’t go to the gym or go for a run for long periods of time, and since I’m not really a gifted athlete (flat feet and my left foot is somehow messed thanks to an injury I had when I was a kid), so sports like Soccer or Football which I love a lot, are no good for me

    I guess making PRs, getting better is what makes me motivated

  4. No PRs this week. I’m on the 4th cycle of 5/3/1. I’m still getting the one thing I like most from this program and that’s recovery, even though 90% of my time is either hunched over with my face in a book or staying super busy during clinical hours.

    In your opinion, for you, what is your favorite deadlift accessory lift, as in the one you feel you get the most benifit from?

    My motivation comes from random places. From funny shiz like BroScience to Power Project stuff from Mark Bell to seeing to many people wearing Sperry shoes, Chubby shorts and a Magellan shirt (they’re worthless West Texas wannabes!)

  5. I haven’t lifted barbells since August 13th because I was traveling for work and then vacation. I have literally been dreaming about it during the layoff though.

    PR: Wife and I spent almost two weeks backpacking in the Rockies; neither of us had ever been there. Surely many sets of squats helped us carry our packs up and over the Paintbrush Divide in Grand Teton National Park–an amazing place if you’ve never seen it–as well as up and over mountains in Colorado and southern Wyoming.

    In terms of motivation, hands down my favorite music for lifting is Tool mixed with Alice in Chains. I have a feeling I’ll finally pull 500 lbs. after Tool finally comes out with a new album (I’m still assuming they will). Recently, I’ve also derived a lot of motivation from reading the stories of 18th and 19th century explorers. I just read a badass book about John Colter–a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition who instead of returning to St. Louis with the rest of the Corps, decided to head back west and became probably the first white man in Yellowstone. He traveled across Montana alone in the winter of 1807. Thinking about that kind of hardship puts the minuscule sacrifice and discomfort of doing a fifth set of presses into perspective.

    Also, if I’m really feeling low on motivation, I put on my WWAD? “What Would Arnold Do?” t-shirt. It has a picture of Arnold ~1975 and the letters WWAD? The answer is always “more sets.”

  6. DL 335lbs 1×5. Bench 195lbs 3×5.

    Badass music, watching people lift heavy things/do badass shit, and watching people act big while they half rep.

    Also, still can’t listen to the podcast episode on iTunes. Not sure if you can reload it.

  7. Computer-related PR… finally successfully registered for a username here. I had tried to register several times a month or two ago back but wasn’t getting the registration emails.

    Lifting PR from this morning: Deadlifted 405×5… first time pulling >400 for reps. Technically speaking it’s not really any more significant than 375, 385, or 395 were, but it feels like a bigger deal. I also tied a previous rep PR on squat with 325×8 on the 5+ set of GSLP.

  8. I deadlifted 315 yesterday for the first time in over 20 years. (Beginner gains are AWESOME.)

    My goal is to have a better lift total by 40 than I did at 18…two years to go!

  9. The biggest things that get me amped are watching Klokov do anything, watching AC dead lift, reading this site, and seeing progress. I’m going to compete in my first weightlifting meet October 25. I’ve found a guy who knows what he’s doing to coach me for a month before the meet and at it. Also maybe one of most exciting PRs was one of my two female trainees, who is also my cousin, killed it in power cleans and dead lift today. I started coaching her 6 weeks ago and she started cleaning with a 30 lb bar. Today she executed a seamless 5×3 with 75lbs on power cleans. And with the dead lift she started with tens on each side for her working sets and today she dead lifted FUCKING 185 at 125lb bw for a single with excellent form. I think I was more excited than she was. We’re gonna test maxes on press and squat Monday I can’t wait

  10. Hey all. Haven’t posted in a long time so I thought I’d update. I was feeling really worn out from powerlifting last spring, so decided to spend my summer getting jacked and lean. I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Definite PRs on delt raises and leg curls. It’s also been great for my strength. Recent PRs:
    Squat: 255
    Bench: 170
    Deadlift: 315
    The squat and deadlift were both this week. I’m pumped, you guys.

  11. Friday prs @83kg :
    sq: 165×3
    bp: 100×1 (3 reps planned, oh well)
    Bench is my week link for my total. I plan to stop aternating presses and only do bench without progressing ohp. I have a meet in 6 weeks and after that will continue alternating bench press with ohp
    dl: 180×3 (Love the sight of a barbell with 4 plates each site. Next milestone- 5 plates)

  12. Squat 420 2×3 PR
    No benching due to mild strain of pec minor, possibly subclavius.
    Deadlift progressing to 485 for a double, though not a PR.

    What academic program were you in (Justin) that required Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and Trail Guide to the Body? It sounds like a good major selection.

    • Oh and uh, Friday gets me amped to train. PR’s. Mhm. Monday and Wednesday are all about Friday. And Friday gets better each time I graduate to adding a 10 lb plate instead of a 5, or a 2.5… Or 1.25 :-/
      But what really gets me going, is when I add a 25 lb plate. So infrequent is it to add a 45. But soon, so soon, I shall be adding that hefty jewel to each side of my deadlift bar.

      Unfortunately my gym plays slow classic rock (good stuff, but terrible in the gym) and I’m too annoyed to wear headphones so I just listen to the rage inside.

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