PR Friday – 26 Sep 2014

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Recap: We had a recipe for a calorie-dense protein batter…thing. I dunno, just try it. Also we hit the 5th anniversary/birthday for 70’s Big this past week. I think the comments were pretty funny, so go ahead and post your favorite 70’s Big moment to the comments. Or the worst, I dunno. Chalk Talk will be back in a couple of weeks. Here’s a classic video that AC edited.

Texas Pt. 2 from A.C. on Vimeo.

25 thoughts on “PR Friday – 26 Sep 2014

  1. No PR – starting 8 week meet prep with Sugestions from texas m.2 book – in meet prep phase do you suggest caloric maintain. Or slight increase of calories ? Im in 94-105 class and i weigth 96kg . Also should i cancel all my conditioning work ?

  2. No PR, Starting RPT training.

    Q: Justin and AC what is are your thoughts on hand position and angle during the high bar squat?

    Will there be texas pt. 3 because the 2nd one was fucking awesome and funny. watched almost all of the other vids, that David is a BEAST

  3. No PRs this week; still experimenting with olympic lifting and am not rushing things.

    I already asked on Twitter, and Justin gave a brief response, but I’m also asking on here in case anyone else wants to give input or if he wants to expand a bit on his reply. I’ve been following the Transitioning to Olympic Lifting template ( with the addition of weighted chins and dips and have been making slow but good progress, but life gets in the way, and I’m looking for a way to turn the template into a 3 day/week setup.

    Justin said oly on Mon/Fri and strength on wednesday, but (as always) I’d love specifics. There’ll be a blog post coming soon, but until then, I’d love some ideas on how to proceed.

    • I would turn it into an A/B style setup and just make sure to get a day of rest minimum after the powerlifting days.

      A day would be Olympic lifting without the stress on a heavier/lighter. Just singles on snatch and on clean and jerk of sets across.

      B Day would be Squat, Press/Bench alternating, Weighted Chin/Pendlay Row alternating. Adding in weighted dips and chins/pull ups in the 8-12 rep range afterwards for upper body swollertrophy.

      Then you can do four days a week if you have the time, or three days a week if you don’t. Or two if you’re really strapped.

      That’s how I’d run it.

  4. Squat 315 x 3, 2 & 335 x 1
    No PRs, but local maximum. I messed around this spring/summer trying to do more volume at higher intensities early in the week all while barely eating. Needless to say it was not successful in any way. Though adding in cardio has been getting rid of the fatness and not affecting muh numbers. Finally getting back to reasonable Friday weights. Except my bench, which is completely fucked. No matter how I handle my volume throughout the week I can’t get more than 225 for a couple doubles on Friday. Again, I’ve been eating like a pansy, so I’m not too surprised.

    I’m probably gonna bump my meat and potatoes consumption up (and pick up Paleo for Lifters). Just wondering if anyone here has done this (with moderate cardio) and had decent body recomposition results (i.e. got less fat looking), or should I temper my expectations and do what needs to be done to make winter gainz?

  5. PR’d my snatch last week at 180lbs, PR’s my overhead squat this week at 165lbs in a complex of hang snatch + OHS.

    Training using the “transition to weightlifting” template. for the past three weeks. It’s gone well. improvements listed as WeightxRepsxSets
    Snatch has gone from 125x1x8 to 145x1x8
    Clean and jerk from 165x1x8 to 195x1x8
    Squat 285x5x3 to 310x5x3
    OHP 125x5x3 to 135x5x3
    Bench 185x5x3 to 195x5x3

    I’m trying to do weighted chest to bar pull ups on press days but it’s difficult. Haven’t progessed at all.

    I’m planning on deloading this coming week by doing olympic lifts just at 2 singles of my last working weight, and doing 75% of working weight on the other lifts for 3×5. My question is, does that make sense for the deload or would another strategy work best. I’m planning on deloading every 4th week.

  6. Happy Birthday you crazy bastards. Here’s to many more.

    No PRs this week, school got in the way.

    Q&A: Justin, what type of conditioning would you program for a competitive martial artist? I was thinking something along the lines of Tabata on a bike or rower, and maybe some Prowler work as well, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  7. No prs yet. Except for handstand, I held a handstand for several seconds yesterday, which is awesome as I’m terrible at them. I’ve finally committed to regularly working on them and it’s paying off.

    I guess I’ve also got a mobility pr too, I’m finally taking that more seriously as well. One thing I’ve noticed is if I don’t get into my high hammys and glutes before I squat I’m more likely to pull something in there (I sit quite a bit due to college, and this is the stuff I’m sitting on all the time).
    Trying to get my medial epicondylitis healed up before my pl meet on nov 8

  8. 315 5RM squat,415 triple deadlift, and a measly 190 bench for fiihve on Intensity day, all at 190 pounds BW (6″3), and while getting my blue collar (landscaper+moving) 30 hrs in three days, and of course L3 courses in Law school. Pretty stoked that everything is going well, and i’m sure repping the 70sbig shirt on Intensity day had something to do with the PR’s.
    Question: because of the demanding work/university schedule i switched to an upper/lower TM setup, but i’m very hesitant to alternating the Press and Bench evey week, is this absolutely necesarry? Or do pull-ups, rows, and some light pressing on volume day give enough rear/lateral delt work to not fuck them up with benching so much?

  9. One PR on Wednesday on my bent over row, finally hitting 135 pounds.
    Felt really sore in my lower back as of late still after a QL strain, so I have been taking things fairly easily.
    Bench is finally progressing well, and I will attempt a 125 OHP at the end of next week, if only for a single. Baby steps!

    Also, happy belated 5th birthday to This site makes me feel so comfortable with going for the life and health goals, and aesthetic goals that aren’t so valued any longer. Downloaded “Paleo for Lifters’, and will be giving that a read over the weekend.

    Good luck on training next week everyone!

  10. No PRs this week dudes. In fact it as a whole was a bit disappointing.

    Had a few of questions for the 70s Big crew, or anyone really.

    1. Any of you guys or gals follow any programming by Dan John? What’s the consensus about Mr. John? I don’t know much about him other then seems to focus on olympic weightlifting and field events.

    2. Anybody have any good training ideas for Highland Games? I’m thinking about pursing HG’s as a competitive outlet.

    3. Speaking of HG’s Mr. Gant Grimes used to contribute every so often in the early years of 70’s Big. Anyone know how he is doing?

    Thanks, have a great weekend.

    • Dan john has great programs and pov on lifting, followed one of his methods and it was the first time i benched 90kg and squatted 120kg.
      very insightful and a great writer.

      for highland game visit dan john q&a on dave drapers forum

  11. Madcow still rolling along. I still haven’t approached my PR’s from the 90’s in squat or bench. I have never really pulled DL’s before until now. I have surpassed my Row PR as of today with 190×3

  12. Question: I coach some cheerleaders a couple times a week and I’m having them squat, press, deadlift, etc. all the basics. There progress is stalling much earlier than expected, and I think it’s due to diet or lack of eating, not my coaching. I’ve coached females before who actually eat something and they make decent progress, and the one girl I’m sure is getting enough food is progressing. How do I approach getting the girls to eat more? I know I can tell them they won’t get manly or fat, it will make them feel better, they’ll make more progress, etc but I was wondering if anyone (specifically justin) had any suggestions. I don’t think they’re gonna listen to me.

  13. Hip bursitis has improved thanks to constant mobbing. I still get pain during squat warmups, but my working sets are fine and I don’t feel any worse the night or day after. Hitting glute medius with a lacrosse ball and stretching hamstrings seem to indirectly relieve some tension that’s causing pain. I also started trying to grease the groove with air squats whenever I’m home and have been sitting for a while, and that has seemed to work wonders. I still need to mob more frequently, but nursing school and work have been kicking my ass.

    Power clean PR of 205# for 5 triples.
    Double overhand grip PR of 325×6 for deadlift. Not a weight PR, but more of a moral victory for hanging on and not needing to switch to hook grip mid set.

  14. No prs to mention. First week back on texas method and running a split.

    BP 215×5
    BS 315×5
    DL 405x4f

    Fighting a cold and while warming up today for squatz and deadz, squatting with no weight, concentrating on driving knees out (since i realized i am the guy referred to in podcast 19 with sore adductors), i felt a pop in my L adductor deep, felt close to my hammy. I believe i strained it. It felt pretty funky but was ok so long as i kept moving. Was planning to hit 325 for 5 and did 315 instead. It felt ok but it tightened up immediately after. I believe it contributed to my fatigue and subsequent miss on 5th rep of deads.

    Does anyone have a recommendation on rehabbing my adductor and if i need to avoid anything specific? I am planning to lift at a meet december 7th and am curious as to what i could do to still lift as well as possible.

  15. Also, bench PR in that my right AC joint let me bench without pain on Monday. But I benched again today and had some soreness after.
    Waist PR at 36 inches. Was 35 a month ago. Not sure how to improve this without fucking up my linear progression. I read Paleo for Lifters and rarely get over 150g of carbs per day. I’m 6’3 and 205 for reference.

  16. Bench Press 205 lbs 3×5
    HB Squat 300 lbs 3×5

    Happy to finally be at the 300 mark on squats and hope to continue progressing with my linear progression.

    Q&A: I feel like I have stayed stalled out at about 125-130 lbs on my press for far too long. Any recommendations about how to attack it? I was thinking possibly increasing volume to 5×5 sets vice 3×5 like I have been doing. Also considered adding in a third press day to my programming.

  17. I’m finally getting back my old strength (and then some) after taking a four year hiatus from heavy lifting (lame excuses and lack of education on real weightlifting).

    First PR in four years: OHP 150lbs 3×5

    Hopefully will have some squat, dead, and bench PR’s to report in a few weeks.

  18. Had to fight through the weekend to hit all my lifts.

    BP – 242.5 (3×5)
    LBS – 375 (3×5)
    DL – 425 (1×3)
    OHP – 150 (3×5)

    As a dude that needs to lose 10+ and that is already keeping a cleaned up diet, how often should I be doing some kind of HIIT or conditioning. I try and get a barbell complex, a HIIT sprint, and a weighted ruck in during the week. PLUS, the normal 3 day split of lifting. Most of my conditioning comes after the lifting, not on my off days.

    Anyone have any suggestions for dropping the last bit of body fat? I’ve dropped 50 pounds in the past two years and would like to finally get rid of my gut.

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