Happy 5th Birthday 70’s Big

On 22 September 2009 this website launched in order to educate people about strength and conditioning as well as entertain. The focus was on being big, muscular, and strong in a time dominated by emaciation. Women were encouraged to train, men were encouraged to pound the calories, and everyone was pushed into competition.

Over the years the site has evolved due to a combination of getting jaded with the same kindergarten material available across the “training-sphere” as well as an obligation to not only teach people to get strong, but to keep them healthy and strong through life. We should all aim to train our bodies, minds, and souls deep into old age. The basic tenants of 70sBig.com remain the same:

– commit to training with reckless intensity
– develop a physique built with performance instead of vanity
– help encourage others in their training
– enter competition for ultimate introspection
– teach and learn about strength and conditioning, mobility, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, fitness, etc.
– tirelessly lead the charge to end misconceptions about females and lifting
– actively work towards changing societal body image
– have a damn good time doing it

The 70's Big Crew, 2013

The 70’s Big Crew, 2013

It’s always been my intention to help people through 70sBig.com. I hope whoever you are, whether you’ve been here since day one or just started reading yesterday, you have gained benefit from this website’s five years of information. When I find the time, I regularly work to improve our knowledge and synthesize material you can implement into your own training and life.

This wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I want to thank all of the readers, new and old. I consider you a part of the 70’s Big Community, one full of crazy assholes who are some of the nicest, hard working, and amusing folks around. The reach of 70’s Big is broad, and it’s comforting to know that we can go almost anywhere in the world, talk about 70’s Big and immediately have a bond with a stranger. “70’s Big takes care of their own,” is a comforting thought. We’ve built something really cool here and this is as much your birthday as it is mine.

To all of my friends around the world — whether I’ve met you or not, held a seminar in your gym, trained with you, or lectured to your unit — thanks for making this fun. And to my close friends who were integral in the creation of this website: thanks for being there for me with your absurd, unique, and loyal personality.

The future is always bright to people who attack it with fervor. 70’s Big will always be around to educate, entertain, and irritate you. The idea of communicating with all of you assholes through old age will, at the very least, be entertaining.

Train hard, get big. Get 70’s Big.

Happy Birthday


12 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday 70’s Big

  1. Thanks to Justin and everyone else that has contributed to this site. Not only on here, but o various social media platforms I’ve seen the guys (AC, Mike, Chris and Bront) go out of their way to entertain, inform and help others out with anything 70s Big. Happy Birthday 70s Big.

  2. Was a lurker for years, love being a part of the community. Always been a big guy and love working out and have finally got back into lifting heavy stuff. Happy birthday and thanks for the efforts and time to put it together.

  3. Train big, get hard. Thanks to everybody in the 70s big community for all the knowledge, inspiration, and laughs. Wage on in the war against cardio bunnies, long pants, and scraggly neck beards.

  4. As a relative new-comer, Congrats on 5 years, and thanks for the style in which you create terrifically informative articles with humor and an edginess that will keep me coming back.

    I’ll be breaking into the 60+ crowd this fall, so I’m especially happy to see that you believe this a great sport for us old-farts to keep our edges sharp with, too.

    All the Best !

  5. Happy 5yr anniversary 70’s Big. I Started reading a few months after the site was started. Thanks for all the laughs, knowledge and most of all, the motivation. I didn’t even lift before 70’s Big!

  6. Happy birfday 70s big! I spread the word about the site on the reg to anyone who might benefit or be interested. You all are a great group always willing to help and always follow up.

    Prior to knowing about the site, in my crossfitty days, i emailed justin eith questions about an cf journal article he wrote out of WFAC. He responded in a day to a total stranger who had completely dumb questions about the crossfitty crap like GPP and various other annoyances. Needless to say, his insight and generosity of time and attention reeled me in for which i am eternally grateful. Mike has also helped me on several occasions answering questions and amalyzing a couple lifts. Huge thanks fellas!
    Look forward to making awesome progress learning what i do from you all. Seeeeeeyaaaaa!

  7. Happy birthday to 70’s Big! Justin has created something special here – a fitness site that’s not full of 14 year olds calling experienced lifters faggotz.
    I’m proud to be part of this community.

  8. Congrats to the 70’s Big crew. Luckily I stumbled onto the sight soon after its birth. Its been enjoyable to read, learn, and grow.

    Thanks for all you guys do, and keep up the great work. Continue to fight the good fight.

    Chlanna nan con thigibh a so’s gheibh sibh feoil!

  9. It’s been a good ride, bud. Let’s keep this shit rolling. With everything being on social networking these days, I miss reading content on actual sites.
    I’m about to drink a beer for my 70’s Big brethren.

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