PR Friday – 8 Aug 2014

PR Friday — Post your training updates, PR’s, and questions to the comments and the 70′s Big crew will respond. 

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AC and The Law Dragon will be in town, so we’ll be creating some material and taking specific questions if you have them pertaining to collegiate strength and conditioning, law and gun control, and pretending to be the “Tuna King of the South”.

Recap: This week had “Low bar vs. High Bar Squat, Part 2” and “Chalk Talk #2“. The squat article was an update on the original article, mostly with updated thoughts about the high bar squat as well as addressing the argument that there isn’t a difference between the squat variations. Chalk Talk #2 is just a quick look at two anatomy references I use frequently and how they can help you conduct soft tissue work for rehab.

This week’s discussion: tell me what is wrong with this picture.


56 thoughts on “PR Friday – 8 Aug 2014

  1. Say what you want about her squat form, she did get a pretty good cardio workout walking the weight back a quarter mile or so from the frigging squat stands.

    • Haha. It’s funny looking at comments for pictures online because people notice the most random things. That rack she used would be terrible, too.

  2. Asymmetric, feet are too wide, knees aren’t pushed out over the toes or wider, heels aren’t on the ground, not wearing weight lifting shoes, wrists are flexed, not deep enough and not enough weight. Other than that, its pretty good.

  3. Stance is too wide and a lack of external rotation in the hips to keep the knees out.

    No PR’s this week, aside from just being able to get back in the gym after moving cross country and drinking too much over a wedding weekend.

  4. Her squat form of course, but I’m thinking this is one of those “you’re going to miss the obvious because you’re paying way too much attention to her bad squat form and/or quite fine physical form” kinda things.

    Wiht that said, let’s go through the other things wrong in the picture:
    -WTF is up with her shirt? I thought she was wearing a regular bra overtop the pink sports one, but now I think it’s a white shirt tucked up to show some skin in the picture
    -The dude in the blue tank looks like he skips leg day
    -The bald guy might by squatting in a smith machine
    -I think she’s wearing a black thong. I don’t knoow how one can stand wokring out in a thong.
    -Still feel like I’m missing somehting obvious if it’s one of the “Missing the forest through the trees” type of deals.

    • Oh, and no PRs weight on the bar wise, though I’m losing bodyfat mass and my working sets don’t seem to be suffering as much as expected, so I should be hitting some Wilks PRs next time I test out 1RMs in September.

  5. I’m now part of the 1000lb club. I did a mock meet this morning and hit:

    Squat: 365lbs (PR 40 lbs)
    Bench: 245lbs (PR 5 lbs)
    Deadlift: 405lbs

    I had more in me in the squat but got greedy and got two no-lifts.
    Bench felt good, but the bar hit the pins and threw my form off, which tweaked my bicep. Which sucks since I could have put up 260 easy. Ah well, I learned a lot doing this.

    Total: 1015lbs

  6. 36 y/o male
    Had some rep PRs but nothing worth posting. I’ve been running WSFSB 3 for two weeks…it’s ok.
    I was going to lighten up to let some tingling sensation in my right leg/buttocks clear up, instead I changed nothing in my workouts but did incorporated daily hip/abdomen/low back/hammie stretches. I recalled an article on here from a couple years ago about sleep posture. I read that and changed my slumber posture from supine to that of figure 2 in the article Justin referenced. All this seems to have helped as the tingling sensations have cleared up substantialy.

    Lots of stuff wrong with the pic. My 2 cents: If one is to take a photo of a girl squatting in the gym then one simply does not leave the flash on. She’ll notice, it’ll creep her out. Then you’ll keep seeing each other around town. It’s just awkward.

    • 1RMs being what they are, they are usually a bit ugly. Your depth probably wouldn’t have passed meet standards (at least in the USAPL), so take note of that. It’s a common reaction to squat slightly high when going heavier than normal because of the fear of getting pinned.

      I’d like to see you more stable in your trunk. Ideally you’d be better with sub-maximal weight, but be on the lookout for some videos or a post talking about this soon. I’m mainly referring to your trunk breaking tension, going forward a little, and giving you that pause in the middle of the rep.

      Also, it’s ballsy as fuck to squat maximally with no spotters, but I guess you’re used to it given that you’re working with bumpers. Nice job on not quitting on the rep and fighting through it.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I’ll remember those pointers. Mostly squat when there is no one at my crossfit gym. We need a power rack. I always come just a little forward with max weight in the top of the squat. Been working on technique where in the past I really have only squated high bar.

  7. I expect to see this on Pinterest any day with an ‘fitspiration’ quote over it. Can’t wait.
    What is wrong with this picture is he didn’t turn off his flash. Bad gymbro etiquette man.

    But seriously, incase this woman finds this post & gets sad, 1. I’m glad you are at the gym, good for you! 2. Get a copy of Starting Strength and/or find a good mentor coach. 3. Track your knees over your toes & get your thumbs out from under the bar. :)

    • I competed in the USAW Nationals 3 weeks ago and am taking time off to let my back heal up from a fall taken 2 months ago that still nags with deep lumbar flexion/extension, so no recent/recent PRs.
      The week prior to Nationals I HB Back Squatted 285×2, so I think 300 is within reach this year. Would like to hit 200 (7 lb pr) snatch by Dec & 240 C&J (5 lb pr). But I’m not in a hurry, so until the back heals up I’m enjoying the summa.

  8. I like how there are more posts on this PR Friday than pretty much any other recent one. I guess people really like analyzing poor form or staring at asses. Maybe both.

    No PRs, I’m getting my elbow checked out on Tuesday.

  9. 80 kg 21 y/o male
    squat: 152.5 x 4. Failed the fifth one, was sad. Will move to tripples. Also part of my miss was mental, I pussyed out more than supposed to. Also blood was rushing to my face so much it was unbearable. I still have red eyes now lol.
    bench: 95×3 as expected
    deadlift: 165×5 was awesome, I aimed for a tripple, but managed to do 5 reps. Also filmed it and it has good form, apparently

    • It sounds like you could have relieved some pressure during that fifth rep. Here’s a quote from an old post I wrote:

      “Grunting while lifting achieves the same thing. The grunting provides a guttural expulsion of air through the throat against a closed glottis. Usually it is done through the sticking point, or the point where the most force is being applied because it temporarily increases the torso pressure because of the forced air against the closed glottis.”

      You can also do it by letting out some air between your tongue and teeth (sounds more like, “Tssss”, and weightlifters and kettle bell folk do it a lot). Anyway, it’ll relieve some of the pressure in your trunk and ideally relieve some blood pressure to not have that build up in your face and head.

      • Thanks for reply, I actually read that article long time ago and since then grunt when tis happen. Sadly it didn’t help me this set, but anyway did 4 reps so will just move to tripples.

  10. Stance is too wide, hips are internally rotated.

    Two questions for the Q&A:

    1. Will consultations be starting up again any time soon?

    2. Been on the texas method for a little while now. I’ve noticed that when I get to my heavier weights on intensity day I get extremely dumped forward and my knees come in on my squats. Pretty sure its largely a strength issue because this doesn’t happen at lighter weights. I don’t wanna keep progressing with the shit mechanics so I’m thinking about doing some rehab type strength work to fix the issue. Do you have any recommendations? I was thinking perhaps repeating an LP but not going any heavier than I can maintaining ideal mechanics, and possibly adding in some unilateral work like lunges because I’ve noticed my right leg caves in more than the left. Thanks a bunch if you reply.

    • I like your approach. You can keep the same schedule and just squat accordingly. You could do a lighter 5×5 and then go slightly heavier for 3×5 or fewer sets on the intensity day — I’ve done this a lot with people who need technique work via consistent and chronic squatting.

      There might be some other rehab exercises that can help. Do you have video of the shitty squats?

      • I’ve had issues with my right knee caving in when catching heavy snatches at full depth. PT had me do banded lateral walks (athletic stance, knees out), some single leg squats to a bench while holding a KB overhead in the opposite hand and making sure to push the knee out. After several weeks of those, added in explosive single leg squats starting in the bottom while standing on a 30″ box, again focusing on pushing the knee out.

  11. No PRs but I did get a pair of Mark Bell’s and Jesse Burdick’s low top powerlifting shoes. These thangs are awesome, best shoes I’ve ever tried to DL in. Super low, comfort of not being barefoot, wide as shit, helps a lot with my busted ass back!! Same question as last time: Compression fractures in t-spine, tried your band method to no results, would love some advice! Thanks

      • The compression fractures and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) happened 19 May 2011. I’ve been told that I could either have a sub scapular bursitis (by navy docs) or a damaged nerve (by a PT) either way I’m in the VA system where everything begins and ends with a pill! Pain ramps up when I stand, sit, walk or whatever in a good neutral position, so the most comfortable position is to look like a quasi motto!

  12. Not a good week, I’ll be honest.
    From the looks of it, I strained my quadratus lumborum on my left side.
    No squatting or deadlifting for a week or two, and seeing a physiotherapist.
    Not sure if anyone has recommendations for particular stretches to do, as I need to keep my core more stable while squatting, and my back with a good posterior chain.

    • I’ll be making a post/video on trunk stability. Jacking up the QL, piriformis, and the sacro-iliac joint in general is common when the hips are tight and the pelvis isn’t controlled well in the squat. I actually just irritated the area about a week ago (I’m fine now).

      Let me know what your physio says and if the rehab worked.

      • Doing core exercises, such as variations of leg lifts, supermans and planks to stretch the muscle, as well as learn to keep a solid core and good posterior chain. Deloading my working set to less than half of my max working set to form good habits, such as position and following cues.
        Doing a lot of foam rolling, icing my back in the evening before bed, and some time in the sauna to relax the body.
        Taking 500mg of acetaminophen, 500g of methacarbomol, and 800mg of ibuprofen as well.
        Just have to accept that I need form work, mobility and stability all to lift correctly and make better habits.

        Should be better in two weeks, providing that I follow things properly, eat well, sleep well, and lift well.

  13. I reinjured a sprained wrist while being a dipshit today. Back to square fucking one. Anyone here sraine a wrist before? How long did yours take to heal?

    • I’m in the middle of reading it. Basically it’s just doing a standard environmental acclimation (which I sorta talked about here: and then talking about additional health benefits from it.

      First, it’s not like the acclimation to heat is a crazy adaptation; everyone experiences it, especially when they play an outside sport. You basically just get more efficient.

      Second, I’m not sure how it makes sense that the plasma volume increases when you’re acclimated. I don’t think that’s a passive adaptation. When you are acclimated, your sweat glands produce more sweat because the body is more efficient at cooling (and the only way it can do that on its own is by sweating more to use evaporation). The glands also do a better job of reabsorbing sodium. So it goes like this: plasma is used as sweat, sweat goes out, glands reabsorb sodium, water follows sodium. Yet it requires rehydration. Maybe she means there is a greater capacity to have more plasma volume once someone is acclimated, but that’s dependent on oral hydration anyway (i.e. if I drink a fuck load of water, my plasma volume will increase, especially if I have the appropriate electrolyte ratio). Anyway, this is just me nit-picking physiology. It seems like the doctor is trying to sell something here, so claiming something that is not straightforward bothers me.

      Third, at least she says, “this study I’m referencing has a small sample size, but follow on studies show more of the same”.

      Fourth, I lost interest in reading the whole article. All I’m seeing is that heat acclimation is good, but that doesn’t tell me anything new. I guess it’s interesting seeing ALL of the things that heat acclimation can accomplish on some level, but I guess I’m not really impressed.

      Fifth, humidity is a whole different monster than merely acclimating to dry heat. It’s much more dangerous because the body can’t use evaporation to regulate body temperature. I talk a little bit about the problems with that in the heat article above.

      So what is the take home? As someone who spends a lot of time outside (training and otherwise), this doesn’t have any bearing on my life. For people who are indoors all the time or in a long winter, then perhaps sauna sessions may help make their bodies more efficient and aid recovery. It’s something to try, but it’s time consuming and usually most people don’t have a lot of time. Having a good program, good mechanics, good nutrition, and good sleep is way ahead on the list of important shit.

      • I don’t know if you’re familiar with Barbell Shrugged but she was on their YouTube/ podcast recently and had some interesting things to say about the sauna stuff and supplements.

        • Yeah, the increased growth hormone production is what caught my attention. The link I posted was the only actual writeup I could find from her on the topic

          • Yeah she was saying the same thing that happened during exercise happened during the sauna, and it allowed her to retain muscle while not lifting. I found it interesting too.

            • I’m buying that there is benefit. I’m not buying that it is crazy significant. I’m still buying the idea that there is a lot of other shit that is way more important (recovery/nutrition). I’d do it if I had access and time for it when it isn’t hot outside.

  14. Been having issues with front squats lately. They should be strong but there’s some tiny muscle in my butt (right side, inner, medial, and lower) I keep straining. I think my form is pretty solid, I’m getting my knees out real good. I’m barefoot because wl shoes are irritating my sesamoiditis. If anyone looks at it, that would be great.

    • You’ll have to upload the video on something like YouTube for us to view it. Why are your sesamoid bones inflamed and what shoes did you take off?

  15. I started typing out my thoughts on the picture and ended up just making it the Monday post. If you don’t see Monday’s post yet, I’m still working on it.

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