25 July 2014 – PR Friday

PR Friday — Post your training updates, PR’s, and questions to the comments and the 70′s Big crew will respond. 

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Homework: Earlier this week I asked you guys to look up what muscles are involved in hip extension. Did anybody bite? I’ll get to this topic in the comments.

Meanwhile, look how small Z is.

28 thoughts on “25 July 2014 – PR Friday

  1. Did a mock meet where I worked up to heavy doubles. Haven’t lifted hard in a while.

    Squat: 325×2,
    Bench: 205×2
    Deads: 415×3

    Not that impressive compared to what I’ve done in the past, but a solid foundation to build on again.

  2. ive been having a lot of pain on the pinky side of my wrist since liftong yesterday. It hurts a ton to twist my hand. it feels weak. Anyone experience this?there is no swelling but lots of pain, any guidance? Im seeing a doc next week.

    • Does it hurt if you bend your hand toward the pinky side or bear weight through the wrist? What lifts were you doing before it started hurting? Do you feel or hear a clunk? Does it feel unstable? Does anything else not mentioned make it better or worse?

      • It hurts more if I turn my hand outwards like I was going to do chin ups with my palms facing me. I was moving a bar when it started hurting and I accidently hit it on a jerk box. I was front squatting before that so I think I may have stretched it there, I pressed heavy overhead before that.I did not feel or hear a clunk. It feels a bit weak and sort of unstable. Twisting my elbow and pressing where I would take my pulse are the main things that cause pain.

        • So it first started hurting when you hit it on a box when you were carrying a bar? Did you hit your wrist or the bar on the box?? 0-10, how bad did it hurt when it happened, when it’s at its best, worst, and now? Does it hurt at night? Does it hurt with any other motion besides turning your wrist out (supination)? If you used your other hand to turn your wrist out (supinate), does it still hurt? Weakness is very common from trauma to a joint, it’s called arthrogenic inhibition, and I wouldn’t worry too much about it, at this point. The “feeling of instability” perks my ears up, but can also be a result of arthrogenic inhibition, but hopefully the answers to the newer questions can help gather more information…

          • I saw a hand orthopedic surgeon today. She gave me a brace and a antiinflammatory RX and said if it’s not better in six weeks to come back. She said it’s msot likely a TFCC sprain/partial tear.

  3. I’m on the 3rd week of my second 5/3/1 cycle. Yesterday I got a little eager and pulled 375# for a new 5rm DL!

    Hamstring muscles: biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus. And the Glute m&m’s

  4. I’ve been mostly working on form so no big weights.
    I am now able to front squat 145# for 3 sets of 10 with perfect form (until the very last two, then I start good morning…ing).
    Surprisingly, what helped the most (asides from rumble rolling) was watching tv while holding an A-G squat.

  5. Been trying to take a second run at a linear progression after screwing up my first try this winter due to not recovering properly. Been high-bar squatting due to a shoulder strain that was present at the start of the month when I began. Now I’ve got a bit of irritation just inferior to my kneecaps. I assume that switching to low bar could solve my problem, but does anybody have any mobility stuff to try before I give up on HB?

  6. Im 86 kilos, just started TM and today did:
    147.5 x 5 squat
    92.5 x 4 bench (I fucked up with this, next week will try again)
    157.5 x 5 deadlift
    Not bad, my bench is my weakest point, I’m already used to it

  7. PR in finally having consistent female trainees. This last week has been teaching them the proper mechanics for most of the important multi joint lifts. Teaching the pendlay row and power clean is surprisingly hard. I’m excited to see their progress once they’ve got the lifts down and to eventually teach them weightlifting movements.

  8. 36 y/o 6’2″, 215lbs

    Front Squat: 275 lbs x 2
    Dips: 110 x 2
    Neutral Grip Chins: 70 x 2

    My bilateral patellar area pain has disappeared since switching to front squats 12 weeks ago. I’m surprised because I have long legs and a short torso, so my knees are well past my toes at the bottom of the movement. Whatever works. Lifetime PRs on front squats and dips.

    Nothing like walking around the gym with over 100 pounds hanging between your legs.

  9. 32 y/o female, 74kg bw

    Did 5×5 @ 80kg squat today. Nothing impressive to the outsider, but with extremely long femurs, a max @ 92.5kg in the squat and having only previously done singles or a single double at 80kg, 5×5 were huge for me. And heavy…

  10. HB Squat 315 x 1 (whoopdeedoo)
    HB Squat 245 x 10 (RPE 8)
    Press 120 x 6 (whoopdeedoo)
    GIrlfriend PR Squat 215 x 1
    We both just finished Smolov with good results.

    I bit and went back to my clinical biomechanics slides, Neumann textbook, and research I have collected in this area. I will not go into great detail (as Justin probably will), but instead highlight what I found to be most interesting when I learned it for the first time. I thought it was really interesting how in the closed kinetic chain, basically every hip, knee, and ankle muscle works to extend the hip at curtains points during the squat (with exception of the anterior hip and ankle muscles). I also thought it was cool how the moment for the main hip adductors to do pure adduction is in 40-70 degrees of hip flexion, and how past 70 they are potent hip extensors, but before 40 they work as hip flexors. Finally, remembering back to how the adductor magnus is the “fourth hamstring” and how it is a powerful hip extensor past 90 degrees of hip flexion was pretty cool as well. I won’t go into anything else since it’s long enough as it is…

    • Forgot to mention I am a 22 y.o. M, 150 lbs, currently obtaining a Doctorate in Physical Therapy… For anyone who has obtained a doctoral degree, you probably know it’s hardly the environment conducive for PRs. Long time reader, hardly ever posted…

  11. This may be a ridiculous problem to have, considering the site we’re on, but please humor me. I’m looking to compete in weightlifting at 105kg, and I am trying to follow Paleo for Lifters for my diet. I’m not certain how many grams of protein I need, but based on the recommendations of the book I think 260ish is a good place to start.
    Problem is I seem to be having a really hard time getting close to this. I’m doing six eggs and some type of meat for breakfast everyday, as well as two scoops of whey everyday. After that I try to eat enough meat at lunch and dinner, but when I add it up I always seem to be lucky if I touch the low 200s.
    Silly problem to have, I know, but if anyone is eating similarly and can offer up some advice on what they usually do, it’d be greatly appreciated.

    • 4 oz of meat ends up being about 30 grams of protein, provided it’s not 75/25 ground beef or something like that. So getting 1.5 lbs of meat in over the course of the day will put you at and probably over that total easily. I get extra protein from milk occasionally, then things like greek yogurt. And there’s no law that says you can’t take extra whey in a pinch either.

    • It’s definitely not a silly problem, especially if you have serious goals.

      Some ideas to help hit your daily protein goal:

      Get a Costco membership and pickup a bunch of Kirkland canned chicken breast and/or Kirkland solid white albacore if you like tuna. One can of chicken breast is 42g protein and one can of tuna is 46g protein. At the end of the day if you feel you didn’t eat enough protein just crack open a can or two and you can make up for a 40-80g protein deficit of your daily goal. I usually eat 3 cans a day on top of everything else. I don’t know if preservatives or whatever are paleo, but it’s just chicken/tuna in water with salt and some other shit. Someone told me not to eat canned tuna everyday because of mercury of some shit but I don’t know if that’s real or not. I prefer chicken anyway though.

      Costco also sells “raw” [but they’re actually pasteurized] egg whites, so you can’t get salmonella. Instead of water, I will mix whey isolate with a cup or two of raw egg whites and hit it with a hand blender. If you don’t have a hand blender and you’re mixing whey, you need to spend 10-20$ and upgrade your life. The eggs and whey make an almost milkshake like texture. Delicious. Not sure if eggs are paleo.

      Do you drink milk? Milk is the best for muscle growth, though again, not sure it’s paleo.

  12. Still not in PR territory, but my all time PRs were @105 kg BW and now I’m weighing about 97 kg.

    Squat: 187,5 kg (~ 413 lbs) x5
    Bench: 139 kg (~ 306 lbs) x3
    Deadlift: 222,5 kg (~ 491 lbs) x2

    The DL double was ridiculously slow – I’m trying to get used to deadlifting in flat shoes (have been using WL shoes for years) and it feels kinda weird.

  13. Question:
    My squat and deadlift are stalling due to what seems like a lack of cardio rather than muscle fatigue. Especially the deadlift. During the first two or three reps I feel strong and the weight feels right. But after that, even though I feel like my muscles could lift the weight, I’m gassed. If I weight a few seconds to catch my breath, I can push out more reps. So here’s the question: how do I fix this without halting my linear progression?

    My stats:
    I’m a 5’6″, 215lb male, aged 32. Squat 315lbs 3×5, DL 350 3×5, OHP 160 5×3, Bench 225 5×3
    Cardio Level: rubbish

  14. Deadlift 405×10 on my 5+ set of 5/3/1. Just finished 3rd cycle, will do my fourth and probably try to hit some singles on my 5/3/1+ day before deloading.

  15. Howdy all, first time posting.

    Before starting a linear progression this summer I didn’t have any sort of training goals (i.e. CrossFitter). A guy in my unit brought Starting Strength along on our deployment which I read and then ordered FIT after reading this site for a couple days.

    I’ve always been a lanky dude (AKA small at 73″ 185 lbs), so hitting the big lifts three times a week has been a fun challenge. My previous squat PR was 325 lb and in March I was at 295. After two months of linear work I’m up to 191 lbs (hard to get good meat and sleep in Afghanistan). Current numbers:

    HB Squat: 5×3 @315
    Press: 5×3 @ 130
    Power Clean 3×5 @ 200
    Deadlift 5 @ 355 (Corrected form, reset to 275)
    Bench 5×3 @ 200

    Anyone have ideas for comtinuing press progression? I’ve been going up in 5 lb jumps (don’t have any smaller weights than 2.5 here), but while I might get 4×3 at 135, I will completely fail at 140 (4,2, then drop weight). I watched Jason’s “Three press fixes” video on you tube and reset to 120, but still hitting the same wall around 130-140 lbs.

  16. Hey, I’m new to 70sbig and TM, read TM and TM advanced books recently and had a question about weekly benching from the second one. It says the press should be done on light day 3×5 alternating between medium and heavy sets from week to week. What would be a good percantage of my current 5RM to use for medium and heavy? I was thinking about 90% heavy and 80% medium and increase every heavy set with 5lbs while increasing every 3rd or 4th medium sets with the same ammount. Am I thinking in the right direction?

    Also my latest babyweight PR friday 5RM
    Squat 330
    Press 143
    Deadlift 363

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