70’s Big Radio – Episode 18

This was easily one of the best podcasts we’ve done. We talked about Scott Mendelson’s pec insane pec tear, sorta criticized strongman training, something Eric Cressey said, and Tony Budding’s new Pro Fitness League, and a whole lot of shit that doesn’t make much sense but made us laugh our asses off.

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2 thoughts on “70’s Big Radio – Episode 18

  1. I’m sure Justin is currently busy doing Justin things so here’s my attempt at a PR Friday post:

    If you want to be awesome, you have to go do awesome shit. Even though its really hard. That’s what makes it awesome, because not very many people want to do it. So get off your ass and go be awesome.

    The End

    Discuss your training week and highlight your weekly PRs in the comments.

    PRed my body weight @ 212#
    PRed my 5RM BS 3x @ 375#

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