70’s Big Radio – Episode 17

Topics include:

Intro Topics:
– Derek Kendall 800 lbs front squat
– Stephanie Renfro deadlifts 405×3
– “The Movement Fix” hip article critique

Q&A Topics:
– shakes at night!
– Lower back strengthener
– Best way to measure body fat
– Considerations when switching from low bar to high bar squat
– Pushing the deadlift on the Texas Method
– Flat vs heeled shoes for good mornings and RDLs
– Assymetrical shoulder — what do I do?
– Squat program for Olympic lifters
– Hypertrophy program good after finishing a linear progression?
– Press programming with the Texas Method
– Training while deployed…on a ship…with no squat racks.
– Deadlifting mechanics for a taller guyyy

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6 thoughts on “70’s Big Radio – Episode 17

  1. Thanks for answering my question about measuring body fat.
    It was really just a curiosity thing more than anything else. I’m not really adjusting any training around it, etc.
    Thanks and keep the podcasts coming!

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