The Last PR Friday of 2013

Yesterday I told you to enjoy your holiday break, but to reflect on 2013’s training. Now I want to hear what it is you accomplished. Though PR Fridays have been less frequent, they historically provide a venue to talk about your own weekly improvement or personal records. Let’s face it, sometimes your wife (husband?) or co-workers just don’t give a shit or understand what it’s like to get a 10 lb deadlift PR, so sharing it with other lifters nets an appropriate response.

Look back over 2013 and think about what you accomplished. Did elevate your training to the next level? Did you compete? Did you experience any injuries? Let us know how it went. Training is intimately related with what else is going on in your life, so recap the non-training part of your life. Did you get married (I did), graduate, or get a new job? All of these things effect your training but also count as leveling up in life.

Lifting isn’t just something we do because we love it; we need to do it. It’s the great leveler, the thing that brings you back to reality or reminds you how progress requires blood and sweat. The lessons under the bar have direct application in life’s success; let us know how training has influenced your life in 2013.

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36 thoughts on “The Last PR Friday of 2013

  1. I competed in my 2nd and 3rd meets this year. In my last one i reached some goals i’ve had for quite a while. Squat over 500 and total over 1400. Very happy with those. Squat went up almost 80 lbs this year and deadlift about 60. Now need to focus on getting more fit in general. Also the wife and i decided to PULL THE GOALIE. So we’ll see where that takes us.

  2. Deadlift PR on Christmas Eve: 200 kg (~ 441 lbs) x8

    My original training goals for 2013 were a 210 kg squat, 140 kg bench and 230 kg deadlift. I am now at 220×1 / 150×2 / 240×1, so I got 10 kg more than planned on each of these lifts.
    Although one can never be “strong enough”, I would like to reach 230/160/250 next year, which will be more than I ever thought I would be able to do and start to focus on some other things like losing a bit of bodyfat and doing some conditioning.

    I injured my lower back on a deadlift warmup in summer, which took a couple of weeks to recover from, but this was only a minor setback.

    Concerning leveling up in life, I finished my master´s thesis in sports science (will submit the damn thing in a couple of days), so I will be looking for a job in the near future. Right now I feel completely lost and don´t know which direction to choose in my career. As I realized in the course of my studies, the vast majority of this ex fizz stuff is just a huge pile of bullshit.

  3. I had major reconstructive surgery in March, gym maxes before which were 345/205/446.
    I was able to recover before a second (less invasive) reconstructive surgery earlier this month and hit 355/210/440 in the gym, 20 pounds lighter in body weight.

    I was able to get my wife to start training (she was lifting on her own but needed some coaching that wasn’t husband-based) and hit an easy 100 kg deadlift about three weeks ago with plenty left in the tank… and it was her third time deadlifting heavy. She has some amazing potential.

    2014 goals: get third and final reconstructive surgery, possibly in February. Then just train like a normal human being and finally do my first meet.

  4. I’m still doing rehab from my being hit by a car thing but I’m slowly getting stronger.

    PRs since the accident:
    squat 100kg 1×50.
    bench 90kg 1×2
    dead: 135kg (can kinda tell which parts of my body got injured).

    2014 goals: want to start sea kayaking again (currently can’t do the paddle motion). Get my body weight up to 89 (currently at 83). Get my press up to near body weight. Also would like to find a permanent job (this temp stuff sucks).

  5. 2013 Notable Events:
    – Second deployment. This time to Afghanistan (Here until FEB).

    2013 Notable Training:
    – Squat 300×20
    – Deadlift 500×1
    – Press 185×3, 200×1
    – Snatch 220
    – Clean and Jerk 275
    – Bodyweight > 190 for the first time in my life

    2014 Goals:
    – Taking company command on 1 MAR. Goal = Be better than everyone else.
    – Squat 405×5, 450×1
    – Clean & Jerk 315#
    – Snatch 250#
    – Keep bodyweight > 185
    – Push the sled twice a week
    – Get wife pregnant again

  6. One of the goals I had for this year was to break a half ton combined total, raw, for at least a couple reps. That’s squat/deadlift /bench completely raw – beltless, strapless, no liftoff, nothing. Just me and the bar for two or more reps. I can go back through my logbook for the year and find three lifts to make the total but I wanted to do them all on the same day, competition style.

    The squat and dead are still there but since straining my elbow some months back, my bench has been falling off a cliff. I’ll never be a huge bencher, I accept that, but fighting my way back to milestones that I had in the bank over a year ago isn’t what I hoped to be doing.

  7. Started the year off with 4 weeks off following tonsilectomy. Worked back to old PRs and set new PRs:

    Back squat 405 lbs
    Dead lift 415 lbs
    Press: 150 lbs
    Clean and Jerk 205 lbs

    Life PRs: finished first year and a half of medical school, posted on here a few times instead of just lurking, another year happily married, and subjectively my knee feels better than ever after ACL reconstruction a few years ago.

    Lots of goals for this year: >435 on back squat, dead lift >485, bench > 255, press > 175, and C&J 235. Really want to push DL and press/bench as these are big areas of weakness for me. As always need to work on mobility and cleaning up diet.

    Non-lifting goals: ace Step 1 in May and not go crazy in the process

    Have a great new year everyone

  8. 2013 was a great year and somehow managed to keep training. Finished my paramedic license while working fulltime, sold and bought houses, had a baby, and seemed to keep everyone and everything fairly balanced and seemingly happy (I request man-points for that).

    Lifted in my first meet in March, totaled 1065 (380, 230, 450). Looking to compete again this March and certainly improving that total. Have learned a SHITLOAD about strength in general, my body, and how to maintain or slightly improve conditioning without running myself into the ground and ruining progress. Goals for 2013 were too vague but I do know that I did not snatch 185 or clean and jerk 225 but I did not train for those.

    Intensity day today, BS 335×5, BP 235×2, 225x2x3, DL 400×4, x1. Thought I pooped myself on rep 4 (that was a first).

    Goals for 2014, train even smarter, increase focus and intensity during work, and rest smarter; all to set myself up to succeed, not keep up with the crawsfit conditioning warriors that work out in our gym. Specific goals: BS 425, BP 265, DL 515. Clean and Jerk 225, Snatch 185 (power versions preferably). Finally, make it possible for my wife to begin lifting and continue my training all while I do daddy-day-care on my off days and my wife heads back to work. Wish me luck on that last one!

    Thanks again to the crew that puts this site together and provides the resources for ANYONE to learn how to be successful in the gym. You guys have provided me the tools and direction to progress and improve as an average joe who has to work very hard for all gains that I get. I am forever grateful, and if there is any way that I can pay that forward, please share. You guys are the shiz-bomb!

  9. I’ve had a super busy year so I have not been commenting on the site like I did in the past. Started graduate school at night, in addition to working full time, and got engaged. Unfortunately, the biggest impediment to training was rehabbing a herniated disc that happened earlier in the year. On the plus side, it has made me get a lot smarter about my programming and training in general and I’ve worked back to my pre-injury number for the most part.

    Current PRs:
    415 squat
    510 dead
    285 bench
    185 press

    Over the next year my goal is to add 50lbs to my squat and dead and 15 to my bench and press, all of which I think are very attainable. I’ve also changed gyms to one where I’m one of the weaker guys which should be a good catalyst toto getting stronger It also has a reverse hyper which will be a huge training tool for me.

  10. 2013 was a great year for training. I hit my goal of a 315×5 squat, my other PR’s being:

    345×3 Deadlift
    190×5 Bench
    135×3 Press

    Finally figured out how to do a proper rack for olympic lifts, and have a general idea of the triple extension motion. Also hit a body weight PR of 200 lb’s, finally!

    Now for the bad news, I came down with Flu beginning of December, which led to pneumonia, followed by a seizure the following week. I’ve been recovering ever since. Unfortunately this has led me to drop 30 lb’s, and put me in quite a sorry state for the beginning of 2014. So my first goal to next year is to get my weight back up and hit thee above PR’s again. Time for some serious serious bulking once I’m back to functioning. Any suggestions for people who have gone through anything similar would be awesome. Part of me wants to go to the gym and just start a warm up 225 squat, and just see where that goes. Not sure if I’m being too overzealous.

    Cheers, and Happy New Years/Christmas to everyone, you’ve all helped me a lot in my journey.

  11. Was heavily involved in rescuing animals at the start of the year and did not work out the first four months of the year.

    Competed in my second Highlander (combo of throwing and lifting) games this year. I won Master’s division. No matter what Mike B. says, the competition was fierce :)

    Lifts have been good. Some of the better ones:
    Deadlift 480 x 10
    Overhead Press 180 x 8
    Bench 305 x 1 – This was after rep sets
    Squat 375 x 7

    Very happy I have started training with Atlas stones, front squats, cleans (no jerk, yet), yoke and farmer’s carry the last few months. My training is more well-rounded. I got some better equipment.

    Goals for 2014:
    Deadlift 650
    Squat 525
    Overhead Press 250
    Bench 350

    Not blow it in the strongman competition in March!

  12. I competed in my first meet this year after about 10 months of training in Austin at Hyde Park Gym. At the Longhorn Open in Austin, I was in the master’s group, 46 years old. I Squatted 120kg, Benched 95kg, and Deadlifted a PR of 160kg. Not bad for the 67.5 kg class! I brought home 2 trophies. I consider it a good year! I weighed in at 67.3 kg (.2 under the limt). Goal for next year, Squat 315lbs, Deadlift 405. I can overhead press 150 consistently ( my body weight ) which makes me happy.

  13. 2013 was a good year for me. I competed in my 4th, 5th, and 6th weightlifting meet. Near the end of 2013 I hit a 105kg Snatch and a 130kg Clean & Jerk. I felt like I got better as a weightlifter, but still have things to work on. I also lost 20lbs+. I went from 265 to about 242lbs. Looking to get down to 225-230 for 2014 so I can compete at the 105kg weight class. Looking forward to a great 2014.

  14. 2013 was a year that had a lot of changes in my life. Around March I decided that I wanted to be a weightlifter, so I stopped CrossFitting, put on some weight, and started lifting everyday I was in the gym. In June, I quit my job and moved back to NE Ohio at which point I started training seriously with Dan Bell of Rubber City Weightlifting. I lifted in my first meet in August, at which point I tore my meniscus on the last lift of the meet.
    I spent three months trying to cope with the injury and contemplating how I was going to get back to where I was before the surgery. I haven’t hit any PR’s since coming back from surgery for the past month I have training at or around 100%. My goal is to set new PR’s in both lifts at the Pittsburgh Open in January and to Total 200kg by the Arnold. Looking forward to a healthy 2014.

  15. 2013 PRs at 170 lbs BW:
    Squat – 455 x 1 (on the last PR Friday, today!)
    Bench – stuck at 225 x 2
    DL – 405 x 3

    Training’s been all over the place. Moved back home, new job, and too much partying, there’s no excuse. Got back into the swing of things in September. Lifts going up even though frequency is down. Training smarter I think. Body weight down 15 lbs (used to be 185 lbs) but squat is better than ever. Still having trouble with bench and DL. Haven’t competed since 2011 and itching to get back.

    Injuries: Learned to live with the knee injury (patellofemoral syndrome) I got 2 years ago. Still gets sore from time to time but manageable. If anyone’s got tips to remedy this, I’m all ears. New injury 2 months ago – a subluxed rib – so I haven’t been able to bench or deadlift since. Shitty.

    Life PRs:
    Bought my first brand-new car – an Elantra GT. Had to move back in with the parents though. Paying off student debt blows.

    Goals for 2014:
    Squat 495 in competition
    Bench 270
    Deadlift 495 in competition

    Get decent and compete in weightlifting – hoping to make it my main sport

    Figure out whether I want to go back to school for my master’s and/or physiotherapy school. Grades in undergrad weren’t the best so probably have to upgrade some courses to stay competitive. Quit my job as a PT at a commercial gym. I like working with injuries more anyway. Also, get social and dating life back on track in this new city.

  16. 2013 accomplishments:
    Low bar squat 370
    Deadlift 460
    Press 122.5x5x3
    Body weight pr 187. Squats and eating big does a lot (~25 lbs this year) for weight gain.

    Competed in my first pl meet. Tons of fun. Was shooting for 350 on squat but my buddy asked for 365 on his third and I had to beat him on squat. I was like what the heck this is competition. I guess that’s what comp is for. We ended up tying for first in total. I would have won by bw. Total blast.

    2014 goals:
    Improve mobility for weightlifting.
    Get good at high bar, want 400
    Bench 275
    Press body weight.
    Attain bw of 200.
    Deadlift 500
    Vastly improve weightlifting skill and transition into that.

    As a man, I need to grow closer to God and become more responsible.

  17. 2013 was an interesting year that focused mainly on powerlifting. Visited Australia, Japan, and (South) Korea for the first time because of work. The travel and taking a month to train for a half marathon had some negative impacts on my strength training, but the setbacks were minor compared to the knowledge and experience gained. I am deploying to Afghanistan in late spring/ early summer and I will take company command in the fall so my goals for 2014 will be slightly different from the 2013 goals. Slightly increasing the main lifts with more emphasis on improving conditioning. I also want to get serious with the Olympic lifts and improving mobility.

    2013 Training PRs:
    – Squat: 530
    – Bench: 365
    – DL: 570
    – Press: 225×5
    – Kept BW below 215 most of the year

    2014 Goals:
    -BW: 205 (clean up my diet)
    -Squat: 405×20
    -DL: 600
    -C&J: 300
    -Snatch: 250

  18. Lifting PRs:
    Squat: shaky 340# –> solid 370#
    Bench: embarrassing 185# –> still embarrassing 3×1 @ 201# (I’ll take it, though)
    Deadlift: 350 x fail –> 1×2 @ 400#
    Press: wasn’t really working on it, but I did 3×5 @ 130#, which was technically a PR

    Life PRs:
    -Graduated from college having completed all of my college goals: got all A’s and B’s, competed in a sport, and never missed a class.
    -Got a job, albeit a low-paying, part-time, what-good-is-my-college-degree-doing job at a grocery store, but I get 20% off my food and met my girlfriend there.
    -Got a girlfriend that actually lifts and eats paleo-ish and is awesome in general.

    As far as how lifting carries over to life, it has taught me discipline, which helped a lot with school, and how to deal with fear, which certainly didn’t hurt when it came to asking out a very attractive girl who lifts.

  19. I’m not sure it’s been a good training year, but it’s definitely been the most consistent under the bar. I got back in there yesterday for the first time since early November, but that’s because life got in the way, not lack of progress or boredom. I just realized my knees have been sliding forward at the bottom of the squat, but I think I have an answer for it, so hopefully I can finally hit double bodyweight this year. We’re moving in June/July, so hopefully I can get there in 6 months.

  20. The first two months of this year were awesome for PRs, and then everything went to shit after Spring Break. I lost weight, strength, had finals, then had an inconsistent summer due to summer classes/vacations, then got sick for 2 months in the fall and lost 20-25lbs (back up 10-15 currently). Trying to get back to where I was before Spring Break, and I’m getting close.

    All-time PRs @ 185-190lbs
    405×4 (400×5) squat
    365×5 deadlift (straps)
    240×5 (265×1) BP
    185×5 OHP

    Current lifts @ 170-175lbs
    365×5 squat, and 385×1 beltless as of last week
    315×5 beltless hook grip deadlift
    205×5 BP
    155×5, 175×2 OHP

    2014 Goals:
    500 squat
    405×5 and/or 450 deadlift
    300 bench
    185×5 OHP and/or 200×1

    Hopefully all while remaining around 185lbs. Considering my strength now is close to my old level, and I’ve been still experiencing some shitty diet/mobility lately as compared to last year, I think once I get my shit straight after spring semester starts, that I’ll skyrocket. And then probably ruin it over spring break again like an asshat.

  21. Made a short film ( ) and finally finished writing the feature. Moved to LA, started dating a woman I love, and started lifting on a somewhat consistent basis for the first time in a few years.

    2013 Lifting PRs

    Bench: 275 x1, 225 3×5
    Press: 180
    HB Squat: 315×1, 250×5
    *I was on pace to obliterate this but aggravated an old injury to my hip two weeks ago
    Power Clean: 225lbs x1

    Haven’t hit an Olympic Lift PR in a while but was making 90% weights more and more consistently throughout the year. Bodyweight was around 230-ish most of the year.

    Goals of 2014

    Get my script funded and get into pre-production, live in the same city as my girlfriend, be a better son.

    Lifestyle goals and priorities:

    1. Quit smoking
    2. Get down to 210lbs, I’m fat now and can’t do a muscle-up anymore and this really bothers me.

    Lifting goals and priorities:

    1. HB squat 400×1
    2. Front Squat 315×1
    3. Clean 275
    4. Press 200×1
    5. Bench 300×1

  22. I was diagnosed diabetic in Nov 2012 so the first half of 2013 was figuring out what to eat and how to train with the new concern of keeping myself healthy. Still came away with PRs 113kg/249lbs snatch and 146kg/321lbs C&J.
    Going forward 2014 goals are
    Dont get injured
    120kg snatch, 155kg C&J. 250kg backsquat, 200lb press

  23. Jumping on this a bit late, but my intensity day last Friday was a pretty good session for me, so I’m stoked for the last PR Friday.

    Squat: 405x1x3 (I’ve hit 405×1, but never for 3 sets. It was nice to make it more routine)

    Bench: 225×5 (not all that spectacular, but a PR and definitely a few gym-bro head nods received afterward)

    Deadlift: 415×5 (completely unexpected. Was hoping for 3 reps (doing a 3/2/1 progression similar to 5/3/1) and had hit 405×4 on my last 1+ day)

    I haven’t yet sat down and voiced my 2014 goals to myself as of yet. That should be incoming…hopefully before tomorrow!

  24. I competed in my second raw meet this year in June. I went 9 for 9 with an overall total increase of 90 pounds in 6 months. 23 years old, 5’10”, body weight: 195 pounds: Squat 440 Bench 355 Conventional DL 551.

    Switched back to the TM after that meet. Last (GOOD) Intensity Day results were: Age: 24 years old, bodyweight: 210 pounds: Squat 495×1, 440×5 Bench 360×1, 315×5, 275×10 Press 210×1, 180×5, Deadlift 530×1, 470×5.

    Came back from field conditions (2 MREs/day) and about 7 hours of sleep each night two weeks ago. Training and Intenisty days have been brutal ever since. In a bit of a slump at the moment (squats are a shitty 430×3) but more red meat and some sleep should fix this right up.

    End of year goals were:

    1. Squat 501.6 (228kg)x1 raw/ no knee wraps, full depth w/ 4mm leather strap belt (none of that pussyass bobs belt shit). Sadly not going to happen; managed 495×1 3 separate occasions so thats worth celebrating

    2. Bench 376 (171kg)x1 raw, w/ wrist wraps, paused. Shifted focus to a 10’s program so lost sight of this goal a bit. Still 360 is 5 pounds better than 5 months prior.

    3. Press 226.6 (103kg)x1 w/ wrist wraps. Shifted focus to a 10’s program so lost sight of this one too. 210 is still a 15 pound gain so whatever.

    4. Deadlift 576.8 (262kg)x1 raw, leather strap belt only, no fucking straps. Put deadlifts on the backburner because they *were 111 pounds beyond my squat. Havent pulled over 495 since the competition in June save last friday’s 530×1. I’ll definately have to put a premium on them once I get that damn squat moving again.

    Have the AF fitness test coming up in April so I gotta fit some cardio (gag) in there starting mid-January…

    Next Year’s Goal: diet down to 195 from 210. Squat 228kgx1, Bench 171kgx1, Press 103kgx1, Deadlift 262kgx1 by June 2014 (hopefully at a competition). Start Masters Program. Make Money. Get Paid.

  25. Heaviest PR’s:
    Squat – 265X4
    Bench – 185X7
    Deadlift – 325X2

    Ate up from 190 in July to a PR BW avg. of 209 (fluctuating 206-212 the last 4 weeks).

    Goal for 2014: Have 315, 225, 405 in the rearview mirror. I’ve dialed back some of the more time consuming extra-curricular activities to help facilitate this. I’m also going to get skeptical about the sub-max bandwagon, and start spending some more time doing planned work with heavier percentages.

  26. First time poster.

    Back to training after 2.5years of my thyroid ruining my life basically oh getting hit by a car, so overcoming that has pretty much been my 2013. I was doing crossfit too much in 2010 which set my thyroid off, so am taking a smart, relaxed look at training. I lost 30lbs, down too 100lbs in 2011, which I have gained back in mostly fat, so I am working on getting my body composition to where I feel comfortable again and want to be strong as hell.

    For 2014 I just want balance in my life. Not to obsesive over one thing, let it be training, work, social life, but to work them in so they compliment one another.

    As of 12/31/2013

    Squat- 130×5 (Previous 1RM in 2010 was 180)
    Deadlift- 155×5 (Previous 225×5)
    Press 65×5
    Bench 75×5 (Previous 100×5)
    Chin Ups 3×3 (Previous max 10)
    RDL 115×5

    Looking at my previous numbers, I was strong as hell and I know I can get back there and some, but it will take patience.

  27. quite a year for the athletic me
    -competed in 3 powerlifting meets (100% Raw), won them all with “best female lifter” at one and set a WR in the squat at another.
    -got myself an awesome new weightlifting coach, and from him have grown a lot as an athlete and a coach
    -made it to USAW Nationals (but sadly bombed), and then did NOT bomb at the American Open.
    -snatched body weight
    -clean & jerked 200#
    -cleaned 95kg
    -got my high bar squat to match my low bar (286#)…so I retested my low bar and joined the 3-plate club (315#!!!, this was on 12/30/31)
    -led a bunch of my own lifters to their first (and second) USAW meets where PRs were made and medals earned, and many went 6:6.

    Only this past week have I become determined to never more fear my own potential as a lifter and cease limiting myself by false boundaries. No more holding back, just getting after it.


    The Washington Post has a lead story today on youth powerlifting, profiling a strong young man from Maryland. It repeats false old wives tales about the “dangers” of youth powerlifting hurting growing bodies, etc., but of course never cites any actual data or information since there is none to that effect–and the only “expert” cited actually conflates powerlifting and weight lifting as being the same sport.

    Justin–since 70sBig is all about spreading the “good news” about lifting and encouraging people to train, and this silly story will be widely read, maybe you should write a letter to the editor dispelling the false inuendo in the story and explaining the benefits of weight training.

  29. I was twice injured in 2013 and it prevented me from achieving my lifting goals for the year. I successfully rehabbed the issues (small tear to left pec, sprained knee) and am back under the iron now without any pain or lingering issues.

    In 2014 I hope to:
    Deadlift 500 lbs
    Squat 450 lbs
    OHP 200 lbs
    Bench 300 lbs

    This year I achieved my two biggest non-lifting objectives: I was promoted at work and I killed, ate and tanned the hide of my first deer after several years of unsuccessful hunting. I hope to continue kicking ass at work and to kill more wild game. I am hoping to be able to swtich to eating mostly wild meat by 2015. That starts with duck hunting this weekend.

    As far as the internet goes, this year I also hope to read some excellent 70sBig content and to watch at least 50 Hickok45 videos on youtube.

  30. Best thing for 2013 was the birth of my fist child – put everything in perspective.
    The day after we got home from the hospital, I went to the gym and PR my snatch with him as my inspiration.
    Plus he helps with time management on being efficient.

    I can’t wait for the lessons the barbell will teach in 2014 and I can one day share with him.

  31. 2013 Accomplishments:
    -Found a solid way to fit workouts into my schedule, which led to the longest stretch of consistency I’ve ever had in the gym.
    -Despite being what probably caused my injury, I have found and mostly fixed mobility and form flaws with my squat that I’ve likely had for years. I now video almost every squat session to monitor form.
    -Made some minor but hard fought PRs in my presses and deadlift. All of these were at 10-15lb less body weight than previous PRs.
    -Learned the hard way the importance of mobility work.

    2013 PRs:
    Squat – 5×365 (with shaky form and an inch oro short o
    Bench – 1×280
    Deadlift – 3×400 (with straps)
    Press – 5×172 (not strict)

    2014 Goals:
    Squat – 5×405 (belted with good form)
    Bench – 1×300
    Deadlift – Slightly more weight than my squat goal for 3-5 reps (belted with no straps)
    Press – Any new PR, which should come along with my bench (strict form)

    Recomposition – I’d like to be near these PR goals at a waist size of 36″ or less. I got down to a waist of 37″ in 2013, but still looked a little chubby in the mid section. I’m going to Jamaica at the end of March, so would like to hit this goal by then. Current waist is north of 39″ due to the holidays.

    • Just signed up after lurking for a bit. Love the site.

      Two PRs in two days-
      515 trap bar deadlift
      305 flat bench

      Battling through a hip injury that impacts my squat depth, but I was able to get a 275 front squat below parallel three weeks ago with minimal pain.

      2014 goals:
      405 A2G back squat
      Consistent 225 hang clean
      495 barbell deadlift
      The always-elusive 315 bench and then progression from there

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