Update on “The Artist & The Olympian”

Last year Justin called the 70’s Big community to action to help raise
funds to realize the vision of my short film, The Artist & The
Olympian, which stars Donny Shankle.

Thanks to you guys for submitting all of those doll hairs, The Artist
& The Olympian raised the money it needed to and as of this morning it
is available for your viewing pleasure for FREE @
http://www.theartistandtheolympian.com/  …AND YOU MUST WATCH!

Here is why you need to watch, share, post, tweet, and comment about
this film everywhere you can, because it could be turned into a
feature film! The first to use a Weightlifter as a main character in a
dramatic story line.  A film that would realistically portray the
American Weightlifting world we live in and shed a spotlight on the
entire strength sports as a whole!

In order for this to happen, people need to watch this film, A LOT,
like over a million times.  Why? So that it gains the attention of
investors and big name actors to want to put their name and money in
the project. With over 10,000 views on this page per day, 70’s Big
could be a huge catalyst for this to happen and I believe it can
happen with your support.  After all, this is what we’ve wanted
forever, right!?  For someone to finally come along and bring our
world and everything we love about it to the greater public!?  If
you’ve ever heard anyone bitch about how nobody does anything to
improve weightlifting in the U.S., then show them this page.

Lastly, you should watch it because it’s awesome and SHANKLE.

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