PR Friday — 1 Nov ’13

Quick Tip #2
Lots of ideas and little time means you will get a quick tip with each PR Friday post.

Set 9 hours aside in your schedule solely for sleep. Everybody knows sleep is important, but it’s usually the recovery component that lifters willingly sacrifice. The irony is that it’s arguably the most important aspect of getting stronger.

Getting at least 8 hours of actual sleep spurns hormonal processes that aid recovery and create an efficient body. It not only helps your last recovery session, but it’s preparing you to perform optimally in the next session. As I explain in “Importance of Sleep“, you can’t just oversleep in a single night to make up for several nights of poor sleep. Get it in your head that “recovery components” like macro nutrient intake, hydration, mobility, and sleep need to be implemented chronically to reap their true benefit. Start this weekend by fully resting, and when your school or work week starts, manage your time to have nyyyyyyne hours of pillow time.

Here, two puppies demonstrate how to sleep.

Here, two puppies demonstrate how to sleep.

Discuss your training week and highlight your recent PR’s in the comments.

44 thoughts on “PR Friday — 1 Nov ’13

  1. True True. 39-yo trainee here. When I am sleeping enough and eating enough protein, I notice very little difference in performance and recovery from when I was 19. When I am not, I feel like all the bloated middle-aged assholes that strut around the office popping blood pressure meds.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Based on my personal experience, nothing makes me lift better than getting enough sleep. That’s actually why I make a point to make no plans for Friday nights. I watch my favorite show at 10:00, go to bed shortly after, get my 8 or 9 hours, and then kill it in the gym on Saturday morning/afternoon. It’s literally my favorite ritual of the week.

    For the past two months I’ve been going to a yoga class every Saturday morning and it has really helped me feel better.

    I strained my anterior deltoid/pec connection during my second set of bench presses on Monday. I warmed up the same as always, so I’m not sure what happened. I felt something burning, did two more reps to see what was going on, and since it wasn’t feeling better I stopped. I have been crushing it with a lacrosse ball to try to increase the rate of healing. I couldn’t hold a barbell on my back to squat without some discomfort on Wednesday, and the other exercises like pull ups caused some pain too, so I left the gym before finishing. It’s feeling better so I’m hoping to be able to do some high rep, light stuff on Saturday and then get back into full weights next week.

    I finally got a copy of “The Supple Leopard” and have begun working through it. I recommend the book if anyone is on the fence about getting it. It’s kind of expensive, but totally worth it if it saves you from discomfort and injury down the line. Besides, after all the help KStar has provided, I feel like the money goes to a great cause.

  3. Squat PR 361 x 5 x 3 sets

    Haven’t PR’d in over three years due to inconsistent training. Goes to show that consistency is the key. It’s really that simple.

    Drink milk. Squat. Repeat.

  4. No PRs this week lifting, but my ankle mobility is the best it’s been in almost 2 years. I’ve been doing the Agile 8 every day this week and it’s making a difference in how I feel every day and I’m starting to be able to feel where things are janky again.

    School is going great though, just destroying this semester, which is good because boards are next summer and I’ve got to keep my game face on until then.

    When I was walking down the street yesterday with a 40lb vest on and two KBs in my hands I was stopped by someone who asked what I was training for. It made me wish I had something to answer that with.

  5. Pulled 140 for deadlift. Got 4 hours of sleep on Tuesday thanks to being bogged down with research and made sure I got back to my regular 9 hours the next night and felt like I could finally pull 140 that day. It was so easy getting off the ground I might have been able to do a double but I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things.

  6. Pulled 500 on deadlift for 3 easy singles. Previous PR was 505 – could smash that now but only have 500 pounds of weight in my garage. Video of my last single – my neighbors love me:

    Pressed 225 for a single.

    Two weeks ago got 275 over my head using no form, as form is for people who are weak. Video:

    Been doing the squatting clusters that CrossFit Football programs to try and work on my speed – always been a slow lifter. Did 3 ascending sets yesterday: 420, 425, 455. Felt fast until the last few at 455.

  7. Squat PR: 220 kg (~ 485 lbs) x1
    Fyve plates, baby!

    This was my goal for this year, so I´m really happy about this, especially since there was quite a bit left in the tank. 227 kg (~ 500 lbs) next!

  8. Yeah, sleep and consistent protein intake are hard. I’m recovering from torn rotator cuffs and a torn calf muscle so I’ve still a long way to go. On a linear progression so every day is a PR. I just reached over my body weight in all lifts (except press).

    back squat: 220 lbs x5 (form starting to get bad – good morninging up the squat – so I’m resetting)
    row: 175 lbs x 5 (form getting bad, resetting)
    bench: 185 lbs x 5 (form getting bad, resetting)

      • Sorry for the delay. Forgot to enable me being notified by comments. It all happened at once. Was hit by a car from behind while running. It wasn’t going too fast, but I didn’t notice in time to get out of the way or roll onto the hood.

        I no longer use headphones while running through nature. Even where cars aren’t supposed to be (such as a trail through a forest with the nearest road 20 meters away).

  9. Yeah, I find sleep very critical, more so than even breakfast if I’m working out around midday. Bench PR 185×3, Deadlift PR 345×3, and a surprise 10 pound PR on the overhead press 135×2. Finally finished the deloaded portion of my new program as far as my squats go, so should be back to setting a 310×3 PR next Friday. Things are looking up.

  10. Pr this week was having our first child. Absolutely incredible experience.

    Any advice out there on trying to keep texas method program on limited and sometimes inconsistent sleep?

  11. Prs:
    270×5, 5,10
    Pressed 125x3x5 last week but this week my elbows have been killing me so upper body lifts have been set aside and I have a pl meet in two weeks. I’m 18. I’m gonna try using some voodoo floss and I’ll report back if that works at all. I think it was caused by crappy bench mechanics.

    I’m in the middle of my low bar squat linear progression, 3×5. Am I hurting myself by pushing the last set further (like to ten reps) or should I stop at five? Is recovery going to suffer? I eat a pretty good amounts of protein, not 200 lbs yet, and I generally get enough sleep.
    Anyone who had good success with their linear progression could answer.

    Also bw pr closing in on 180.

  12. Howdy guys. I’m an avid marathoner trying to transition into a little more physical strength based fitness. I can only get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night due to work but I’ve been following the advice of one of my football buddies and hammering a gallon of milk before I crash for the night, to put on weight.

    Been looking for a way to increase my squat and bench as well. Right now I’m doing about 10 reps of 60lb dumbells. Trying to get it up there enough to use the actual bar and put some weights on the side.

    I’ve kept running my 10miles a day so I can keep my metabolism high so that I gain weight faster. Any other advice to help me bulk up Justin?

    • Umm if you are a marathoner why in the world are you looking to add mass?

      I have done both endurance and strength-based sports extensively, and almost without exception, if you want to add muscle mass you need to dial your mileage WAY back. Focus on sprint intervals and recovery runs, and get yourself on a linear progression immediately. Drop your carb intake, up your protein and fat, and figure out how to get more sleep.

      What you are doing now is THE recipe for catabolism.

  13. SQ: 515×1… Lifetime PR (by 10lbs). This was a grinder.
    DL: 525×2 …EZPZ. Couldn’t go any higher because there was no room left on the bar thanks to my gym having the widest bumper plates in the world.

    Signing up for the Washington State USAPL Championships in 4 months.

  14. Sick this week, so my warmup set of snatches with my 35# women’s bar felt as if I’d just done 15 PRs in a row. I did not exactly cover myself in glory. But I did impress a male nurse and a hot personal trainer with my squat PR. :)

  15. Squatted 400x1x3 on Friday. First time ever hitting the 400 mark. Switching to Texas Method has really helped my squat. I was hesitant for the longest time to try TM because I’m in my mid-30s and thought the volume would be too much to handle but I’ve been alright. I actually think the lack of volume in my previous training was hindering my progress.

    Bench and Presses are struggling though. Going to try ladder training to push those up.

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