Movember 2013

Boy and girls, its Movember time again.

Hey friends, Mark here. The calendar has once again rolled around to that time of year where we all come together to kick cancer in the balls. Throughout the last couple years on this site a good part of its population has gone and volunteered their hard earned strength and dollhairs to help earn money for cancer research. Year round we lift for ourselves. We lift because we want to be stronger, perform better in our sport, whatever. The squat rack is our sanctuary, our zen, or solace. However you describe it, for almost all of us lifting is for us and no one else. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for one month a year, I think it’s reasonable to ask that we lift for another reason.

2 years ago when this site started participating in Movember, one brave reader had the idea of accepting donations for Movember, and in return a feat of strength would be performed in the name of the donor. The idea is akin to sponsoring someone for a charity run, and I personally feel it is a fantastic way to motivate those around you to help work towards putting an end to cancer.

You don’t need to tell Justin about Movember

You don’t need to tell Justin about Movember


Over the past years, our fearless has done 300lb Jerks for every 10 dollhairs raised, Mr. Sousa did tire flips, I did 225lb presses, and to many others to list have run similar systems. So this year, I’m asking once again that we come together as a community and use the strength we’ve worked so hard to attain for a noble cause. Set up a donation page and join the 70’s Big team, pick a member and donate a couple of your dollhairs if you can afford to do so, or even both.

Last year the site earned over $3000 dollhairs, if memory serves, and I see no reason why we can’t top that this year. Let’s get out there, grow some facial, and kick the shit out of cancer.

Team 70’s Big Movember page:

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