70’s Big Radio – Episode 15

I’ve been super fucking busy, so the podcast is the only real content this week. That being said, this is the best podcast I’ve ever recorded. I suggest giving it a listen for five or ten minutes. Let me know if uploading them to YouTube would be more accessible. Enjoy.
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Intro and Rant
14:00 – Peanut butter sandwiches
18:00 – Melanichev, the man
19:30 – Books you should read
– How to improve “upper back rounding” when squatting
31:00 – Nihilism; it’s exhausting
33:20 – Can you ever show off too much quad?
34:50 – Zombie Apocalypse, would the 70’s Big crew survive? What skills do they have?
40:20 – Outer pec injury rehab
45:40 – Five Guys or In-N-Out?
50:00 – Close grip benching in a linear progression?
52:00 – Kalle Beck loves himself.
53:50 – Elbow pain while low bar squatting…
58:50 – Knee wrap protocol?
61:05 – Mobility for squat sessions
– Paleo for Lifters question; lose fat, keep muscle


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11 thoughts on “70’s Big Radio – Episode 15

  1. Great podcast, I enjoyed it. Congrats on getting married! At some point missed hearing the news.

    Starship troopers – great book. Reading it again right now, I was glad I read it prior to commissioning way back in ’03.

    Great info and laughs as always, thanks for continuing to do this.

  2. These podcasts are great, I don’t think YouTube is necessary.

    As for pain low barring, I’ve recently had an issue just below my scapula (teres min/maj?) radiating laterally under my armpit. It reminds me of tendinitis I used to have in my biceps from shoulder impingement as a pitcher. I’ve been low barring over a year and no issues prior, taking the opportunity to work on high bar as that’s not painful. Any thoughts on cause/prevention would be great.

    Onto burgers, Portillos (mostly in Chicagoland) is charbroiled perfection and has no rival.

    • Disagreed. There’s a small shanty of a place near me called “Luke’s” and it blows Portillo’s out of the water.

      Oh, speaking of Portillo’s, ask Justin about the cheese incident there last time he was here.

  3. Justin, and for whoever asked the question (sorry, don’t remember), for gritty fantasy you guys should really check out the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. The main series is ten books long, and it’s a shared universe with another author so there is a second series of novels set in the same universe. Erikson has also started on a prequel series recently.

    The series can sometimes veer into heavy philosophical stuff, but it shouldn’t be detrimental to your reading experience if you’re not into that. Otherwise, fantastic story, really great characters, and tons of sex and violence. Get some.

  4. Love the podcast. I hope there is a pr Friday tomorrow bc I had a meet last weekend and it was awesome. But I understand being busy so it’s cool if there isn’t one.

    YouTube isn’t necessary.

  5. Great podcast. Glad to see The Big Lebowski, Neal Stephenson, and 5 Guys mentioned all in one place.
    It’s the internet, so here’s my two cents:
    The Big Leboski is clearly the movie that keeps on giving. Every time you watch it you notice something new. “This aggression will not stand, mannnn.”

    Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon was great, and I tried to read the Baroque Cycle books but only barely made it through Quicksilver.
    Classic must read fantasy/sci-fi…. Can’t believe you didn’t mention Ender’s Game. The authors bizarro personal politics aside, and disregarding the movie, that’s a great book that should be mandatory reading, IMO.

    5 Guys is great, but you nailed it when you said it was pricey. Two regular burgers and fries and drinks adds up really quick. They are everywhere here in the Richmond, VA area.

  6. Hey Justin,

    I would really recommend giving Stranger another chance, it’s one of my favorite books, and really ties together at the end. Viewing our culture from the objective lens of an outsider really makes you reconsider some of your own values.


  7. Good podcast. The Eva T one got a bit too much for me with the whole HVG testing or whatever it was called. I could tell you guys probably thought the same….

    Mike, your “ragged rocks” comment had me laughing in my car on my commute to my 9-5.

    Stay Black.

  8. Loving the podcast. All the good parts of the Robb Wolf podcast, without the sermonizing (heh, heh).

    As for the novel suggestions, Joe Haldeman has some good ones. Got into The Forever War right after Heinlein’s Starship Troopers while doing final phase officer training. Nice companion piece. In fact, when they did the Troopers movie, you can tell that they borrowed a lot from The Forever War. “Buying Time” was good too (premise: you can live forever, but the process costs $1B, and you have to start at zero in your new life).

    The technical stuff is great for this elderly recovering couch potato/ former runner.

  9. Maybe we’re in the minority, but myself and a couple of friends I have that regularly view the site would much prefer the podcasts on YouTube. Makes it easier to download to my iPod/phone/computer or anywhere that I may not be able to access internet at that exact moment.

    That being said, solid content (as usual) and thanks.

  10. Hey Justin,

    I’ve got a quick question about programming pressing on the Texas Method. Would you handle benching and OHP the same on intensity days as the deadlift and squat i.e. moving from 5RM to 3RM to doubles and singles and ending with couple weeks of speed work? Also, since each upper body lift is done every other week, would you progress the volume days every 3-4 weeks like with the squat, or every 3-4 times that the intensity day weight for THAT lift has increased, which would be increasing the volume day weight for bench and OHP only once every 8 weeks?

    Thanks for all the solid information you’re putting out by the way.

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