70’s Big Radio – Episode 13



– Movember
– Max Aita, Mark Bell, Eric Lilliebridge, Derek Kendall
– Prepping for a first powerlifting meet from linear progression
– Training advice for new dad, limited sleep
– 400 lb guy asks where to begin
– Hey Janelle, what’s wrong with Wolfie?
– Strength standards for tall guys
– Avoiding burnout
– Fixing hyperlordosis
– How to plan training schedule for multiple sports

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3 thoughts on “70’s Big Radio – Episode 13

  1. For next episode: Having big trouble keeping my low back from rounding on deadlifts. To the point that I really have to limit the weight and it doesn’t feel like a stress (i.e. I could lift way more weight if my low back wasn’t the limiter.) I have tried re-sets with higher rep ranges and also dropping to lower rep ranges (triples and doubles), and have recently (3-4 weeks) added RDL’s and good mornings and still feel I am stuck at an unusually low weight with my low back being the limiting factor. My set-up/technique is good and I have videoed myself to confirm. Any suggestions?

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