PR Friday — 18 OCT

Quick Tip #1
Lots of ideas and little time means you will get a quick tip with each PR Friday post.

Consider adding an agility work into your program, especially if you aren’t signed up for any competitions or meets. Since you aren’t locked into peaking for an event, you can afford to add training to develop non-strength physical attributes.

In FIT we define fitness as strength, mobility, and endurance (this is also the foundation for performance). Navigating your body through space is an element of mobility, and it shouldn’t be ignored. The easiest way to throw it in is part of your warm-up. Add some tuck jumps, carioca, side shuffles, and power skips into your warm-up and you’ll get a little dose of explosiveness and lateral movement. Will it turn you into an athlete? No. Will it help make you a bit more athletic if you’re a goon? Yeah. More importantly it will let your joints and structures in the legs adapt to some non-lifting and non-linear activity. Joints that are able to withstand explosive forces are less prone to injury, something that will be a key in longevity (more on this next week). The basic movements above are not invasive, easy to do, and don’t take a lot of time if you do a few sets of each. If you don’t have great joint mobility (range of motion), then use movement prep instead of agility work to help rehab your body.

Ladder work is another great agility tool.

Discuss your training week and highlight your weekly Personal Records in the comments.

16 thoughts on “PR Friday — 18 OCT

  1. Pretty successful past couple of weeks.

    First, PRs

    PS was 70 is 74
    PC was 105 is 110
    Snatch was 78 is 83
    C&J was 95 is 103
    Back Squat was 152 is 161
    That’s a net gain of 31 kgs

    Last week I was on the road in Atlanta. I am very grateful to Justin for promptly responding to my inquiry about places to train in ATL. He recommend Crossfit East Decatur. I was very pleased with the place. They had lots of bars, lots of plates, lots of space, and even some jerk blocks. Only downside was that the whole place was stall mat and no wooden lifting surfaces. But that just meant that I had to harden the fuck up. They gave me a corner to work in and let me do my own thing for the choice of paying a drop in fee or buying a t-shirt. They were pretty flexible with the times as well. So, if you are ever swinging through the Eastside of ATL, hit them up.

    This weekend I compete in the Washington Open at Thrush Sports Performance Center. Hopefully next Friday I will have a couple more PRs to report from it.

  2. It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted or been able to train consistently (Nearly 2 years). These PRs are post in shape PRs, with training about 3 times per week

    HB back squat
    1×5 @250/113 Actually an all time HB PR
    1 @290/131.5 Also an all time HB PR

    Hang Power Snatch

    Power Clean

    3 clean + 1 Jerk @195/88

    Snatch triples @130/59

    1@170/77 Also, an all time PR

    I’ve been training at a gym that only has metal plates and the bar is complete shit, you really have to turn it over hard because of the slow spin, but slowly creeping back up to my old PRs of 85/105 @BW 200/91ish. Currently weighing in around 105 at 6’2″, but trying to cut back down to 94. Also have been doing a ton of volume for the passed 6 weeks, but next week will be a peak week before a new cycle. Shooting for:

    Snatch: 160/72
    Clean and Jerk: 225/102
    Clean: 235/107ish
    Squat: 300/137
    Front Squat: 250/113
    Press: 175/79

  3. PR: I was promoted at work today to a significantly higher position.

    When I tried to squat on Tuesday I had some pain in the cartilidge behind my left knee’s patela. I think it was literally caused form sitting at my desk at work too much and not stretching. My knee was sort of “clicking” and not tracking right. So I quit lifting, went home, and foam rolled/ stretched the shit out of my whole body. Yesterday I went in and lifted without pain or discomfort.

    Anyone else pumped for hunting season? I know a couple 70sBig fans look forward to this as much as I do. Bow season has been open in MD and VA for a few weeks. I’ve got plans for both bow and firearms season and then to hopefully take some ducks if we get the right weather patterns during the season. There is no better fuel for the body than wild game that has run and flown around it’s whole life, in my somewhat educated and occassionally humble opinion. Hunting one’s own food is a way to perform the original “deadlift” followed by eating the original “grass fed” meat. I get a lot of my non-lifting/gym physical activity from backpacking long distances through seculded National Forest land scouting out hunting territory in the spring and summer, and actually hunting in the fall and winter.

  4. PR’d in finishing reading every post on the site.

    PRing now in writing my first PR Friday comment.

    Rest of the week’s PRs (lbs.):
    Bench: 165X8
    Incline Bench: 125X20
    DB Bench: 60sX20
    Squat: 215X10 (would have gotten more, but spiked some pain in my left upper thigh)

  5. NEW PR 1 RM High Bar Squat: 405# x 1.

    I took the week off. It was Canadian Thanksgiving so Monday was a write off, Tuesday and Thursday were conditioning days with my office group, and Wednesday was just busy.

    Today I just went in to get some work in and feel better about having Timbits for breakfast (donut holes).

    3×3 at 315#, followed by some heavier singles. Thing is they just felt good so I kept adding.
    355×1, 375×1, 385×1, 395×1, 405×1! Bam new PR.

  6. My knee started hurting after squats last thursday, I got an anti-inflammatory two days ago and it stopped hurting but it still feels a little funny. I’m probably gonna squat again on monday. I benched 335×1 for a PR instead of squatting. That’s a 10 pound PR.

  7. Squat 157.5 x 5 ( got 157.5 x 4 last week, upped volume got it this week )
    Press 80 x 5 (next press session will be PR )
    Dead 167.5 x 5 ( EZPZ considering 170 was my opener last meet )

  8. Back Squatted 440 for the first time in about 8 years after stopping training then (went through some stupid pussified stage of my life) so theres that. Also pressed 200 for the first time which i was pretty happy about.

  9. My session went well; had a bit of a set back having moved across the country to go on active duty. Brought my squat down from 430×5

    Friday’s results:
    Squat 455×1 420×5
    Bench 310×4 (got out of the bar path)
    Deadlift 455×5 (need to bring musculature up to prevent rounding on reps 4 & 5)

  10. Volume squat 410# 5×5, bench 295# 3×5, but also PR 70s Big podcast learning that volume at 90% of intensity is too much (must’ve missed that in TM 1 book), looking forward to a much easier 385# tomorrow or Wednesday. Then a shitty intensity day on Sunday.

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