70’s Big Radio – Episode 11

Welcome to the new podcast.

– Mike’s meets
– World Weightlifting Championships and World’s Strongest Man scheduling
– Forearm/bicep pain while benching
– Weight differences between Texas Method volume and intensity days
– When to schedule conditioning with the Texas Method for a military trainee
– How much can Mike eat?
– Differentiating between an injury and prolonged pain.
– Hernia or muscle pull?
– Adding a second squat day to 5/3/1
– Getting bigger on Texas Method, but strength is lagging (firefighter)

Next week we’ll log time stamps for the questions. Discuss the show in the comments and post questions for the next episode.

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5 thoughts on “70’s Big Radio – Episode 11

  1. Great! Thanks for getting back to some Q&A. Wondering if you have any general suggestions for a lagging deadlift. My deadlift hass needed several resets due to injury. I’ve since fixed technique and have no more back pain, but now my deadlift is right around my squat. I’ve added in an assistance day to the basic texas method template with a bunch of RDL’s which I think will help eventually. I’m playing around with ways to add speed deadlifts but don’t have much room for them. Not sure if banded good mornings have a role or how to determine this. Any general suggestions about getting a lagging deadlift back up to where is should be?

    • Just in case you need more detail, I’m 30, male, 6’5″ 210 lbs. Weight training since January 2013. On Texas method since July. Recovery is good, lots of good food and lots of protein, good sleep now that my son sleeps through the night (was absolute crap until about July). Both my squat and deadlift are 300 right now for a triple on Intensity day. Doing 5×5 235 for squats on volume day which feels about medium difficulty. My assistance day I’m doing some speed deadlifts to warm up and then 5×10 RDLs, but just started this 2 weeks ago. Today will be upping RDL weight to 165.

  2. This is very good stuff and a logical step for 70’s Big. Question for a future episode: I have been having nerve issues stemming from a tight neck. A massage therapist told me to try strengthening my neck to alleviate the problem. How would direct neck work keep my neck from getting tight and forming trigger points? Do you think this is a good idea? The nerve pain shoots down the lateral side of my arms. I mostly feel it in my brachialis, especially during bench, squat, and any kind of throwing movement. Thank you.

  3. I am also a FF/Paramedic. Recovery can be very tricky. Some things that have worked well for me…
    1) Reduce training days and spread them out over a longer period like 8-10 days. This sucks at first for guys like me that like to be in the gym, but soon you will realize that higher quality training days is better than more training days.
    2) Do not lift the first day you come home if you can avoid it, I know sometimes there is no choice.
    3) Manage assistance and conditioning to maximize recovery. Kick ass on the main lifts and cut down on assistance to one or two things that you consider vital. If you had a really shitty shift, skip the conditioning or do something light and low impact
    4) Stay hydrated at work and bring your own food. Bring plenty of high quality carbs and protein to work because you know the guy cooking is going to make spaghetti or some bullshit like that.

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