PR Friday – 20 Sept

PR Friday! This week was relatively quiet, but we did have an excellent article from Gina Melnik that was posted, check it out if you missed it.

Some updates on the crew:

Brent and AC were hanging and training together recently:

Chris posted some training footage coming back from his low back injury

Mike’s been hanging out in Cali with Tsypkin, here he exhibits good spotting technique

Justin should have some new articles up in the coming week. In the meantime, check in with the community here in the comments, and post your PR’s


22 thoughts on “PR Friday – 20 Sept

  1. 370×4 on the deadlift, 300×5 on the squat, and 237.5×1 on bench press. Not a bad week for PRs.

    My attitude sucks for training. I pulled 4 plates last week for the first time (a ~4lb PR) and my immediate reaction was “Whatever it’s not 600.” 370×4 is a PR and my reaction was “Only 420 E1RM PR? Weak.” The first time I pulled 225 I was thrilled for days. I guess I need to go over to mopeilitywod.

  2. PR’d my deadlift at 340×5 and my power clean at 155 3×5.

    Nothing else has moved since I’m working on my squat form and my left shoulder won’t let me bench or press much.

    At what point, in terms of weight, is 3×5 too much volume for power clean? I was an absolute wreck after those PRs. Wondering if it’s too much.

  3. Got a hernia last night at the gym doing some light snatching. I’m leaving to sail around the world in ~6 weeks so I won’t be able to lift again for the next few years. Pretty sure that’s a HUGE mopePR.
    Seriously though I want to thank this community so much for helping out with insightful information and encouragement. I started lifting last August after being a cyclist in college. I had broken my pelvis in 5 places, forcing me to give up cycling at least temporarily. I got into lifting and never looked back.
    My year in review from day 1 on:
    135 lbs body weight —> 165 lbs body weight
    Squat: 135×5 —> 350×5
    Deadlift 135×5 —> 370×5, 390×3
    Bench 135×5 —> 215×5, 225×3
    Press 65×5 —> 150×5, 165×1

    Thanks guys, I’m out. If anyone is interested in following me on youtube for video updates once in a while on my trip (spearfishing/sailing/general) I’m “Eric Poeltl” on youtube. Thanks yall

  4. Going to tell my wife to read Gina’s article.

    PR’s this week:

    Front Squat: 370 lb x 1 (No Belt 1RM)

    Overhead Press: 200 lb x 7 (7RM)

    Low Bar Squat: 490 lb x 4 (4RM)

    Reverse Grip Bench Press: 365 lb x 3 (3RM)

    High Bar Squat: 460 lb x 1 (No Belt 1RM)

    Deadlift: 500 lb x 3 (Hook Grip, No Belt 3RM)

  5. Had knee surgery on Wednesday and am recovering pretty well. Looking forward to getting back to work on Monday and squatting/snatching/cleaning in about 4 weeks

  6. Squat 3 of 5 @240lb
    Bench 3 of 5 @165lb
    Press 3 of 5 @115lb
    Deadlift 1 of 5 @275lb
    RDL 2 of 5 @170lb
    Chin 2 of 3 @BW

    Have an insane headache today. A bit distracting.

    Not too pleased with my squat and bench form today. Passable, but I am going to redo those weights next Monday to make sure I own them before I move up. Also switching my Bench and Press to before my Squats to warm up my shoulders and elbows more before the Squats.


    How tight do you folks where your belts?

    • check the archives on this site as there have been several articles written on belts. I just recently started using a belt and thats what I did to figure out how to properly use it

  7. First time poster here…

    PR’s for Friday

    Squat: 3x5x300
    Bench: 1x1x215 (after work sets)
    Deadlift: 1x1x315 (after work sets)

    Press is a measly 135 and Power Cleans are 135…weak sauce.

    BTW – Bodyweight started at 160 after being a fat 185@5’5. In 2 months went to a strong 175. Lifts before linear progression were a joke….Bench was like 95 and Quarter Squats were like 200. Dealift was 135. So yeah, starting strength is for real.

    • Also, have my wife on starting strength with an occasional metcon (she likes crossfit). She is for real strong…She embarrasses the guys who quarter squat when she goes ass to grass. She also had the gym owner saying he wishes more guys could power clean she can. I tell her she goes into beast mode at the gym.

      She also has better traps than Brent….

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