PR Friday, 17 May 2013

Did you have a good week? I hope you had a good week. I hope you hit a couple nice PRs, and I hope you tell us about them below.

This week, I put up an article about coaching the sumo deadlift. I also pulled the short-shorts article out of the archives, because dammit, it is Time. Gotta love the summer. I already have weird tank-top tan lines, which is like a badge of honor. The teardrops are slowly crisping up to a nice golden brown, too. Tanning PRs count as long as you’re in the process of getting more jacked.

Mike answered all the questions he could find in another Q&A video that also features his dog. Hit him up on our facebook page if you have more questions. If the person with the labrum tear wants more info, they can hit me up – both mine are shredded and even when I had my left AC joint scoped, they didn’t repair that one. Have fun with that.

Additionally, the USAPL Women’s Nationals (single-ply equipped lifting) is this weekend. Check out for a schedule and livestream, and to see 150lb females out-squatting you, by a lot, if you need that kind of brotagonistic motivation, or just enjoy watching awesomely strong ladies compete.

Our friendly neighborhood giant Ryan Carrillo is headed to Lithuania for IPF Bench Worlds next week. Give him a good-luck shout-out on our facebook page as he goes to collect some hardware for Muricuh’.

That’s all I got today. Say something entertaining in the comments. I ran out of face submissions, but here’s something topical, sorta:

2/10 - One point for the tank top, one point for the points for the 70sBig face attempt. Needs practice.

2/10 – One point for the tank top, one point for the shorts…no points for the 70sBig face attempt. Needs practice, or possibly a heavy Magnesium dose. 

53 thoughts on “PR Friday, 17 May 2013

  1. Poor week gym wise. However, my short swimming shorts arrived. Tanning and Crock Pot PRs made up for a bad few sessions in the gym.

    Off to Bulgaria in two weeks, where it is currently very warm, and intend to pack only short shorts. If they will let me on the plane in only shorts thats cool I might go without luggage.

        • That’s awesome. Burgas will be a great time! I spent a lot of time a few hours north of Burgas in Varna, and am well-accustomed to the Black Sea ports of Bulgaria. If you haven’t before, you must try Tsa-tsa. It is a traditional beach dish–basically, Sprat are fried whole and served. Enjoy it with some french fries with or without feta cheese and a Bulgarian beer, such as Zagorka or Shumensko. Nazdrave!

          • Thanks for the info! We will certainly be throwing ourselves into the local culture and cuisine so I will keep an eye out for Tsa-Tsa! Not to mention that I hear the local beers are considerably cheaper than imports. Nazdrave!

  2. Good week in the gym for me. Had an unofficial meet on Saturday. Deadlift PR 515 (first time pulling over 500) Squat PR: 365, Bench PR 210 (yeah bench sucks compared to everything else). I am still pumped about the DL a week later. 10lbs shy of 2.5xBW pull.

  3. Awesome week for me. This past weekend I had a dozen internet friends come in from around the northeast and 1 from Texas for a power lifting competition in my garage and party afterward. Lots of fun and PRs were had.

    Personally, I’ve been on a cut for a month and was dreading my perofrmance for the comp, so I ended up refeeding a bit for 2-3 days going into it and got a lot of strength back, more than I though I would. I weighed in at 258 point somehting pounds the morning of and eded up hitting all 9 of my attempts. Here’s what I hit:

    Squats: 405, 425, 455 (20 lb PR)
    Bench: 275, 290, 305 (10 lb PR)
    DL: 505, 525, 540 (15 lb PR)

    I was planning on 535 for my 3rd DL, but realized 540 would get me to a 1300 total for the first time and I was well in the lead for the comp and a side DL compeition I had going on, so I went for it. Really happy I did.

    We had tons of fun. This was my second in person garage type competition and it really got me the itch. I plan on doing my first official USAPL meet this December in Philly, just waiting for the entry forms to become available so I can sign up.

  4. Down here in sunny SW Florida it’s always short short/tank top season thankfully. I am probably the tannest I’ve ever been while still working an 8-4 desk job. #Gainz

    Press 155×3 (bw 165) so I’m excited to hit a BW press soon.
    Hips getting better after some sort of injury deal. No squat or deadlift PRs but soon enough… still working toward a 405 squat, hopefully in the next couple of months

  5. PRs this week:
    Squat: 180 kg (~ 397 lbs) x7
    Bench: 141 kg (~ 311 lbs) x3
    Press: 83 kg (~ 183 lbs) x1x5
    Deadlift: 200 kg (~ 441 lbs) x5

    After hitting a wall on squats and deadlifts last week, I decided to alter the rep ranges a bit. Going for 3 sets of 8 on VD and a 7 or 8 RM on ID; for deadlifts I switched back to a heavy set of 5 and kicked out RDLs on VD.

  6. Is winning a weight loss competition at work a PR? I lost 9.71% in 15 weeks. The proze was $500! So I’m getting a squat rack made to start eh ol garage gym!

  7. Technically not a PR, but I’m finally nearing my strength from pre-spring break shitshow.

    I fucked up volume day (TM) on sunday, and on tuesday I just said fuck it and went heavy on squats since I felt good. Hit my set of 5 (365) on what I had failed the week before at 3. Finally pressed heavy again for the first time in months, and hit 155×5 like a joke. And then on my actual intensity day I threw on 405 for shits and hit that, although it was slow. I just need to get my weight back up again, I’m barely clearing 180 with clothes/lifting shoes on.

    Also bought Becoming a Supple Leopard, and I’m damn excited to more into mobility again this summer since I have more free time.

  8. Pulled 600×2 then 600×1 for a never-pulled-600-before-and-that-was-my-2013-goal-PR.

    Later that session i PR’d again by pulling 300×1 DOH on an axle.

    got that mojo workin. inching towards 700 dammit.

  9. 232.5kg deadlift for a triple (PR triple)

    Survived doing a full smolov bench routine

    Ordered a Slingshot for peaking over the next few weeks and will hopefully fix my pathetic bench and PR there.

  10. I deadlifted 345 pounds (1 rep 3 sets) and squated 205 pounds (2 reps 3 sets). Keep in mind I weight 138 pounds. Reason I have not mentioned bench is because that needs some work.

  11. Squat 155kg for 5 triples with the new Rehband sleeves. Those things are money.
    Bench 105kg for 5 triples. That was my 3rd attempt at my first meet back in February. Super stoked.
    Deadlift 180kg for 4 triples. Next week, Im going to do 2 Triples at 185, 1 Triple at 190. Yep. Yep.

  12. Just got back from Amsterdam 7s Rugby Tournament. Fucking epic 70s Big people in abundance.

    Great PR week. Hit 385lbs x 10 Deadlift yesterday.

    531 is working a treat for me right now.

    Peace be gone to all and sundry.

  13. Eating PR – 1.25lbs of cheeseburger, fries, and a cold beer

    Lifting PR – 340×2 for a Squat, and 395×4 for a DL. 385 was my 1RM in January.

  14. Hit 132.5kg (292) x3 on my squat and 77.5kg (170) x3 on week 6 of Madcows this morning. Squat is the same as my low bar pr from before I went travelling last summer – 300lbs isn’t far off now.

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