PR Friday, 19 April 2013

Weekly Recap: AJ Loreto pulls more than you, has a boat, and said you should do some sumo work, fool. I suggest you try it. (I’ll get a post up on coaching basic sumo form next week.) I went ahead and laid out some basic supplement and nutrition advice. A few people loved it, some people hated it, but the bottom line is this: you better be eating some steak and kale this weekend. AC benches more than you, and showed us his bench setup (and sweet shirt) after teaching us some press tips last week.

preston and ryanLast week, I told you to watch the USAPL Collegiate Nationals. If you didn’t, you missed out. Here’s an excellent write-up on the Men’s sessions. A huge congrats to my buddy Ryan Carrillo for winning the SHW division with the final pull of the meet. Preston Turner, world champion and fellow hair farmer, destroyed his competition (not only did he open with an American Record Bench, he then worked up to 716 pounds), and Ian Bell won his 3rd Gold in a row – even though he was pulling after midnight (Saturday was a long day)! I also have to give a shoutout to another friend from my gym, Joe, who  benched 195kg…in a t-shirt! I have to say, TX lifters pretty much dominated the show, to nobody’s surprise. Congrats, y’all.

Mike quotes Gremlins, answers some questions, and gives Stroup kind of an evil eye.

I’ll keep it short, because we have a shitload of reader pictures this week. I appreciate you guys sending in your photos and will keep putting them up on Fridays ’til we run out. It’s gonna be awhile, so be patient.

RobFirst up: Rob. Rob’s wearing a kilt, so he gets bonus points for that. He’s also got some sort of hiking boots on, and that orange fence might be a police scene…so we’ll just leave the minor critiques of the actual 70sBig face alone, mmmk?


Elliot sent this in from Afghanistan. Thank you, Elliot.


Cal may or may not be performing any aspects of the traditional 70sBig face – it’s pretty much hidden by what looks to be an Eleiko bar. Cool pic. And he’s from Oz – bonus points.

mattMatt’s face uploaded crooked. I was gonna fix it, but honestly, it just kind of amuses me having it this way.

blister“Blister” wins this week’s points. He basically looks like he could be Justin’s little brother, except he’s probably too smart to be a Browns fan. This, folks, is a 70sBig face submission. Shirt? NAH. Creepy aviator glasses? YUP. Random field and forest and trap flex? DUH. Fact: He chainsawed some shit after this pic.

See ya next week, folks. A special shout-out to my lady friend, who is competing at the USAPL TX State Championships this weekend in San Antonio. If you’re around, I’ll be coaching her and a couple other lifters, so say howdy, damnit. I’ll be the one with the beard.

52 thoughts on “PR Friday, 19 April 2013

  1. Hit a new 5RM on squat @172kg
    Also, new 3RM on front squat (140kg) and press (80kg)

    and I signed up for my first power lifting meet, NC State Championships on June 8th (USAPL), anyone else going?

  2. It’s been a month since my surgery and all but one of my surgical drains have been removed. Once the last drain is out, I can start on an exercise bike again as the start of my rehab and may start to do some light dumbbell pressing and body weight mid or high box squats.

  3. 5 pounds more this week than last, with some extra reps to boot.
    Squat: 285×3,3,5
    Bench: 185×8,9- last week it was 8, then 3 on the back off set. Feeling great as well. Something’s working.
    Deads: 405×1, 365×4

    3 day a week split is working great for me. Moved into a new house this past weekend. Heads up to anyone out there, heavy squats and deadlifts followed by moving your entire gym by yourself 12 hours later = You’re gonna have a bad time.

    Only 3 more weeks of school until the I’m 1/4th a doctor. Crazy how fast things have gone. Been focusing on sleep more, pounding water, and home cooking. On a roll, just need to keep up the momentum.

  4. PR’s this week
    Deadlift: 1×5 @ 360#

    Failed my squats and presses this week. I was supposed to squat 3×5 @ 330# (about 2x bodyweight) on Monday and managed 5, 5, 4. I was supposed to press 3×5 @ 130# the same day, but I tanked and only got 3 reps on the first set. I’ve been pretty beat up recently, so I knew this was a good place to reset. Deadlifts are still improving, though.

  5. Squat: 435×1 (wanted 435×5)
    Bench: 285×1 (wanted 285×5)
    Deadlift: 470×1 (new PR).

    VD is 75% of ID.. I’m going to try upping it and see if that increases my ID.

  6. Stack PR: Dropped a little Natural Calm last night, and had amazing, trippy dreams. Skiing in Breckenridge, then ice skating in Denver on icy hardwood floors with a disco ball before catching a train back home. Tonight, I’m hoping for my own Mexican telenovella to unfold.

    Tried AC’s bench setup this morning and it feltgoodman.jpg, although both my nips stayed in my shirt, so I still have some work to do.

    Philosophy PR: Realized that 70’s Big and MopeWOD are balancing forces. They are yin and yang, one cannot exist without the other. We all live somewhere in the middle.


  7. Wednesday PR – 230 lbs squat – 15 lb PR
    Thursday PR – 285 lb deadlift – 30 lb PR

    Thursday night ZMA Dream PR – I dreamt I was Iron Man fighting a zombie alien invasion.

  8. First time posting:
    BW ~ 195, 5’10”
    Squat PR – 3x5x320
    Bench PR – 5,5,6×210
    Deadlift PR – 5×365
    Press PR – 3x5x130
    Bench felt really good. I adjusted my set-up based on AC’s post. I wasn’t arching my back enough or planting my feet firmly enough on the ground. It definitely helped keep my shoulders tighter too.

  9. all time boredom pr sitting in an ambulance driving course. I’ve been driving military/emergency vehicles for 11+ years but the bureaucrats have to check the box I guess. I’m competing tomorrow so I will have some actual pr’s to post

  10. Injury PR. I saw an orthopedist today, and found out that the reason I have been experiencing extreme pain when I squat is very likely a torn labrum.

    Now, to decide if it is worth fixing…

    • i went through what you’re going through and elected not to do it man. i talked to quite a few people who had the surgery and experienced loss of ROM and strength. this may not be the most doctor prescribed plan, but i just rehabbed it as much as i could and tried to build up the muscle around it. i still have problems with external rotation a bit, but it is worth it to avoid the projected 6-9 month recovery and possibility of not being able to lift, swim, surf, etc.

    • I got the surgery, and I had surgery last september. I am squatting more and deadlifting more than pre-surgery now. Tbh I would see what you can do regarding mobility work before you elect to have the surgery

  11. First, I’d just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the supps/nutrition post from the other day. Pretty much stuff I already incorporate into my deal, but I’m a huge believer in REAL foods and I’m glad you hilighted this, especially since the post was at least in part about supplements. Chapeau.

    Reps PRs this week
    Press 145×5 (I’ve gotten 4 reps countless times since December…finally crushed this. Wasn’t even hard)
    Deadlift 365×4 (previous best 3 reps)
    BW between 166-169

    • had 5 reps in me for DL but the plan for the day was 4 and I’d already MASSIVELY failed my squats so I didn’t want another “failed” set to overly tax my sexy body

  12. Today:
    Squat: 202,5 kg (~ 446 lbs) x2x3 (PR)
    Press: 77,5 kg (~ 171 lbs) x4 (PR)
    Deadlift: 212,5 kg (~ 468 lbs) x1. I missed the second single at 222,5 kg (~ 491 lbs). Fuck. I had planned to hit 232,5 kg on the third, but called it a day after this.

  13. Squat: 365×5 – PR, but bar slipped
    Press: 165×4 – PR, but missed 5th rep
    Power Clean: 200×2 – PR, but missed 3rd rep
    Deadlift: 365×5

    Thanks to AC and Justin for pointing out my internal rotation on my press in their posts and vids!
    I need to work on this, as well as securing the bar on squats.

  14. BW 80kg (176lbs) and rising steadily
    Back Squat 142.5kg (314lbs) x 5

    Coaching PR: First time coaching an athlete (for the past 3 months), and she got to a 3rd place finish at a local Crossfit competition.

  15. squat PR – 3 x 3 with 365.
    then went a screwed up my day by hurting my wrist doing cleans. hopefully it is just a sprain, but i felt something pop and now it is swollen and hurts pretty bad to lift anything, so we’ll see i guess.
    education PR – signed up for college to finish my degree in exercise science.
    sharing the love PR – a guy i’ve been teaching how to squat did 4 x 3 with 205, 215, 225, and 225 after starting at 5 x 5 with 135 a month ago. novice progress is uhmazing.

  16. After training raw bench at 95% for a few singles I unloaded the bar to 365 and hit 8 reps (not a PR). I then stripped it down to 225 and hit it for 32 solid reps (huge PR). I wonder how many I could get if I were fresh…

  17. I’ve been working pullups instead of chins for back strength. I had 9 chins, but only 1 or 2 pullups. Got to 5 pullups this week and then 3×5 by the end of the week.

  18. Bench PR 280 x 1. It was supposed to be a double, and I think I could have doubled it, but 270 felt way too heavy so I told my spotter I wanted a single and he pulled it back into the rack as instructed. Still a PR, so I can’t complain.

    (no knee wraps) Squat PR 420 x 2.
    somewhat NSFW

    Yes, I don’t know how to embed either.

    It was purely coincidence that the program called for 420 on 4/20, but I was absolutely determined to get it.

  19. Second IPF Raw powerlifting comp, second win this time in 105’s instead of 93’s

    105kg / 231# category

    Squat 192.5kg / 424#

    Bench press 125kg / 275#

    Deadlift 250kg / 550#

    Missed 197.5/130/257.5

    nothing there is an all time PR but I was pretty happy to open DL on 250.

    Then completely fucked up 257.5 on my second attempt by pushing it away from me during the set up.

    Lesson learned for next time

  20. 560 squat=20lb pr
    385bp=15lb pr
    660 DL=20lb pr
    1605 total=55lb pr

    Saw a lot of great lifters at the USAPL Texas State Championship yesterday. The older guys were very inspirational. I hope I’m still doing it when I’m 60+ and breaking records too. I saw a 60+ guy DL over 500lb. And some teen squatted over 700lb.

    • Nice meeting you, Matt, thanks for introducing yourself. You have a lot of potential in this sport, to say the least. Hit me up anytime.

      To everyone else – this fella pulled 660 like it was a warmup – with no belt. It was impressive.

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