PR Friday, 15 Mar 2013

This week in 70sBigVille, we discussed how, like it or not, CrossFit is impacting the strength world in big ways. Not only are there a million more ladies wearing Lulu tights, there’s also a huge spike in the interest of weightlifting as a sport. Tsypkin wrote up a good post, then trolled a bit imo, and a good time was had by all. Or most, at least. Maybe. Continue arguing below if you think that’s a productive use of your time (vs. more curls).

On Wednesday, Mike B wrote up an interview with Mike Jenkins, large human and competitive Strongman. Strongman as a sport represents a lot of what 70sBig is all about – moving around heavy things and having fun doing it. Mention your latest feats of strength in the comments. I’ll be at a SM contest in San Antonio tomorrow cheering on some brothers. If you know of any events in the near future, mention those, too, and I’ll award you multiple bonus points. These interviews are getting a good reception, so I hope you’re ready for next week – Tsypkin scored a discussion with Niko. Boom.

Pink Chucks and some ridiculously huge yoke? CHECK.

A few weeks ago, we had a 2-part series of Articles by Bert and Marijke (Part 1, Part 2). Bert was kind enough to send me an update, because they’ve both competed again since then. How many times have you competed this year?

Hey Jacob, Thought I’d keep you informed.

Last Saturday Marijke and I competed again and she did 72,5 (2,5KG PR) – 35 (matched previous meet PR) – 80 (10 kg PR).

Right after the first Platform was done, a judge DEMANDED that she tried extra-wide sumo and she pulled 90kgs x 2 (so a 20 kg deadlift PR in a month!)

Here’s the compilation of our lifts. Her training changed slightly and she also lost 2 kilograms between last contest (2nd of February) and this one (2nd of March), weighing 53,3kgs last Saturday.

Kind regards and lots of courage for your lady friend and her training as well!

THIS.IS.AWESOME! I love this stuff. Guys and gals, please keep sending me updates like this. I love it. Also, if anyone wants to come yell at me in foreign languages, I’m pretty sure it’ll add 50 pounds to my total. Thanks ahead of time.

If you haven’t yet, check out the forums at I started it with a buddy of mine after a long night of drinking (and some lifting) and it has evolved into a not-terrible place to keep your log and/or stalk Patrick Stroup’s every lift/meal/BM. We have competitive CrossFitters, Strongmen, PLers, and weightlifters from all around the world keeping their logs and there and posting mirror pics after bench/chins supersets, and not a whole lot of shits are given, nor jimmies russled. Enjoy.

My twin brother, Kittensmash, finally texted me a pic I could safely post on the internet.


81 thoughts on “PR Friday, 15 Mar 2013

  1. Went home to Tucson for Spring break, and it turns out Tucson is PR Town.

    Snatch: 70.5kg
    C&J: 91kg
    (for a new Oly Total of 161.5kg)
    Rack Jerk: 93kg
    Front Squat: 109kg

    also got my USAW cert

  2. I retested my front squat 1RM during oly training the other night. Added 2kg to it: was 90kg/198.lbs, now it is 92kg/203lbs.

    Tomorrow I’ll be testing my back squat 1RM. Currently at 115kg, hoping for 117 or 118kg.

  3. That is one sick yoke.

    I pulled 405 for the first time on Monday. This had been a huge goal of mine since the day I pulled 225 back in October. Been making solid gainz, definitely can’t complain.

    Also squat 335×5. Aiming to squat 405 in 8 weeks +/-

  4. PRs:
    Squat: 215 kg (~ 474 lbs) x1x5
    –> This was fucking hard, almost failed the 4th single. Seems like a change of programming is in order soon.
    Bench: 131 kg (~ 289 lbs) x4

    BW: 100 kg (~ 220 lbs)

  5. @260 lb hit a DL of 435×5 (5 rep PR) and 505×1 (PR by 40 lb since last tested). This would have finally been x2 bodyweight had I not gained 10 lb so far this year, But whatevs, my lifts are jumping. I also hit an OHP of 165 lbx5, which is a PR at 5 reps.

  6. No PR’s this week, next week deload, then first ever competition! RPS New England Revolution meet down in RI.

    Getting very excited. Anyone else going to be there?

  7. Soccer season is in full swing now, and the bottom has fallen out of my strengthz. I’m leaning out from all the running, so I guess I’ll be jacked and tan come summer time. Or, I’ll be mistaken for a twink, whatevs.

    Feeling kinda run down, but you know what? Still my muthaphuckin’ set

  8. Growing the Sport PR: helped convince 8 members of CF Annandale to register for USAPL Virginia’s Richmond Open next month.

    BUT… I’ve developed hip pain the last few weeks, like deep in the socket at the bottom of heavy squats, and might not be competing, . Saw a ART therapist, and apparently my obliques, IT band, and groin are all tight as hell with adhesions, which might be pulling shit out of position. Bleargh.

  9. Squat volume PR 330×6 on Monday and DL PR 455×1 on Thursday. It was a good week. My deadlift has stayed pretty close to 2xBW, so in order to hit 500 it looks like I’ll need to bulk up to 250…

  10. In December i set new 1RMs to take into this years training. 315 pinned me to the safety bars. Yesterday I smashed 315 3X5. Think i can get a 405 single by mid July?

    • It’s very possible. If you maxed out next week you might get 395. You might just get 350. Everyone’s relationship with reps vs maxes is different and depends on genetics, experience, and bodyweight. If you’re gonna stay with doing 3 sets of 5 I would say that hitting 3 sets of 5 at 355, and doing some sort of intensity work so you don’t just get good at doing work but get good at being aggressive too, would almost guarantee a 405 max. It might take more. It might take less. Adding 40 pounds to your working sets now? It’s possible but it will be hard.

  11. I don’t know if this counts as a PR or not, but I finally found a physical therapist who isn’t afraid of deadlifts and who was able to diagnose what I did to my back all those years ago.

    Here’s to being on the road to getting back under the bar.

      • It’s pretty damn embarrassing because I have nothing but my own stupidity, arrogance and stubborn nature to blame for my current state. But what the hell…

        In 2010 I was gearing up to go to Iraq. My platoon was composed of two serious body builders* who confused body building for strength training and a bunch of skinny-fat marathon runners who worshiped the biceps of the body builders. I was following the Starting Strength linear progression program straight out of the book. If you’re a body builder, that doesn’t look like a lot of work so I got chewed out regularly for not being serious about my PT. (My PT test scores didn’t change their tune one bit.) I also got all the old crap about how squats are bad for your knees, deadlifts do nothing for you, I should just be using machines (the Smith machine was especially highly praised) and all of that. I tried to have a discussion about it but I was actually told at one point that “we are not having a discussion or a conversation, I am giving you instructions.” He didn’t actually use the word “order” but… well, I ended up doing curls and tricep extensions on the cable machine for a few months and sneaking off to the gym later to get in some real workouts. I was pissed, but also determined not to lose the opportunity that Iraq presented for several months of un-distracted workouts.

        Fast forward about six months to November of 2010. I’ve been making solid gains and I’m stronger than I ever have been in my life. I was just passing 1.5x bodyweight and I had just passed my bodyweight in squats. I still had to make sure to work out when nobody else was there because apparently some chickenshit motherfucker (to quote Rip) saw me squatting and tattled on me. I got counseled, smiled and nodded, and went right back to what I’d been doing.

        Well, it turns out that my squat technique had a small problem that was exacerbated by the weights I was adding up. I had a tendency to let my right knee pop out, and was twisting my trunk a bit to the right to compensate. My back was getting sore because of the uneven loading but because I was stubborn and didn’t want to let my NCO “win” I just kept pushing through it.

        Eventually I pushed too far and something tore, snapped, pulled, whatever, and I couldn’t stand up straight or sit up or walk or basically exist without pretty severe pain. It was about three months before I could walk fully upright again.

        I’ve been to several doctors and PTs over the years since then. The doctors all say “backs hurt sometimes, just go easy on it.” The PTs say some combination of “just don’t deadlift any more” and get all fussy over the ergonomics of my desk while I’m standing there thinking “I was deadlifting 350lbs when this happened, and you’re worried about the height of my chair?”

        Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I have been incredibly frustrated with this whole situation, and I am thrilled beyond measure to have found a PT who understands powerlifting (he is a competitor himself) and who has been able to give me a sensible diagnosis and a path forward.

  12. Big week:

    Deadlifted 500×1. Life time PR and long time goal. BW of 185 if it matters to anyone.
    Squatted 350×5. Not a PR, but i’m getting back into PR territory. Nice to not be doing 20 rep squats anymore, but I’d have to say that it was effective based off of how I felt in the gym this week.

  13. Monday: Squat 365 x 5 x 5

    Tuesday: Jerk 245 x 2

    Friday: Squat 435 x 3
    Deadlift 470 x 3
    Tremendous MOB PR.
    Working on calf/ankle mobility has immensely improved bottom position in squat, snatch, and c&j

  14. Back squat PR: 295# x 1. Previous 1 RM was 265# back in september. Should be able to hit 315 in the summer, if not earlier.

    Also matched a previous PR on the jerk @ 225#.

    My eating and sleeping is pretty much back on track. Training isn’t yet, but I’m getting work done when I can.

  15. Big week for PRs while simultaneously unfucking some injuries that have been around for way too long (ART is the shit).

    Snatch: matched previous PR of 140#, but this time did it pain free
    C+J 190# (5 lb pr)
    Front Squat 265# (5 lb pr)

    First meet is in 22 days!

  16. In the full swing of texas method and loving it.

    PR’s this week:

    Squat 325 x 5
    deadlift 455 x 3
    Bench 240 x 1
    dead hang pullups 7 x 5

  17. Good week for squat PRs for me-

    Hit 450 for a single on squat (15lbs PR) and 415 for a triple. In the last 5 months squat max has gone up 75 pounds. Pretty excited to see it keep going up.

    Going to retest bench this next week – did 6×3 at 315lbs pretty easily this week.

    Also going to start deadlifting again.

    6’2″ 216 pounds.

  18. I went for reps on a 225 bench, got 14. High reps are fun, and I would LOVE to change up volume days, but I’m scared to death of leaving my precious 5’s.

    I’m less concerned about jackage and more concerned about strength, but I’ve noticed a few strong dudes who post around here doing some high rep stuff.

    Maybe I’ll give 10’s a shot for a while. What’s the worst that could happen?

  19. Huge PR with my level of knee pain this week. Feels like my MCL is aggravated again (related to dislocating my knee a few months ago). Waiting on my DR to give me a referral to see a PT.

    On the bright side, using the down time this week to re-tool my programming (thanks again, Tsypkin) and put more effort into a food log.

    Looking forward to getting back into training, even if I’m limited.

  20. Held a full lay Front Lever with good form for 2 seconds, which was totally accidental. I’ve been progressing heavy weighted chest-to-bar Pullups as my primary upper body pulling work for weeks, and lo and behold it carried over to the static hold.

    Put 225 overhead (C+J), BW is 175. Nice milestone, but considering I caught the Clean high in the power position, I should be able to Jerk more. But whatever, balls-out day in the gym.

    Some evil son of a bitch stole my old-time-mustached-weightlifter-in-singlet graphic boxer shorts from the locker room. I’m speechless.

    Now like every PR Friday, I’ll be the asshole out at the bars ordering food and water.

  21. Lifetime PR’d on my squat today! New 1RM of 145kg at 78kg bw. I’ve been squatting every day for about 5 weeks now and my squat has come up from 130kg on day one. I’d just done 4 months of 5/3/1, and missed squatting frequently. I’ve been trying to get at least one single above 90% of 1RM every day, as well as sticking to that Russian weightlifter’s table (Prelepin or something?). I’ve stuck to the lower end of the rep ranges because I’m an un-athletic university student who didn’t start lifting at 8. I’ve been doing some snatching, clean and jerks, clean deadlifts and snatch deadlifts too, all following the set and rep schemes set out in the table. Happy with how it’s working and I’m planning to add another 15kg on my squat in the next 5 weeks- which would take me to the long sought goal of a double bodyweight, high bar, ass to grass squat.

  22. Just working on my lp. on high bar squat, 5,5,7@ 235, that’s a pr, weak but rapidly improving. Also got some double unders, a pr since my broken foot. looking forward to 13.2 tomorrow.

    Also got a buddy to start squatting with me! That’s a pr right?

  23. Week 2 of Wendler with BBB, so more rep PRs:

    Monday: Press – 160 x 9.
    Tuesday: DL – 405 x 11. BBB 5 x 10 @225. This totally wrecked me.
    Thursday: Bench – 275 x 10
    Friday: Squat – 305 x 8. still totally wrecked from Deadlifts.

    42 yo. Maybe I should switch to 3 days a week before I kill myself.

  24. On Monday I set bench PRS of 185 for 5, 200 for 3 and 215 for a single.

    Today I got 205 x5 and 220 for a single.

    Crossfit is good for my bench??

    Also rep pr’d my dead at 355×6 during a wod. Not fresh at all, so I’ll take it.

  25. pr= squat 390 x 6. would have been ok with 4 reps, goal was 5, but i was feeling reckless. really digging being on 5/3/1 again, this was the first workout of week 3 of month 3.

    gonna bench tomorrow morning before tearing it up for st. patie’s day (13 lbs brisket has been sitting in brine for 10 days)

  26. 1st meet. 165 class

    Bs 355. 385. 400f. Mental lapse. 400 is mine
    Bp 215. 230. 235f. Weakest link.
    Dl 400. 430. 450. Best feeling in a long time.

    Totaled at 1065. Got a trophy for 1st out of 1 lifter.

    What to do following the meet???

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