Watch the Arnold. Do it! Do it noooow!

Note: This week’s posting schedule for the site got a little thrown off because I took the opportunity to interview Ray Williams and decided to post it immediately. It turns out that it was pretty popular. We had almost exactly twice as many hits in a day as the next best post in the history of the site (“Sexy Isn’t Always Better” which has, go figure, pics of hot chicks bending over). Gregor, of All Things Gym fame, shared the post on Reddit, and we had a few dozen forums also link back to the story. In fact, a couple Redditors were so impressed by the story that a new bar and several 100lb plates are on their way to Ray’s gym, so that he can start working that linear progression to like, a million, give or take. <golf clap>


Going forward, Thursdays will be a Q&A with our very own Tsypkin. In fact, he sent me a post for today before he got on a plane for Columbus (not to be confused with Cleveland), OH, because he is a very nice person, and thorough. Instead, I’m going to risk his wrath and wait until next week to post his very excellent advice. Why? BECAUSE ARNOLD, THAT’S WHY!

We have a bunch of our very own lifting this Friday in an international contest of raw strength. That’s kind of a big deal. For the full line-up of lifters involved in Friday’s USAPL/NAPF raw meet (all of which takes place on Friday), GO HERE.

For the times that each flight is lifting, GO HERE.


To watch the U Stream, GO HERE.

There will also be weightlifting at the Arnold, sanctioned by the USAW, and it will serve as the qualifier for the Pan-Am games.

You can read more about it HERE.

The Start List is HERE. This includes flights, weight classes, coaches, times, etc.


*** I currently do not have a live stream link for weightlifting at the Arnold. I will update this if someone can send me one. Thanks. ***


Stay tuned,and I shall provide more links and updates.

16 thoughts on “Watch the Arnold. Do it! Do it noooow!

  1. …fuck….still straight open mouthed after watching that Ray Squat.

    Doing a great job Cloud. Keep the content coming.

    Also, Paleo for Lifters is Money.

    • It is money, lots of good info on the macro goals that I only gleaned over a year or two on a fitness forum that promotes the paleo diet in conjunction with reading a few books on paleo. Hit you protein minimum, get into the needed carb range, and fill with fat really is the way to go. really been focusing on it the last week or two and I’ve lost a belt notch already.

      • I’ll throw another plug in for Paleo for Lifters. It’s made me much more conscious of my protein intake as well as being better about cooking as much as possible. Have gone from about 208-210 to 202 over the past 8 weeks while setting PR’s on lifts. Might try to get down a little more so I can compete with the 198’s in a meet in a month’s time, then can start building up.

  2. Lets meet up at 2 on sat at the market across the street for the expo (out on the porch). I’ll wear my occupy a squat rack shirt and a foreveralone smile.

  3. In need of some advice:

    Did heavy singles last saturday as part of taper off of texas method. Ever since, my right hip flexor (just inferior to my pelvis) has been extremely tight. I grinded out volume day on tuesday having to stretch diligently between most all sets. Stretched afterwards as well. Then on light day today, 2×5 at 80% of monday felt uncommonly heavy and made my flexor very tight. Felt worse when i tried to execute more explosive reps. It just wont seem to loosen up to my normal.

    Meet is 3 weeks away. Intensity day lined up for saturday.

    Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sroka was saying on Facebook that there wasn’t a live feed for the weightlifting, but they(Arnold promoters) were working to have link to watch a nightly recap video.

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