Thanksgiving Weight Challenge 2012

Today’s Thanksgiving is an American holiday that is associated with a large feast, football festivities, and generally being thankful. The original holiday didn’t exactly work out like that, and the puritans didn’t dress like Gordons all the time, but it’s too boring to discuss. Instead, let’s talk about the Third Annual 70′s Big Thanksgiving Weight Gain Challenge.

Before we discuss the rules, I want to point out that anybody who is aiming to eat clean today is a boner-faced gremlin. If you’re the type of person that makes everyone switch restaurants because a spatula may have gluten on it, then you need to go play in traffic keep your trap shut before one of us puts our foot in it. Unless you have celiac…in which case you shouldn’t eat bad stuff because nobody wants you splatter pooping all over their bathroom.

1. Weigh-ins must be recorded on video with a valid time source. Since you may not have a scale to use at a relative’s house, there is no time restriction on when the weigh-in needs to occur.
2. The same scale must be used in both weigh-ins with the same attire or clothing. Don’t get naked; we don’t want to see your hairy dong.
3. Be concise, but try to be funny. Don’t make us sit through 3 minutes of labored breathing.
4. Upload videos to YouTube with a title of “70′s Big Thanksgiving – (Name)” with (Name) being your name.
5. Link the video to the PR Friday comments. Entries close when Sunday ends.
Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in disqualification from the contest and awarding of the Expert Shoveller’s Badge. To get an idea of what to do, review last year’s entries. Categories are “Absolute Weight Gained” and “Percentage of Body Weight Gained”. There may be a “Funniest Video Award” if someone is actually funny (this means you criedthefox).

Edit: This weight gain challenge is supposed to be accomplished by eating a Thanksgiving meal. 

70’s Big wishes you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


22 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weight Challenge 2012

  1. No video, but went from 198.6 to only 202.4! What the hell. I was writhing in pain from my giant blood gut and I only gained 4 lbs!?! Still worth all 5 excruciating pieces of pie…

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  3. Disappointing that no women did this.. haha. :) Not that I would want to do it because I find this challenge quite gross… but it would have been interesting.

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