PR Friday

PR Friday: Post your training updates and PR’s to the comments.

Weekly Recap: Thanksgiving Results, Accountability Check, Shoulder Health – Part 2, The Purpose of a Program.

Congratulations to criedthefox for winning his second “funniest video award” for the Thanksgiving Weight Gain Challenge. I’ll be contacting the winners for their addresses and shirt preferences.

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72 thoughts on “PR Friday

  1. PRs….

    Squat: 275# x 5
    Bench Press: 165# x 3
    BW: 165#

    I got nothing … I’m bout to burn out on this LP. Prolly just do V situps after this so I can get big, swoll kegels.

  2. Squat: 295x5x2, 8×1
    Press: 130x5x2, 9×1
    Bench: 175x5x2, 12×1
    Deadlift: 345×8
    BW: 220 – climbing back up in what seems to be a healthy manner. I’m eating 1.5 to 2 lbs of beef a day at work, 6 days a week (still eating plenty on Sundays, just not there).

  3. No PRs for me. Plagued with injury as of late. Just jacked my knee at jiu jitsu last night. I’m thinking something is wrong there, since it tends to like to buckle laterally with little provocation. It’s not supposed to do that, right?

  4. Front squatted 139/305 last Friday, think I have 142/315 in me tonight.

    Also HBBS’d 159/350 on Tuesday for a PR fairly easily, I think I’m good for 375 or so right now.

    Coming for that 4 plates.

  5. Pretty good week of TM training, but I missed my 5th squat rep and only got 3 bench reps yesterday. My nutrition, rest, training, mobbing have been good, but I still felt a little “off” when I went to lift intensity day yesterday. I decided to nix it and not do deadlifts. I’m instead eating a lot of meat and vegetables today, going to bed early, and showing up at the gym strong for a good volume day tomorrow morning. I’m doing 5×5 so if progress continues to be intermittent, I’ll dial back to 3×5.

  6. Pressed 225 for some singles and summited an 8k-ish mountain.
    The rest of training is going well, about 3 weeks out from testing the squat again – which will, coincidentally, be right before the end of the Mayan calendar. brb sharpening my obsidian blades.

  7. Still rehabing the broken forearm. Good news is I can pull basically full go and it’s just pushing movements I’m limited on. Working back up slowely and hit a 405×3 pull 12 weeks post arm break. Bench and press I’m limited to dumbells. As for squatting, I changed my grip to take pressure off my wrist and its a little hard to get comfortable with heavy weight. Been doing high rep work with 225-275 to get back into the swing of things.

  8. Deadlift: 395×8
    Squat: 315×6

    Squats have been lagging a bit as I tinkered with technique but felt fantastic today, hopefully it stays that way.

    Bench is still shitty.

  9. Still on the recovery LP… Yesterday I did:
    Back Squats: 80 KG x 5 x 5
    Press: 40 KG x 5 x 5
    Standing Calf Raises: 25 KG x 10 x 5

    Squats are feeling good. My knee isn’t tweaking, and my hip flexors aren’t acting like they’ve got tendonitis anymore, so things should be good to go, as long as I keep up with mobility work. I was doing the calf raises at the same weight as my squats, but apparently my calves are even weaker than I thought. *sigh* However, I look forwards to actually having strong calves.

  10. Deadlift: 360×4
    Squat: 300×1
    Farmer carries: 105x3x40 yds down, then back

    Squat felt pretty easy. That was the first time in 22 yrs that I squatted 300 lbs. My knees came inward a little so I still have some work to do.

    Also did some hill sprints after deadlifting, did a 50 lb 2-mile ruck on my lunch break on a rest day, and have eaten 1 million metric grams of protein this week.

  11. No PRs, but I just switched to TM and deloaded about 15lbs to get myself used to the new template, as well as being swamped with finals these next 2 weeks.

    Justin, I think my username is signed up under another email. Email me at as well just in case, and I’ll respond with whichever email I receive.

  12. The main highlight of my week is my Movember total:
    I’ve raised $615 which is beyond my expectations. I’m lucky to be have a lot of generous people in my life. I just need to update my photo on my Movember page as I’m currently about 25 pounds heavier than that prick in the photo from last year.

    As for training, I barely did anything this week. Played some hockey and did a conditioning workout. One squat session where I did 3 x 5 low bar back squat @ 240#. Life got in the way more this week.

  13. Had a re-set PR. Meaning it was my first one. Sticking with the basic linear progression and just adding chins/back extensions. I deloaded down to 80% of my 90% max and am only adding 5 lbs to the big lifts and 2.5 to the smaller lifts. Hopefully a bigger deload and smaller weight increments will let this 2nd linear progression be as good as the first.

    Here’s a video I did last night to check my squat form. Since it was the first workout of my deload I figured it would be good to check my form. Any help/suggestions?? Thanks.

    • “Looks like you could force your knees out a little more going into and coming out of the bottom. Watch your left ankle, it collapses over your arch (your right does too but the left offers better perspective). This will take a toll on your knees after awhile, and overly relies on your quads to the exclusion of your posterior chain.”

      – said the Internet stranger.

      • Thank you. I never would have noticed the collapse in my ankles. It feels like my knees are out enough but they obviously aren’t. I think I’ll try a slightly narrower stance tonight.

  14. Currently attempting to drop some body fat so I’m stalling like crazy last couple weeks of my LP, 300lb working weight for bench press for almost a month now, 185lb press for a couple weeks and my pulling and squatting in the 350’s is still climbing fast after a deload after a nasty muscle strain in my low back.

  15. No PR’s this week. However, pulled 475×2 @~193 bw which is probably my highest in a while. Also, 270x2x3 on bench is most weight in a while, although not PR. Everything progressing nicely, dunno how much time I’ll have to lift over the holiday break.

    Life PR: got a position volunteer interning with the University of Florida strength and conditioning program. Will be new to Gainesville but hoping to learn a lot. Graduating in 2 weeks with exercise phys. bachelor, planning to attend App. State. if accepted in fall ’13, for grad school.

  16. New job has my schedule completely out the window. But I was pleasantly surprised to find I haven’t really lost any ground over the last 2 months.

    Squat (PR) – 305 x 3 x 3
    Bench (PR) – 200 x 3 x 2

    Since most of my training days are back-to-back, I’ve added in speed work, per Eric Cressey, to offset the continuous heavy days. We shall see where that goes.

  17. Hit multiple reps on the bench in the triple digits (kg) for the first time ever. Pretty stoked.

    All PR’s (kg) are for this training cycle unless noted otherwise:

    Squat 122.5×6 (should have gotten the 7th!)
    Dead 155×5
    Press 52.5×13
    Bench 100×8, 102.5×6

    Need more protein and more sleep. Not getting enough of either.

  18. No PRs but I came extremely close.
    SQ 355 (equal to 2008/all time PR)
    BP 255
    DL 370 (gym doesn’t allow chalk, grip is limiting factor)
    P 155 (5 away from PR need to microload)

    All in all a good week.

  19. Investment PR: Purchased equipment to lift at home “It’ll pay for itself in the long run”
    Rogue R3 Rack
    B&R Bar (they were out of Rogue power bars)
    Flat Utility Bench
    A bunch of rusty old plates off craigslist

    Feel free to tell me all about how I bought the wrong the stuff.

  20. I know the topic has come up here on occasion but I had to pass along to you guys some great news. COSTCO is selling what is potentially the greatest blue jeans ever in the history of the fucking universe for males that lift heavy shit. They are called Urban Star and they are 98% cotton and 2%spandex. The wife picked them up for me for $13 dollars the other day and they are the best pants I have ever slipped into. I’ve always been envious of my wifes pants because of the strethcyness of them and buying blue jeans for me has been an issue now for my whole fucking life since my mother had to buy my first pair of husky sized jeans from Belks in the 80s. With thighs like these everything I own should be in spandex. The wife says they do good work with the hard work I’ve done on my backside over the years too. Plenty of room in the crotch, plenty of slack in the legs and I dont have to buy 4 sizes to large to slide my pistol down in my waste line. All in all these jeans are the greatest thing made out of denim since the miniskirt.

    got an easy 5X460 – DL this week, after months of stagnation a little progress finally.

    • Nice call on the Urban Star Jeans, discovered them a couple months ago. I actually mentioned them just the other day in the comments on the ‘Purpose of a program’ post. Glad someone else appreciates them.

  21. SI joint out of place for most of the week. Finally managed to pop it back in on Friday.

    Squat still at 245 for a triple – ties PR since being injured.
    OHP really improving since tweaking form, should hit 135 pretty quickly if I keep pressing 2x/week
    Still working on my snatch/c&j technique. making big progress there.
    Watched a bit of the american open. Goddamn.

  22. Pressed 135×13, want 15 in the near future. Training otherwise is just sorta in and out for me; can’t squat or pull so I’m not really organiing my training that much; just doing bro workouts really

  23. Pressed 77.5 (170lbs?) for 3×5 which is an equal PR from when I was 4kg heavier. Then realised I was only 5kg off a BW press, so after all my work sets were done I pressed BW (82.5) for two singles. Felt great.

  24. Was a good week back from my Thanksgiving DeLoad/stuff your face fest.

    -Jerk 300# from the Blocks. I have been trying to jerk 300 for months now. After 6 weeks of serious lifting with TM, I finally broke that benchmark! That was a happy day.
    Squat: 375 x5
    Press 170×4 (couldn’t quite get that 5th rep). Will go for that again next week.

    I also did a mile run test after my squats yesterday. When I started TM I ran a 6:08. Yesterday I ran a 6:44. I was extremely tired though after the pr squats. I don’t think I have lost 30 s on my mile. I might retest next week in the middle of the week.

    Thanks everyone for the posts and inspiration to get wicked strong.

    • Oh yeah, I spent 4 days in Chicago and ate deep dish pizza 8 out of 12 meals. That is a also a pizza pr. Body weight was 198 at the end of thanksgiving week.

  25. No PRs this week; I’m finally getting back to training after starting a new job and the birth of my son, and I’ve lost about 10 lbs and a fair bit of strength. I’m training at a 24hr fitness now, which is what it is. They do have mirrors in front of the squat racks, which is generally frowned upon, but it may help me sort out some foot placement/external rotation issues which have been plaguging my squat. We’ll see what happens.

  26. Using Justin’s TM ebook as a guide, I gained 20 lbs (195 to 215) in 2 months, and worked up to the following PRs:
    385×4 Squat (should have had that 5th rep, but a cold earlier in the week might have hampered recovery from volume day)
    155×1, then 150×4 OHP. 155 was a bit ambitious for a 5RM, but it was worth a try and getting the PR
    415×1 Sumo deadlift – decided to try sumo with my conventional deadlift sticking. Deloaded to 375 for that workout and did 4 more reps.
    Goals for this month: MORE PRs.

  27. No PR’s but a decent week of training. Fixed a form issue with squats (not forcing my head back into the bar enough) and they immediately felt better.

    D: 355 x 2
    B: 225 x 6
    S: 305 x 3

  28. Hitting a PR of 100# on my clean felt great; but not hitting my chest with the bar on the way up was even more awesome.

    Which of course means I’m now totally going to smash the crap out of myself next session, after bragging. :P

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