2012 Thanksgiving Results

Today’s post compiles the results of the annual 2012 Thanksgiving Weight Gain Challenge. Each video was pretty funny and worth watching. I’ve made a table of the winners in each category:

Most of the contenders weighed about the same, so the “Percent of Body Weight” category did not vary much from the “Absolute Gain” category. The heaviest guys were Joe Bloom and Rob Brown (start weight of 225 and 236.6 respectively). Lightest guys were criedthefox (Brian) and Daren Welsh (176.5 and 184.6 respectively). Of the 11 contenders, there was a total weight gain of 86.5 pounds.

Willey’s winning results are surprising because he started at 191 and gained 13 pounds, but his discomfort seemed sincere in his post weigh-in video. One contender can’t win both categories, so Daren Welsh will win the other (he’s second in both).

As for “funniest video”, I have narrowed it down to a few. I want to point out that I thought all of the videos were amusing, so give ’em a watch. We will choose the funniest video in this post’s comments out of the following x:

criedthefox clearly spent a lot of time on this year’s entry. He went from 176.5 to 184.5. Will he retain the title?

Zach Paulus has really come out of no where this year. Literally. In this video he said he used to weigh 135 and weighed in at 188.2, so he’s been hard at work (his second weigh-in put him at 194.6). This video is a must-watch. Don’t make fun of him.

Alphantis did two quick vids, but I laughed really fucking hard at the end of this first video. He went from 187 to 193.5.

newgetelqueso participates in the challenge from the Middle East and questions a girl on manly qualities. He went from 75.6 to 78.6kg (his response to kilos is good).

Daren Welsh’s video is very good, and he sports a nice mustache (which undoubtedly helped him win), but he can’t win another award. He went from 184.6 to 194.6 for an even 10 pound gain.

The others with comments from memory:

Rob Brown’s girlfriend brought a scale in her purse to Cracker Barrell and at the end of the video Rob presses her (she squeals with delight). Rob went from 236.6 to 241 in about 45 minutes of eating. Unfortunately I didn’t include a category for most weight gained in shortest amount of time.

Joe Bloom went from 225 to 235 and makes a porno joke with his wife.

Mike Innola went from 188.8 to 195.8 and is quite clearly drunk in the second weigh-in.

Broseph went from 192.8 to 201.6 and caught a pump prior to going on camera.

Austin went from 194.4 to 200.2 and is in the middle of his third trimester.

Well done to the contenders. We’ll see you in 2013.

26 thoughts on “2012 Thanksgiving Results

  1. Sweet. Been out of town, didn’t get a chance to edit/upload my vid, but I went from 233 to 245 before dessert and heavy drinking/foobaw watching. Looking forward to checking out some of these vids when I have a decent connection.

  2. The pain was well worth it I see. Passing out on the floor after the weigh-in wasn’t fun. I couldn’t even drink water for fear of puking. I somehow only retained about 3lbs afterwards though, and I’m back to the low 190s. I’m pretty amazed I won both categories though, I was sure one of the 230+ guys was going to put down like 20lbs of food.

  3. Yes, I was hammered. The red wine was going extra smooth with the turkey this year, so more food = 1/12 bottles of Merlot ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pbc_vloYRk ). These vids were fucking great, and fun to watch. I have to say I’m impressed by the amount of mustachery going on here!
    Wiley, great effort and mental toughness, I was feeling your pain there at the end!

  4. Last thing, if anyone watches my video (as if anyone would), click my name and look at the power clean vids on there. I just did those last week, and it would be great to have someone who knows what they are doing help me make them suck less.

  5. These videos provided a good 15 minutes of laughter so they all did well. But newgetelqueso not only defines how manly eating a lot is, but has it done my a woman (and then gives us a cheeky look at her legs as he turns off, you sly dog) so he get’s my vote.

  6. criedthefox had great production value, and was legitimately funny, but I laughed more watching Zach’s. Zach gets my vote for funniest, but there’s got to be something criedthefox can win.

    Side note: I love all of our heavy labored breathing at the end of each video.

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