The Battle for the Boobs – Fundraising for Breast Cancer

Ladies. Gentlemen.

I can’t tell you how much I love boobs (SFW). They are joyously loved by toothless children and men. They bring more joy to the world than Christmas and more smiles than a farting dog. Yet boobs are under attack.

Boobs are under attack by cancer in what is now called The Battle for the Boobs. We’re talking about un-checked aggression here.


This year 70’s Big will participate in fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you have a spare doll hair, please donate to the 70’s Big Breast Cancer Fundraising Page. My goal for us is to raise $5,000 before 31 October. Do not feel pressured to donate large sums of money, but even a single doll hair will count towards the aggregate.

Remember: every doll hair counts! Especially in The Battle for the Boobs.

Edit: I forgot to mention that you’ll get a discount for the books after donating (and it will work this time). 

10 thoughts on “The Battle for the Boobs – Fundraising for Breast Cancer

  1. Donated. I am typically leery of donating towards breast cancer charities, as one of the more popular cancer “causes” out there I often wonder how many dollars are going to real research (the Komen foundation has a crappy track record on spending). The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. has a high ranking among similar charities (not affiliated with the review site, just linking for reference).

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  3. I am NOT donating to this cause I am disappointed that you are supporting this charade. There is no one cause for cancer and all of this “awareness” is a load of crap. Furthermore, breast cancer gets way too much “awareness” and dollars as it is.
    The fact is, more men die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer. Look at this: (this is a link to a male rights site, but that’s not my point; the numbers are my point)

    I have a mother, a wife and a daughter. It would tear me apart if they were to have a life changing disease like breast cancer. But these stoopid campaigns are stoopid. I am disappointed that 70s Big would support such knee jerk feel-goodery.

    Flame away.

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