Ode To Bacon

Ode to Bacon
by Tom Vale

Light the burner, woosh,
the pan clatters to the grill.
Unwrap the paper, treasure awaits inside.
Black and silent burns the pan, this witches cauldron about to perform magic.
In mere moments, the silence turns to sizzling, cracking, popping.
The aroma wafts up, intoxicating,
but only a false phantom of the true blissful taste which awaits.
Turning, browning, crisping.
The anticipation is agony, an exercise in patience and restraint.
It is time, the tongs lower in and victory is pulled out.
Lowered to the plate like a newborn.
It is time.
You are mine.

21 thoughts on “Ode To Bacon

  1. Loved this. I’ve switched to putting the bacon on the cold pan and then turning on the heat. It reduces bubbling and results in fewer uncooked, rubbery parts.

    I’m so hungover
    Can’t manage to rise from bed
    Wait! I have bacon!

  2. 70’s Big application to life as usual. I just prepped today two pork bellies, ~15 lbs total, to wet cure for a week before smoking and slicing.

  3. Anyone else have issues with bacon grease? I love me some bacon and have no issues eating it. But if I use the grease for anything else (like cooking eggs, etc in it after), I get to spend some quality time with the bathroom.

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