Never Give Up

By the time of this post I’ll be in Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival. I’ll also have been in the wilderness by myself for a couple of days, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve always wanted to teach and entertain through 70’s Big, but I also like to help you stay motivated, inspired, and ready to kick the wall down every time you train. Mike linked me the following video, and I thought it was powerful enough to share. If we can all keep this drive, motivation, and consistency in our lives, then impossibility is no longer in our vocabulary.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
–Walt Disney


“If it had not been for the wind in my face, I wouldn’t be able to fly at all.”
–Arthur Ashe



27 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Oh, how I envy you for being able to go to the GABF – As an avid homebrewer, my goal is to not only make it there someday, but also enter one of my brews to be judged by the masters. Have fun, mang! Prost!!

  2. Well, between stuff like this and seeing other people in physical therapy who are way worse off than me, I won’t be complaining about a broken thumb anytime soon.
    Good find, glad I watched the video.

  3. Someone posted this video a while back on facebook or something, incredible video then and incredible video now. The music behind the video makes it so much more intense.

  4. I was like awwww yeah when he was walking in the park, then he started running and i was like wooooooooah… that was awesome. So happy for that guy, I hate LSD but if i couldnt run/sprint, I would probably just end it.

  5. Love it. Better than Ben Does Life, though both were pretty solid. I dropped 60 lbs from my highest in a previous life by cleaning up my diet and doing entirely too much cardio. Now I’m trying to put 15 lbs of it back on via barbells.

  6. Damn it, Justin. If I wanted a good cry I’d go watch “Marley and Me”.

    When he was walking in the park and took off running I legit welled up. Having a daughter has made me such a sad sap.

  7. I cried during the video the whole time. The look of grim determination on his face when he started sprinting was THE BEST. I’m gonna re-watch that on squat days.

  8. Awesome. On a side note, my chiro told me to stop squatting and deadlifting when I walked in crooked to see him yesterday. He recommended box squats however stating I don’t need the full range or the pressed discs.

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  10. Great stuff. My dad was suffering from a worn out knee, fucked up back and was carrying a shit load of weight, but has recently started trying getting himself back into shape, and he’s dropped around 30lbs so far and still making progress. He’s gone from what we thought was a permanently limited level of mobility to hiking long distances and even running a little, and sends me updates every few days about how far he’s gone, and what hills he’s climbed and that kind of thing. Having played some part in inspiring that through some of the athletic stuff I’ve done is one of the few things I take genuine pride in, in my otherwise Brent Kim style irredeemable piece of shit existence.

  11. Did any of you catch the reference of the title of the post? It’s from a Sega game — Altered Beast. When you die and hit continue, it goes, “NEVER GIVE UP!”

    • Honestly FWIW the title made me think of Dan John.

      Altered Beast is the heat – used to play the arcade version at a shoe carnival with all the other hood rats.

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