Manly Deeds

In “Q&A – 43” I asked readers to perform as many manly deeds as possible to win a 70’s Big shirt. They were pretty interesting or amusing, so I thought a separate post would be good.

scants on September 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm said: 

Manly Deeds:
– completed week 27 in Kabul, Afghanistan
– ran 10kms in support of the Soldier On program (for wounded troops) and the Canadian Army Military Families Fund (I DON’T run but it’s for a good cause…the choice was 5 or 10 kms and I didn’t want to be a pussy and take the easy route)
– passed my Blue Stripe test in Taekwondo.
– ate chicken fingers for breakfast yesterday.
– got a runner to start lifting.
– after a 4 month layoff from bench and pulls due to something broken in my hand FINALLY was able to start back at it…


cfitz on September 21, 2012 at 4:25 pm said:

Manly deeds: carried boxes of books for a teacher, created sucrose solutions of varying molarity for bio teacher(manly?), helped my elderly neighbor move junk out of her house, spread training knowledge, snatched 205 and cl and j 245 at 190 bw 3 weeks after starting Olympic lifts, and finally my highschool lacrosse coach officially dubbed me “the beast” and said I look like a man playing among boys.

Maslow on September 21, 2012 at 5:47 pm said: 

Manly deeds: 1) completed navigation and tour of the California coast with my new wife in a rented mustang convertable. I’d never been there before and neither had she. Most days I wore short shorts, except for when it was too cold I wore pants similar to vietnam-era BDUs. One day we completed a 10-mile loop through a state park in Big Sur covering stunning beaches, mountains and redwoods, all without a map. I mean I looked at the map at the entrance, then went with it from there. I didn’t want to leave. During this time I grew a beard as a place holder so that I could have a mustache (not really possible to grow a mustache solo IMHO). Day 10 I shaved the beard with a shitty disposable razor and left the mustache. When I got home my electric shaver was packed in a moving box so I shaved 18 days of growth off of my lip with a dull disposable razor. 2) This morning I noticed one of my chest hairs almost touches one of my throat hairs. They day the two sections legitimately merge will be nothing short of monumental in my life.


suzymac on September 21, 2012 at 11:07 pm said: 

Went for rep PRs this week after 5 solid weeks in the 1-5 rep range.

Stats: female, weight just under one fiddy

DL: 10 @ 215 (clean grip)
Also did 285 on rack pulls which is relatively new in my lift rotation.

BP: 10 @ 100

And used 135 for snatch pulls from hang position.

And my manly acts (even though I’m a girl) this week were:
Mowing the yard…twice
Having the balls to drop in unannounced on an attorney I’m trying to get a job with
Rescuing a teenager getting crushed by his bench press fail
Rejecting post-coital cuddling by shutting off the lamp and saying “no more touching”.
Watching hours of war documentaries

Currently recovering from all my pr’s and manliness with red wine, chicken thighs and roasted beets.


And finally, the winner of the Manly Deeds Contest

taedoju on September 21, 2012 at 4:49 pm said: 


– helped to move my friend
– i helped em…not totaly normal girl which is overweight with exercises, she takes care of mentally disabled people (she kinda is…well in that team) but wanted to lose some weight and get more social with people, i will take care of her for some time. she can squat now, yet she doesnt quite now why she should, but we are working on it : ) it’s hard to comunicate with her, but im learning to.
– i took my friends with their girlfriends to the gym . and thought them all to squat, soo 4 people more squatting:D girls loved it. that’s all, not quite a lot..


Basically taedoju is saying that he helped a mentally handicapped girl in the gym. My older brother is mentally handicapped and I grew up around a lot of handicapped kids, therefore I have a special place in my heart for them. Most people are afraid to approach them since they are different, but they typically really enjoy interaction with people. Taedoju wins the manly award for going out of his way to communicate and help with the mentally handicapped girl; it’s a really kind thing to do. The kind of thing a man does.

14 thoughts on “Manly Deeds

  1. @suzymac that “no touching” comment just killed me with laughter. I almost fell out of my chair.

    Training: Texas Method is going smoothly.

    PR: I killed my first deer after three years of trying. I hit it with an arrow right in the vitals from 40 yards away. I never knew anyone who hunted growing up, so it has been a slow learning process to figure out how it’s done. I got some books on hunting, got a bow and learned to shoot it accurately, watched a lot of videos, and asked a lot of questions anytime I encountered another hunter. I thought deer hunting would be easy since they seem to be everywhere, but when you go to an area where hunting is actually allowed the deer are very skittish and keep away from people. There is no more meaningful, nutritious meat than wild game you’ve killed yourself.

    • Congrats Maslow!

      I really haven’t had to pick it up since my wife’s family hunts a fair bit, but I’ve been thinking about it since we started having kids (you know, so that there are rifles in the house for when my daughters start thinking about dating…). There is hope for me yet!

      On an aside, bow killed game can sometimes have a bit of a wilder flavour, or at least in my experience it has. Soaking the meat in a vinegar solution before cooking, or cooking in a sauce containing vinegar can sometimes help take the gamey flavour out, if you find it too strong.

      • Thanks a lot broseph and pmfisher. The meat tastes great. It certainly has a more earthy/gamey taste to it than farmed meat, but I kind of like that. I understand that some of that flavor comes from the animal’s foraging diet, but especially with deer it comes from the adrenaline/other hormone rush the animal gets when it is hit. The longer it runs or stays alive, the more hormones are released into the muscles, so I can see how that taste might be more intense with bow shots rather than shotgun or rifle shots. I managed to make a good hit on this particular animal; it only ran about 150 yards before laying down. I don’t have much basis for comparison since I’ve only had venison a few times, but I’ll fix that soon. I’m definitely going to crock pot a lot of the non-loin or -back strap cuts. Speaking of adrenaline, my hands were shaking as soon as I let go of the arrow and I couldn’t calm down for like an hour. I watched the deer steadily move closer to me for at least a half hour before finally taking the shot. Thrilling doesn’t begin to describe the experience!

        • Nice work. I can’t wait to get back hunting this year, had to take a couple years off due to school commitments and a new baby. Going for upland bird in a week and deer mid-November. With deer jerky around, no shortage of protein consumption.

    • man it feels so great to get that first deer. i was in your exact same boat 3 years ago. Never hunted as a kid/young adult. Wife’s family is huge into bow hunting. I got into it and was lucky enough to get a buck my first year. then year two goes by without not taking a shot at anything, and year 3…well we’re right in the mix of it so hopefully I’ll put another buck on the wall.

      There’s nothing like processing and making your own meat/meals from food you’ve harvested. It’s the best.

      Best of luck!

  2. Amen. Congrats, first bow kill on a deer is a memorable and awesome experience. You try the meat yet? It’s not my favorite food, but pot roasts are a good way to flavor and tenderize it.

  3. my english is not as good as i thought..oh happy and thankfull for ive been choosen winner :)and well my description of my deed wasn’t perfect either;)
    FIRST time ever i won somethin
    i was able to ride down the hill on the rollerblades (scared to death)
    mass gain pr-2 weeks -4kg:)
    kind regards from Poland:)

  4. This week’s best worksets:

    SQ: 315 3X5
    Bench: 235 3X5
    Dead: 345 X5
    Press: 150 3X5
    Pwr Cln: 180 5X3 (one miss) PR

    Bodyweight is a touch under 181 today. Things are moving along. A couple of weeks should get me into PR territory on the rest of my lifts. Press will match previous PR next week if all goes as planned. I’m starting to take a bit more time between sets. The reps are becoming more and more important to me. I WANT them. Bad…..

    It’s been 4 years since my squat was where it is now. In the meantime I had gotten it up to 300ish, but now I’m back on it. I’m enjoying linear progression. It’s a beautiful thing.

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