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  1. From Abraham Lincoln’s Wikipedia page:

    At 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm), he was tall and “strong enough to intimidate any rival”. At his first speech, when he saw a supporter in the crowd being attacked, Lincoln grabbed the assailant by his “neck and the seat of his trousers” and threw him while shouting “come at me bro!”

  2. Justin,

    Quick question if you don’t mind.

    What do you think of using a Heavy/Light set up (Starr Model) for an athlete (rugby) during the season with one training day and one game day?

    Mon- Heavy
    Wed- Light
    Thur- Practice
    Saturday- Game
    (Not sure whether swapping the heavy/light days around would be better)

    Heavy –
    Squat 5×5
    Bench 5×5
    High Pull 5×3

    Light –
    Squat 4×5 (Top set 80% of Heavy top set)
    Press 5×5
    Power Clean 5×3
    Weighted Chins 3×5

    Ramping sets (60,70,80,90,100%).
    Every 6 weeks alternate between 5’s and 3’s on the squats and presses.
    Deload every 4-6 weeks.

    Is it unreasonable to think an athlete could progress throughout the season using this method in the given situation?

  3. All this talk about a revolution, and not a single 70’s Big tank-top to be found in the store. This threatens the credibility of the revolution.

    If we’re going to be serious, you need to get rid of the “T Shirts” section entirely and replace it with “Tanks.” Establish some permanence or this is a fad.

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