Live Stream for this Weekend’s NAPF Championship

This is a single-ply geared powerlifting championship for the North American continent (the same occurred in the raw category at the Arnold).

NAPF/IPF North American Championships start wednesday
• Weds July 25, 2012 Lifting: [All Women] 1:00 PM est.
•Thurs July 26, 2012 Lifting: [Men 59kg & 74kg] 1:00 PM est.
•Fri July 27, 2012 Lifting: [Men 83kg – 105kg] 10:00 AM est.
•Sat July 28, 2012 Lifting: [Men 120kg – 120+kg] 10:00 AM est.
Here is the live stream link:
And the live scoring:

Brooks Conway is lifting on Friday at 10 AM if you want to watch. Bev lifts Wednesday at 1:00 PM. Good luck to them and Quest Athletics lifters.

One thought on “Live Stream for this Weekend’s NAPF Championship

  1. hilarious – the whole island is out of power today!

    Women lift tomorrow (Thursday ) at 9 am cst.
    Men 53kg-74Kg lift tomorrow at 2pm cst

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