Tucson Seminar Recap

Today is a travel day after a long, yet enjoyable weekend in Arizona. Chris and I stayed in both Phoenix and Tucson for the 70’s Big Seminar at Evolution Fitness. I’d like to thank Chris F. and Tyler for acting as lovable hosts throughout the weekend. I’d like to thank all of the attendees for being a good crowd, eager to learn, and for laughing at my jokes. It takes a lot of energy to be “on” for an entire weekend, but it’s always worth when it’s for top notch folks. I’d also like to thank my homies Chris and Luiz for having good shit, good shit.

Here’s a sweet video we made that will give you an idea of the time we had.

Here’s a sweet picture from when we ate at a cowboy steak house and then watched a live action wild west show that included gunshots, blood, explosions, and a guy fucking falling off of a roof. We’re posing with the actors.

L to R: Tyler, Cowboy, Renee, Elizabeth, Justin, Bad Cowboy, Chris, Luiz, Chris, Cowboy

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