Nolan to Worlds

Quick post today due to travelling.

70’s Big reader Nolan Power has gone to Sweden for the first ever IPF Raw World Championships. He decided to cut down to the 93kg class (the weight classes are different nowadays in the IPF). You can read his post about his planned attempts HERE; it’s part of his training log. The stream for the meet is in the post, and he lifts some time on Friday. Good luck, Matt.

I just learned this morning that Chris is now considered the first place winner in the 120+ weight class from the 2012 NAPF Raw Challenge that occurred at The Arnold Sports Festival in March. This means that he won his first international IPF meet, and it also means he is the North American Champion! The guy who won the weight class tested positive for some kind of PED, so he was disqualified.

To celebrate, here is a video of how Chris trains bench press:

In case you missed them in the Facebook/Twitter feeds, here are some videos of Mike and Chris training recently. Mike squats 530×3 pretty easily and then reverse band deadlifts 615×6; Chris rack pulls up to 675×3 about a month and a half after injuring his lower back. Oh, and this video was part of Chris’ “rehab” of working back into things; I’m linking it cause Mike says something funny at the end.

If you’re still hankering for more vids, then review the “hip torque” concept:

11 thoughts on “Nolan to Worlds

  1. Why aren’t there any comments on this? Huge congrats to Big Chris and Matt Nolan. But Justin, you need a better drinking game. “Ramble on and on about boring mobility stuff” is way less fun than “hold my beer and watch this…”

  2. Congrats to Nolan, Chris, and everyone else competing!

    @Nolan/@Chris: how tall are you guys?

    Matt is probably 5’10 to 6’0. Chris is 6’1.


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