The Artist & The Olympian

Adam Scheiner has a vision that will portray art in its most natural form. “The Artist & The Olympian” is a preliminary short for a full feature script. It will show the emotional and artistic connection between a painter and a weightlifter as they try and achieve the pinnacle of their potential. Weightlifting itself may seem bland to the untrained eye, but a weightlifter is always on the quest to the perfect form, the perfect lift. A weightlifter aims to brush off their blemishes, their failures in the pursuit of the perfect lift, that one moment in time that will represent their years of bleeding ache.

A painter’s life is spent releasing their emotions onto canvas. They only hope that the viewer can understand the image that resulted from opening their soul. This artist has a feeling in mind, a concept that they are struggling to emit into the visual realm. The artist paints and strokes. The lifter strains and toils. They are one in unison; they search for the truest form of art, one that brings peace to their heart.

This is the story that Adam wants to tell. And did I mention that Donny Shankle will be the weightlifter? Yeah…

However, a well done short film is not easy, and it isn’t cheap. In order for this project to be possible, his production team needs to raise $15,000 dollars (at this time, they have raised $2,210). The full line by line cost of the project is included on that information and donation page. I encourage anyone who is interested to donate a small amount to this fund. If 25% of 70’s Big readership donates $1 — a single doll hair — then Adam’s team will have more than enough to make the project a reality.

On a similar note, if you’ve ever heard anyone bitch about how nobody does anything to improve weightlifting in the U.S., then show them this page. This video can open the door to a full feature film that shows the purity in weightlifting — one that will resonate and garner the interest of non-weightlifters. Forward this link to all the USAW haters, all the people who think American weightlifting is failing, because donating to this video actually accomplishes something instead of just bitching on the internet. Remember, every doll hair counts, so don’t feel pressured to drop more than one.

10 thoughts on “The Artist & The Olympian

  1. I want to donate on your behalf so you get some credit. The shankle shirt is all mine though baby. Can’t find a way to credit you on the donation site- can I send you the money, you make the donation and get the prize to me later?

  2. I want to donate $200 and then force Glenn and Donny to watch me massacre the olympic lifts while I yell “Low bar squats and deadlifts will make me a champion!”.

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