Female Readers At Meets

This last weekend various female 70’s Big readers performed well in raw powerlifting meets (and one long-time male reader, Yosh). I just wanted to give them some public congratulations. From now on, if you compete in a meet (or any other competition), send in your results to the Facebook Fan Page and we’ll honor you on Monday’s post.

70’s Big Chicago Lifting Group

Ellee started a lifting group that regularly meets to train together, but they also are starting to go and compete together. Three women and one fella competed in a USAPL meet this past weekend and did really well.

Nicole, Cynthia, and Allison

Nicole: 8/9. 100kg squat, 55kg bench, 127.5kg DL. All PRs.
Cynthia: squat was 2/3, best was 65kg (143.2 lbs); bench was 3/3, PR of 42.5 kg (93.5 lbs); dead lift was 3/3, PR of 75 kg (165.2 lbs).
Allison: 7/9 overall, squat – 97.5 kilos. Bench: 45 kilos. Deadlift: 120 kilos

Yosh, who has been reading 70’s Big since day one: 8 for 9 and got 1st in the Illinois State Men’s 198. Squat 187.5kg (413.3lbs), 130kg bench (286.6lbs), 250kg dead (551.1lbs) so total is 567.5kg (1251lbs).

Cheesin' with their trophies

Meanwhile on the west coast…

Harj and Robin competed in an AAU powerlifting meet and one the top two “best female lifter” spots (Harj edged out Robin). Both of them have a background in CrossFit and they attended my 70’s Big Workshop, so I’ve been fortunate enough to coach them. I’m proud of both of them.

Harj squatted 176, benched 99.2, and deadlifted 220.5 (all in pounds) in the 114 lbs weight class. Robin squatted 195, benched 120, and deadlifted 285.

Robin and Harj, 1st place in their wt class, top 2 best female lifters

This is why we urge anyone, including women, to compete. It’s always a fun time and tests the lifter in a new way. Sign up for a meet and train hard!
Thanks to Ellee for creating the 70’s Big Chicago Lifting Group and all of the participants who allowed their photos to be used.

Edit: Tamara and two of her lifters also competed in an Olympic weightlifting meet this past weekend. Here’s a video. Cherie went 29/44. She’s a 41 year old 4’11 lifter. Zach went 83/114. He’s an 18 year old 6’5 lifter. Tamara went 6/6, 61/81 for a 142 total. She’s a pain in the ass lifter.

17 thoughts on “Female Readers At Meets

  1. Great lifting everyone, especially with all of those PRs! Yosh–that’s a really great total. You and I have the same bench and squat scores at 198 but your deadlift beats me by almost 100 lbs. Again, great lifting. It looks like you all had a great time. Nothing motivates one to train hard and consistently quite like a looming competition.

  2. Strong work, inspired to find a meet soon. Any thoughts on decent strength levels that would be decently not respectable at a meet? (Or does it all depend on the meet?) At between “Intermediate” and “Advanced” strength levels per the charts in “Fit”.

    Also looking at belts, any thoughts on these? (Lever vs buckles?)


  3. Congrats to the lifters! Now I’m kicking myself for deciding it was too far to come from STL. I guess I’ll have to come next year.

    I hope you all come down for the MO State meet next year in STL. I’ve done it the last two years and had a blast. I believe their will also be a meet in early Nov. over in Granite City, IL. Anyone interested check http://www.usaplnationals.com/ for updates as it gets closer.

  4. @windchill. I really like my lever belt. I’ve got the one made by Inzer, which looks pretty much the same as the one you’ve selected. I like it because it’s really easy to get on and off and to always have it tight. I’ve had it for about 18 months and it shows no signs of wear and tear other than the leather being a little bit softer.

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