Russians Going Off

I think Brian checks his YouTube subscription for new weightlifting videos every six minutes because he dropped a video-link-deuce on the fan page this morning before I knew what was going on. Here are videos of various Russian weightlifters that are preparing for the 2012 London Olympic Games (27 July until 12 August). Here is the weightlifting schedule (we’ll worry more about this later), but note that Klokov is going to lift at 1700 local time on Monday, August 6th, which will be noon in the EST time zone.

Let’s kick it off with the whammy, a 9 minute video of Klokov preparing to lift interspersed with warming up and hitting some numbers. He misses a double at 200 on snatch, and then says “fuck iiiiiiiit” and throws 205 on. After hitting that, Chigishev gives him a golf clap and Klokov is all, “Hey brah, that’s only 5kg over the World Record, SO COOL YOUR JETS.” And Chigishev is like, “lol bro, you cray cray”. I also want to note that the building they walk into in the beginning is exactly what I pictured in the dream I had where I chatted with Klokov on a park bench (in front of the building) with KGB guards posted everywhere.

Now here is Klokov nonchalantly clean and jerking 232.5.

Here is Maxim Matveev, who is a younger Russian 105kg lifter, doing a push-press with 185kg. It may not be Klokov’s 225, but it’s still a whole lotta weight. But Matveev has jerked 250 out of the rack, and that’s admirable, no?

Then an easy front squat followed by a power jerk…with 210kg? Thank you sir, may I have another.

Russians are stronger than Mike Tyson’s lisp.

22 thoughts on “Russians Going Off

  1. Justin – I have a first-world emergency. I just decided to a CrossFit Total at CF Annandale in . . . nine days. Fuck. How the hell should I taper? I know it’s not a sanctioned meet, but I want a good performance. Also, I maxed out my squat recently, but I haven’t done heavy press or deadlift singles in several weeks. And I’m currently running the heavy/medium/light program.

    Do not worry. You could do some ascending doubles this weekend (but don’t take it to maximal effort). The rest of my response will go with tomorrow’s Q&A. The meet will be a good time (I’ve been talking to Jeremy about it).


  2. Liking Klokov’s Engrish-esq shirt in the first vid. “Winner Russia – we aim at the olympics”. I’d lift in one. I’ll have to check Russia’s Olympic Team site.

  3. That coach is cool. Not a hint of facial expression other than Eastern Block detached blue steel. I bet his kids have haircuts you could set your watch to.

  4. Hey Gumbo,
    I am planning to go too. I am running the same Heavy, Medium, Light template and didn’t really plan to taper at all. Maybe its dumb on my part, but I am going to treat it like a training day. I might skip my Friday workout though.

  5. I’ve been having trouble with my oly progression so I started paying an old Russian man to wear a sweatsuit and watch me lift from a fold up chair. All my lifts have increased by 140%

  6. I know a bunch of legendary Bulgarian lifters from the 80’s used to take a cig break between max effort sessions. We should bring that back.

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