Arnold Strongman Classic

There were five events spaced out on Friday and Saturday. Shawn and I attended the bodybuilding finals that (thankfully) also included the Strongman Classic final event and awards presentation.

View all of the competitors HERE.
View all of the events HERE.

4 thoughts on “Arnold Strongman Classic

  1. Announcer is a toolbag; Mikhial uses a lot of hook grip for olympic lifitng…we get some guys that tare callouses…god damn. Mike Jenkins funny dude, Arnold was looking at him like what the fuck

  2. Recently on the Iron Radio Podcast they told a story where they were at the Arnold, and had just watched an exhibition where someone has deadlifted a tremendous amount of weight. After the lift, audience members were allowed to approach the bar to get a closer look. The podcasters were astonished that some people (180 lb pec deck types) who actually tried to lift it. It showed how little most people understand about just how strong those strongman guys are. Like these bros said to themselves “you know, I might be able to lift that!”

  3. Man, Poundstone is good at recovering from injuries…I know going into the world’s strongest man last year he was coming out of a lumbar vertebra stress fracture… And, while I know that second place isn’t as good as the first place he’s used to in this comp, it’s better than I expected… (Yeah, he and Misha are my fav strongmen. And Misha kinda doesn’t count since he does EVERYTHING… I kinda think he might do better if he found one thing to just stay with…)

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