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Monday’s are devoted to female related topics to help females begin or continue to train.

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There were several ladies at the workshop this weekend and they had a large range of experience in lifting. This means that they have different needs when it comes to coaching. Coaching is the ability to communicate with a trainee in order to get them to succeed. I purposely leave the definition a bit vague because I don’t think coaching is only limited to merely achieving desired mechanics.

The interpersonal relationship with the trainee is important; how they are treated and how they interact with the coach will have an effect on their success. In my case, I shift roles depending on my audience. I alter my diction, tone, and choice of words based on the synthesis of information I have received from the person. Sometimes this information is a result of them answering my questions, but it’s also dependent how I passively read their body language and personality. I get a feel for their understanding of the material, their education level, and quickly learn how optimally they receive and understand information. All of this, of course, isn’t perfect all of the time, but it’s what is going through my head.

In the case of the women at this past weekend’s workshop, some of them only needed brief conceptual explanations with some specific cues and they could use their kinesthetic sense to make it happen. Others required further break down of the steps to simplify gross movement patterns into simple actions that their body could easily understand. It’s not that this kind of stuff doesn’t occur with males (because it does), it’s just that the percentage of females that come from a lifting background is lower than males.

When in doubt, things should be kept as simple as possible. One or two simple goals can be set for each training session. If those goals are met, then correct the next fault in the triage. However, if the third improvement causes the primary goals to regress, then cut it out and return to the original plan. Guys who lift regularly have a tendency to try to explain movements when a girl is unable to perform it properly. Explanations may be relevant, but if they occur they need to be whittled down into one, maybe two things to think about when lifting. This goes for all trainees, but especially girls without a lot of lifting experience.

I’m interested in the results of the poll above as it will give a break down of 70’s Big readers and their involvement with female trainees. If a large percentage are females who receive coaching, then I can focus these posts on “doing” rather than “teaching”. Feel free to ask questions or suggest further topics related to female training for future posts. I’m also working on some stuff that includes the help from another female coach/trainee, so stay tuned for that.

70 thoughts on “Coaching Females

  1. @nobodystopsdblob

    I think you mean whether it is an abomination against nature that there is an apostrophe at all.

    Easy test: 70 = seventy. Seventies Big, or Seventy’s Big?

  2. @oldmansquatting

    I don’t usually post to this site, ever, but I felt the need to speak up in this case.

    After living with Justin for the past 2+ years and bearing his female puppies I can assure you no disrespect was intended by using the term “girl.” I can understand being upset if he said “bitches” or “hos.” But he said “girls,” get over it!

    I appreciate oldmansquatting speaking up on behalf of the women who read this site, but in this case I think his efforts were misdirected. At times there are comments on this site (99.9% of the time made by followers) that I find to be totally inappropriate and Justin usually gets an earful for it, whether he had any part in it or not.

    With all that being said, Justin spends a lot of time and effort to keep this site fun, informational and FREE, it’s FREE for the sake of the gods! He’s not trying to offend or belittle anyone so if you’re offended then maybe you need to find a more PC, Sesame Street website, because this isn’t it.

  3. I think oldmansquatting just got ladyslapped by Justin’s woman.

    Coming to this site and complaining about masculine bravado in lieu of sensitivity is sort of like complaining that there are not enough vegan options on the menu at McDonald’s. You’re in the wrong place. That being said this is the internet and I think most of the dudes on this site are probably pretty honorable and respectful in real life. SEems like most guys who train like this are. Or they could be assholes. The fuck do I know.

    Also, I am a guy who trains and my wife trains. She pretty much does the 2x week program for ladies Justin outlined in a previous post. Her ATG squats are a source of much envy from me.

  4. @stronger–

    I have this micro recorder thing that is fantastic for recording sports

    It’s got it’s pros and cons. The drawbacks are it doesn’t take stills and you can’t watch it right away since it doesn’t have a screen. But the good thing is it’s tiny and sound activated and comes with a clip so I clip it on to my hat for hunting and can film in a gym where video is discouraged by clipping it on to a piece of equipment. I guess it could also be used for spying/security too if that’s your thing.

    I’ve been using the Canon A540 for stills and recording my workouts most of the time: It’s “old” now but it’s taken perfect pictures for me since 2006 and is still working like new.

  5. I don’t typically record workouts, nor am I a lucky owner of such a fine camera, but for $299, the GoPro Hero or Hero2 are really the best thing going right now. The quality of video is on-par with cameras that cost 10x as much, and it will work underwater, under sweat, covered in chalk or dirt or whatever. It’s the only camera most people will ever need. I hope to get one eventually. It’s the fucking jack bauer of cameras.

  6. @ kellie – while I was there I was the only woman to touch that squat rack and the only person to do anything deeper than a quarter squat in it! But it was neat to be able to walk to the airport (weather permitting) and train in an old warehouse thanks to the volunteers.

  7. @stronger feeling better but still tender/sore. I think it’s going to take a good two weeks more to feel right again. I’m going to lift heavy squats, presses and rows tonight and see what happens. This might be a little reckless but sometimes that’s what it takes.

  8. Cameras: Assuming you want to use it as a real camera as well as a video camera for your workouts, the Canon S95 and S100 are at the top of my list.

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  11. I am a girl who trains. My coach is a guy but I train along some badass girls as well. I like the tough love from him and the encouragement from my ladies. Justin, I love the girl posts on Mondays and I love the training logs, especially Brent’s! Thank you for providing such engaging, informative and always hilarious material.

  12. Everybody will hereby be referred to by their sexual organs. Women will be “vaginas”, men “penises” (peni?)

    Joking aside,, if you get butt hurt over a word on the Internet, you’re probably retarded.

  13. I’m a little behind, but I thought I’d chime in. I’m a girl that trains and trains others. I coach at 3 gyms. One is a lifting/strongman/fight gym where I am the Strength and Power specialist. It is my great delight that most of my clients are male and looking to play power sports or to finally realize their full strength potential. Another is a pink carpeted women’s only gym– where I don’t let anyone drop a deadlift or do crappy KB swings. I am known as the Technique specialist. The last is a yoga studio. Because it doesn’t do you a ton of good to be able to pick up heavy things if you can’t also touch your toes ;)

  14. i am also a little behind…

    i coach regular crossfit group classes at a crossfit gym. i have personal training clients, who right now are primarily older/deconditioned women. i also have done some training of my (female) rugby teammates. i am a woman who dables in competing in crossfit but my main sport is rugby.

  15. I’m a man who trains some women, including one who’d be an excellent coach if only she realised the wisdom of abandoning her prestigious high-pay job as a solicitor for a less prestigious low-paying job as a coach.

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