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Last week the World Weightlifting Championships occurred and they were very entertaining. The women were pretty impressive; the 75kg class was lifting about what I currently lift. I was a pube away from quitting right there. If you’re a guy, take 80% of your body weight, match that up with the women’s class and observe what they are lifting. If you can’t lift that, then…look man, I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t…I just can’t.

I don’t have any vids of the 75 session itself, but it included Lidia Valentin, who is…a favorite of this site? Here’s a video from the 2009 World Championships.

Lidia finished with a 120kg snatch in the 75kg class

In other news, Julia Rohde is one of those bulky weightlifters who causes women to flee from the sport. The 53kg German lifter finished in 14th place with 85/106, yet was 3rd overall at the European Championships a few weeks earlier. Here’s her 102kg opener at the Europe Championships.

Julia is an incredibly bulky and ugly weightlifter

Here are some of the final clean and jerks in the 69kg class. The only women sessions I watched were 69 and 75, and both were impressive. The Chinese lifter who takes 140 for her opener hits a beautiful jerk that drives her very low on her final attempt (I screen capped it on the Fan Page album in case you missed it).

Here are the snatches from that session (in case you’re new, snatch occurs before cj). The best snatch in this class was 118 by Russia’s Oxana Slivenko and she also tied the best cj with 148. Those are some impressive numbers. That 266 total is almost the qualifying total for the 94kg class for the American Open. The best 75kg class lifter finished with 130/163=293 which is about what I could lift. Yikes. A Chinese 75+ lifter hit a 182 clean and jerk, which is just fucking scary. She finished with a 328 total.

There will be more information on the men’s results tomorrow. Thanks to Brian Smith for collecting some info for this post.

20 thoughts on “Women at WWC

  1. If I went to the Olympics in London, walked up to Julia Rohde wearing a Tank Top that says “BACON” and soffees and proposed to her how do you think she would react?

    She’d point at your face and go, “Vat zee fuck is zat?”


  2. @ellee – I will be at the American Open because I’m coaching someone! I’m getting there super super late on Thursday and then leaving at some point after the 105s lift on Sunday.

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  4. How good was Akkaev v Klokov? After a week of shithouse lifting, finally the big boys came out and showed the men how it’s done.

    Klokov could have fit another 2kg in his total easily looking at his final lifts, but take nothing away from Akkaev – he came, he saw, he monstered. Nuff said.

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