Nude Weightlifters?

I thought that would get your attention (keep reading). Remember Germany’s Julia Rohde? She’s a 22 year old German weightlifter who made 7th place in the 53kg weight class at the 2008 Olympics (more pictures here and her website).

You’ll also remember Spain’s Lidia Valentin, but Spain also has another ravishing lifter named Maria De La Puente.

Maria and Lidia

Julia and Maria competed against each other in the 53kg weight class at the 2008 European Championships (Maria would take silver while Julia took bronze).

However, the real reason you’re here is because somebody said “nude”, and Maria De La Puente has posed nude. She did it to prove the point that female weightlifters are not ugly, muscular goons, but instead embody the female form. The following pictures are NSFW, although they don’t show the downstairs mix-up or boobs.

Solo picture
Picture with other weightlifters, holding barbells on the beach

Lest our female readers think this is just an ogling session (they are catching on), this also stands to show that quality lifting won’t induce the bulk, and these girls can be display that to the uneducated potential lifter. That was Maria’s point anyway, because weightlifting isn’t popular in Spain.

30 thoughts on “Nude Weightlifters?

  1. I like that the girls look ‘normal’ in the pictures. They have tan lines and don’t look like they dehydrated themselves for 5 days before the shoot. Approve.

  2. Random not on topic question for everyone. Anyone have any suggestions on a digitial camcorder to take with me to the gym to record stuff with? My price range is less than 100 dollars. Any suggestions are very much appreciated as always.

  3. @patrick

    I have one of these and love it. The only draw back is you can’t watch the video until you get home. It can record several hours of video and comes with a clip that you can use to attach to something to get a good angle. I’ve used mine int he weight room and attached to my jacket/hat to get some pretty cool hunting footage.

  4. No my cellphone is from 2001ish. Camera sucks no audio. Refuse to resign contract with Verizon when my phone works just to get some battery sucking smart phone.

    The battery will only drain if you use it a lot or have a bunch of programs installed. Quit being a poon.


  5. Stroup, you can get a flip HD for about 75 dollars. It is no frills but it works well. You can also get regular cameras that have decent video abilities for around $100.

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