Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Sweet potatoes cost as low as $.60/lb, and they have a little bit of sweet flavor. However, baked sweet potatoes get boring, so let’s get reckless. Here’s what you’re gonna need:

– 1 medium sized sweet potato (rhinoceros penis sizes are not necessary)
– 2 pieces of thick bacon
– 1 tbspon of butter
– cinnamon
– 1 handlebar mustache

Prep time is a couple of minutes. Cook time is a few minutes.

Cook the sweet potato. I prefer to use the microwave. Poke holes in the potato and cook it for four minutes. Two potatoes will cook in six minutes. While that’s cooking, fry the two pieces of bacon that you have already cut up into small pieces.

Once the sweet potato is done, cut it into small pieces. When the bacon is adequately cooked, but not burned or crispy, dump the sweet potatoes in and sauté the mixture.

Now plop a nice hunk of butter in. At least one tablespoon of butter. As it melts, give the whole mixture a good dusting of cinnamon. Then stir the mixture in with the melting butter thoroughly — this is where the magic happens.

Cooking things in butter makes them incredible, and sweet potato hash is no different. The butter allows the mixture to brown and infuses the cinnamon. This, of course, is just a garnish to whatever other egg/bacon meal you’re already having. I suggest fried eggs mixed into the sweet potato hash or scrambled eggs and bacon on the side. Enjoy.

We’ll have a regular recipe feature once the site changes themes, so get your pictures/videos ready.

31 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Hash Browns

  1. Needs onions and black pepper IMO. You gonna be accepting recipe submissions?

    Also, your dogs are fucking adorable.

    Normally I would agree with you, especially with regular potatoes (although I don’t like onions much unless it’s in chili or a stew — they smell like BO). However, sweet potatoes are sweet, and the flavor is completely different. I suggest staying away from peppery stuff.


  2. i.e. Use the left over bacon fat the eggs didn’t soak up

    When I use my good pan, there is no left over bacon grease when I make scrambled eggs. I wouldn’t do that though. Cool/cold eggs are worse than cool/cold hash.


  3. Eggs in a separate pan, you heathen. That way they don’t get cold while your hash be brownin’. Plus I think that would only work if you had over easies instead of scrambled.

    I made the eggs in the same pan because that’s the good pan. Bacon/eggs don’t cook well in the older, shittier pan. I wanted the hash browns to come out perfect, so I used the good pan. The following day I duel wielded pans (hash in the old pan) with great success.


  4. +1.

    Do you add any milk to your scrambled eggs? I’ve heard strong opinions on both sides of this question.

    People do this to make them more fluffly. These people are fools who don’t know how to fluff the eggs when they whip them with a fork. I am a master at this.


  5. Sweet potatoes have a magical ability to take on a bunch of flavors quite admirably.

    In addition to cinnamon, I love sweet potatoes with cumin and rosemary (not together thought).

    This is the insider info I was looking for. I will have to try that out once my method gets a little jaded from everyday use.


  6. This is great. I actually had white spud hash, scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast this morning. Sweet potato fries are also a hot commodity around my neck of the woods in the morning.

    BTW, I have a ton of recipes (pics included) that I’d be willing to share when the time comes; chili, jumbalaya, roasts galore, to name a few.

    And you’re fucking hilarious.

  7. That looks awesome. I need a microwave…

    On a different note. If you are ever shopping pick up some chinese five spice. It has cinnamon in it but it has a couple of other ingridients and it makes sweet potatoes taste crazy awesome.

  8. Maslow,

    this was on yahoo when i opened my browser today…


    Making the eggs and bacon in the AM takes long enough… wish I had time for the hash as well… i suppose i could make it the night before and then nuke it in the am…


    The camera punch reminded me of uncle rico for some reason, also, fuck your handlebar moustache…

    please respond…

  9. Educate my ignorant ass:

    A fucking sweet potato is not a fucking yam.

    And you’re talking about sweet potatos? Or are you talking about fucking yams?

  10. Thanks Stonewall. I’m a big fan of “low and slow” when it comes to anything with eggs.

    Not everyone will be a fan of this but i LOVE making two toasts and butting butter and strawberry preserves on it, then putting bacon, cheese and scrambled or fried eggs in between them. It’s basically a standard breakfast sandwich with the preserves added. Beware, it’s only for those who can handle the sweet and savory in the same bite.

    Another idea: poaching the eggs but dropping them into near-boiling water that’s had a little vinegar added to it. This is a little more labor intensive but the texture is fantastic. Tip: very slowly stir the water with a chopstick to prevent shit from getting stringy.

  11. Sweet potatoes cut into cubes mixed with olive oil and seasoned salt. Broil in a cast iron skillet. If there was a picture in the dictionary for tasty this would be it.

  12. +1 to Terrible’s cumin suggestion. I cook breakfast sweet potatoes in the bacon grease then spice them with cumin and chili powder and then put fried eggs on top. SO good.

  13. Made an awesome mash the other week, sweet potatoe, butternut squash and coconut milk. Although the best spud related dish is definitely plain old white potatoes, roasted in goose fat.

  14. This is being made on Saturday as I’m out of sweet potato at the moment.
    I’ve started cooking a bunch of sweet potatoes in the crock pot and they’re pretty awesome. I’ve never been a big fan of them until then…but then again I’ve never coooked them in bacon grease either.

  15. This is great, everything on this site is pretty darn cool. I started reading this summer and before I knew it, I said, “to hell with it, I’m going to go all the way to the first post and catch up”, and that’s what I did. Also, off topic I realize I’m overthinking but how should lifting shoes fit, snug, normal or a bit loose? Thanks.

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