Impressive Female Lifters

This week I want to motivate you women who actually do train, whether you’re already strong or not. You may be the queen in your gym, but somewhere out there a stronger woman is training her heart out. It just so happens that there is a gym full of these gals at CrossFit Retribution in Westminster, MD. This facility is run by Beau Bryant (not to be confused with this guy) and he has developed a stable of good lifters and is even using The Texas Method (he bought the e-book a while back).

This is Beau’s wife Angie hitting a fucking solid set of 225×3 on squat. I’m impressed, because this is a beautiful low bar back squat and she crushes the first rep. The neat part about it is that Beau sent me a video of her after last week’s Intensity Day and she missed the third rep at 220.

I just watched it again — god damn it what a great set. She doesn’t have any chest dropping due to thoracic weakness or hamstring weakness. Just real fucking solid. Well done Beau and Angie, well done. Oh, and here is their new shirt.

I could end the post and be very happy, but THERE’S MOAR.

Here is Tiff — she had no barbell training experience prior to joining the gym. Here she is pulling 290×5 like she’s drying her hair.

Also, here’s a vid of her squatting 275×3.

Lastly, we have the 110 pound mother of two, Leah squatting 160×1 a couple months ago. The record in her weight class is 170, so they are trying to break that.

Well done ladies, and nice job to Beau for good coaching and programming. If you want to submit your female lifting videos, shoot them here.

18 thoughts on “Impressive Female Lifters

  1. Awesomely inspiring. I’m working my way back to squatting 225 after a hip injury, and seeing Angie do that is exactly what I needed to get fucking pumped for today’s volume day. Thanks!

  2. +1 on good coaching
    Damn I’ve been to several gyms(most 24 hour’s and a few other gyms in and around Los Angeles 562), and I’ve seen maybe 3-4 women who do comparable training.

    None with near as good form. Inspiring in an hour and a half will be squatting 180x3x5 and DL’n 185 or 190×5.

  3. Just fantastic. And way to go Team Maryland!

    I’ve only seen a woman do full on heavy (for her) barbell lifts in person once. Hopefully I’ll start seeing it more often…but only after my gym buys more squat racks.

  4. Hi Justin, quick TM question, do you have experience with someone doing back to back bench or press weeks (i.e. not alternating) for a few weeks while chasing a milestone PR? Is this alright, or not advisable due to recovery concerns? Thanks

  5. Update: This inspired me to completely destroy my squats today. AND THEN I packed my fridge full of delicious t-bones (not the commenter, hey girl!), bacon, and eggs, and then I destroyed THAT. A truly excellent Monday for a 70s Big Female. I think I’ll go measure my ass.

    Also, Maslow obvs needs more 70s Big ladies in his life.

  6. Correction to the info on Leah. She actually tips the scale at just under 105 pounds and will own the state record. She’s already hitting it for a triple.

    I wish everyone could have seen our gym last night. We conducted a CF Total and were packed with athletes. The atmosphere had to be experienced to believe. I could pull dozens of videos of strong women performing some amazing lifts last night.

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