Podcast – Ep. 8 – Reader Q&A

In this podcast I answer questions submitted by readers on the 70’s Big Facebook Fan Page. Topics range from rehabbing SI/lumbar injuries to deadlifting programming, powerlifting to Robert Baratheon.

42:57 long
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  1. I have it and have read once and several of the sections several times as I begin to implement the program. However, in the book Justin talks about using 3 x 5 on light days and for weightlifting and powerlifting specific programs as it relates to the volume on intensity days. My question was bases on the point in the podcast where he says he doesn’t use 3×5 anymore. It was during a discussion on powerlifting but I wasn’t clear if the comment had broader implications.

    In the book I talk about shifting into 3×5. I’ll have to look later and find the page for you.


  2. At school, looking forward to listening when I get home.

    Fun fact for the week. I spent yesterday shadowing an orthopedic surgeon, and in 6 hours I saw more guys with rotator cuff injuries that I ever expected to. The one thing they all had in common? Trying to go too heavy/ too fast on incline bench. Weird.

    Most people who incline will internally rotate pretty bad on the incline bench. Next time you’re in a gym, pay attention to anyone doing incline (much less any bench, but specifically incline). You’ll see all of the internally rotating really bad and it will make you cringe. It’s harder to internally rotate on a decline bench, and that’s probably why so many people will use it and think it’s worth a fuck.


  3. thanks for the insight, I’m not really bouncing off the tissue, but I guess there is some increased dorsi-flexion at the bottom. I was playing around with it a bit last night and it didn’t seem to bother me as much, so maybe it was just a technique flaw, I do notice weight is too far forward occasionally

    Currently I’m running a squat cycle similar to the RSR, its programmed as 2x week but I have been running at 4x, although I’m scaling back to more of a TM 3x week style.

    I need to mob more often, currently my recovery generally only consists of vodka and SC2, lol.

  4. Now that I press I don’t think I’ll ever incline bench again. And decline is for pussy virgin mormons.

    @smithb9 – Is there whey in that vodka? If not, try adding some.

  5. Justin i noticed you mention you dont use 5×5 for bench and press in TM anymore and that you use 3×5. How do you setup the 3×5? Straight ascending up? whats the spread between the 3 sets if ascending up?

    It depends on the frequency of benching overall (something you and I have talked about a bit). And all that other stuff would depend, but typically the flow is 5×5 –> 3×5 across –> 3×5 ascending over a long period of time. But ascending the sets really isn’t necessary on a TM set-up. I find it useful in other types of templates though.


  6. First post ! Sc2 last night was pretty sweet. Though Brent does need to nut up to his lady friend and rage quits too much. Should probably combine the two and Hit it and then Quit it.

  7. I’d have to agree with the ending of the podcast…platemail is perfect for defense against slashing attacks…and since the other guys weapon is curved much like a scimitar I’d imagine. Hes probably unable to impale or stab which would be the best way (and only) to beating the high armored target..even if the man with the curved blade weapon where to aim for the separations in the plate around the joints, neck,and the back its going to be covered with chain mail like Justin said…really not a fair fight at all.

    Big fan of combat pre firearms

    Now everyone who hasn’t listened are all, “WTF?”


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