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A lot of you have shoulder issues, and they can be alleviated by improving two primary things: internal rotation and thoracic flexibility. Here are some videos that help with internal rotation from

This entire video is good.

This entire video:

Beginning of this video:

These merely hit the internal rotation aspect, so start working on those and in a few days I’ll do a post on working on the thoracic area. Feel free to ask any types of questions regarding range of motion, flexibility, and how it pertains to lifting.
Edit: A Lannister always pays his debts.

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  1. Justin,
    I train in the evening after sitting at a desk for 9 straight hours. I’m dealing with some low back SI joint pain which is really killing my deadlift and squat. I’ve been doing most of Kstars mobs for that area and have focused primarily on mobbing my hip flexors and quads using the couch stretch (even do it in my cubicle despite some odd looks from coworkers). I also do the Sampson stretch with band distraction and the table top one for my glutes. The problem is, I do those mobs after I lift and I feel better but before hand I’m tight as hell. What’s your best advice for getting the hip flexors and low back prepared to squat and deadlift?
    p.s. I’m not sure if people are aware but they plan on remaking the movie Point Break centered on the world of “extreme sports” instead of surfing. This really pisses me off. The Conan remake, in my opinion, was shit and now Hollywood is trying to ruin another classic.

    Do the stretches before you lift. Also, you may need to reduce the training in your program and hit some lower tonnage type stuff for a bit while working on weaknesses. What say you?


  2. What type of conditioning would everyone suggest to improve at BJJ?

    I only have time to go once a week now, and I’m completely gassed after one roll.

    Hill sprints destroy my left knee, I have no prowler, and I have nowhere to push a vehicle.

    Barbell complexes would work well. Gant used them for judo quite a bit.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been doing a lot of high volume benching, and as a result my shoulders and sternum aren’t feeling that great. This post reminded me not to be a lazy ass about mobility.

  4. I fucking hate mobility work. It’s boring and does not directly contribute to maximum jackage. Gotta do it though.

    A question about the KStar vids. Is there really, like, stuff in your soft tissue that you’re breaking up when you foam roll or lacrosse ball roll or whatever? I always feel better and looser after doing this stuff, so in that sense this question is pointless. That said, I’m never really sure what’s actually happening under my skinsuit. Are things just stretching out, or are you really “breaking stuff up” and such?

    I can’t be the only one who wonders about this.

  5. @Bodhi I have had some success with doing Kelly’s sitting stretches and going into kneeling positions at my cubicle. Anything is better than just sitting all day, I would also do a standing couch stretch from time to time. I don’t care if somebody comes in and I am doing hip mobility on my desk while I read emails.

    @Wheel of pain Saw this on wmod

  6. @nobodystopsdblob (sweet handle)

    Yeah, I’ve seen that video before, but check out this thread:

    It discusses the “fuzz” and the guys qualifications. I’m not saying this way of speaking about mobbing is incorrect. What I’m asking whether anyone has any legit sources for the idea that there are things or substances forming that we need to “break up.” Is it not simply lengthening tissues that have shortened or tightened. This is how I’ve always understood stretching, mobbing, etc. Same for “trigger points.” I would think that if trigger points really existed in the way that people talk about them, then I could look on google images or youtube and actually see one. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I can.

    Not ragging on Starret. His ideas are awesome and I always feel better after doing them. I just want to know what is actually going on. The fact that he speaks in abstractions and metaphor doesn’t make it any easier to decipher. Is he talking about “breaking up” and “working through” tightness, or is he saying there is actual physical stuff in there that we are “breaking.”

    Sorry to harp on this, I’m just curious to get others’ thoughts on what mobbing actually does.

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