Happy Birthday 70’s Big

70’s Big Turns 2

On September 22, 2009, the first post of 70’s Big was published and had fewer than 100 page views. The first few posts were named after Chicago songs, and KittenSmash was the first person to comment (second post). The concept of 70’s Big swelled after six months of joking around with the Chris, Brent, AC, and Mike — guys that you regularly see on the site (their training logs are linked on the left side bar). I figured the jokes would make an entertaining and educational website, and so started the process in September.

In that first year there was a heavy emphasis on lifting big, eating big, and getting big. Yet, year two saw the site shift into quality over quantity, emphasizing the finer points of programming, diet, conditioning, and even health. As you get more experienced, so should your ability to tweak your program and dial in your diet to lift and look Herculean. And don’t forget the committed intensity and fervor necessary to not just achieve, but elbow drop your goals.

This site has always aimed to a) entertain, b) educate, and c) have a fun time doing it. In order to garner and harness your attention, I have to do really weird shit
There is no zealotry in recommendations, only that strategies are derived from a baseline of anatomy, physiology, and the body’s adaptation to stress. There is no 70’s Big diet or workout. I guess sometimes we make fun of bodybuilding, but usually directed at a bro who is acting like a goober. CrossFit probably receives a jape every now and then, but I’m sure their skin is covered with plate armor made of $100 dollar bills papier-mâchéd together. The point is that this is a community that is open to new people, helps people, and has a good time along the way.

To date, there have been 530 posts, 18,759 comments, a conservative estimate of 4,250,000 total page views, and lots of good memories. Through this site I’ve interacted directly with hundreds, and probably a few thousand people. Everyone I interact with, American or otherwise, are always fantastic people (see this post). I wish that I had the time to talk with all of the top blokes, but it’s hard to keep track of everyone. If you have sent me a message or an e-mail and didn’t hear back from me, you weren’t ignored! I do my best to reply to everything, but a good portion of messages are unread and lost.

In the last year I’ve started doing the female posts to help get girls involved in training and lifting, 70’s Big Workshops (lifting or programming) have increased in frequency (including going overseas to Australia), I put out The Texas Method E-book, and Dr. Kilgore, Dr. Hartman and I published an applied fitness book called FIT. Some bigger projects on the horizon include changing the theme of the site, creating a new general FAQ, finishing Part 2 of the Texas Method e-book, putting out several smaller helpful e-books to help your training. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or advertising on the site, then shoot me an e-mail.

Thank you to all the guys that have been reading this site for the entirety of its existence like Cloud, Kittensmash, Briskin, Yosh, and I think Cory (Edit: And Mark, Maslow, Ryan, etc.). I’m sure there’s more, but I feel like I’m good friends with you guys and I haven’t even met half of you in person. Thanks to all of you other regulars on the site; your interaction makes things fun. As for you other creepers who read every day and don’t comment, jump on in, the water’s fine. I’ve also recently heard that there is a site (or collection of them) that hate 70’s Big? I dunno, if they hate us, then I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to train with them. If after a good read through of the content and how this site aims to have fun and help people they STILL hate us…then I’d have to ask, “How much do you fucking curl, sir?”

Most of the readers know that everything is all in good fun and getting extremely butt hurt about disagreements isn’t a mature trait. Speaking of which, you guys are allowed to disagree with me and discuss various topics. There is a lot I don’t know and I freely admit that regularly. Philosophically an argument is a discussion about a topic, and society is almost incapable of achieving that these days without getting pissed off. If you act like a dickhead, I’ll treat you like a dickhead. But feel free to question the things that I say (when relevant, don’t get all Socrates on me), and maybe it will help both of us learn.

There aren’t too many internet communities that aren’t a pain in the ass, and I thank the seven that this community is one of the cool ones. We wear tank-tops and flannel, press women and animals, and drink red wine. Come at me, bro.

68 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 70’s Big

  1. I am relatively new to the site having only discovered it a few months back. I finished reading all the back posts and the ebook and my training has improved because of it. I am just starting the Texas Method and thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks.

  2. 70sBig rules. The only question is, who would win in a fight between Justin and AC?

    I typically don’t fight, and AC typically does. I’d rather outsmart a dickhead and make them feel bad about themselves. This doesn’t mean that AC’s death won’t be at my hands, though.


  3. I don’t post too often but I read daily.

    Justin- Thanks for providing such a great blog on a daily basis. I can definitely say in the past 20 months I’ve been reading my knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology and training has increased tenfold. I’m also WAYYY stronger.

    I’d write more but my bacon is done cooking.

    Oh man, don’t call it a blog. It’s not a blog.


  4. also I vote you make some 70’s big tank tops.

    I’ve wanted to do that very much, yet Spreadshirt.com doesn’t carry tank-tops. Neither does cafepress. After getting shirts printed locally, receiving the orders, and manually shipping them, we decided it was a mega pain in the ass, so I’m not going to do that again. I need a site or service that will take care of all that shit for me.


  5. http://sissyhands.blogspot.com/2010/02/fuck-that-70s-big.html

    The only “hate” i could find is more of a disagreement. I could be wrong as I didnt want to read that much. Love the site. Check it more than daily and I buy the books.

    Not only is it the best site but I love how we don’t waste our time idolizing pussies that the tv hollywood people put in front of us. I grew up with real men to idolize. Not Toby McGuire and the scrawn of today and I make sure my 3 year old boy follows me out to the garage platform to get him excited about lifting as well. He takes a few pulls at the bar and loves to roll it around. It’s important that the message is spread.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. I stumbled onto 70’s Big about the time the site went up. I don’t remember how I got to the site but I’ve checked it everyday since. I rarely give props cause i think it’s kinda douchey but, Congrats to you. I’ve learned at lot here.

    Haha, well thanks. Glad to have helped.


  7. I have loosely followed the site for almost a year now, but it wasn’t until I purchased The Texas Method last spring that I realized you knew what the fuck you were talking about. I come to the site daily now was enjoying the podcast this morning. Nice work and congrats on two years.

    The book rules. When is part 2 being released?

  8. Happy two year old day! What’s all this about format change?

    The theme of the site is pretty elementary. It doesn’t have many options, and it is never updated. I’m going to use something better.


  9. Oh fine I’ll bite. I’ve lurked since the beginning! I was unsure of where the site was heading at first and thus reluctant to become part of the community but now its my go to page for everything I like in the world.

    Every time I come up with new concoction in the kitchen I ask myself is this 70’s big worthy? Now if I could only grow an epic beard. Damn military.

  10. I started reading this blog a little over a year ago when I first got into powerlifting. I found this site, among others, but this is the only one that was interesting enough (and wasn’t spammed with bro-science)to actually follow consistently. It’s been really motivating and I’m competing in my first meet on december 3rd. :) thanks for everything.

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  12. Congrats on two years. I think I found you guys on a link from EDSBS way back in the day, and I’ve been mostly lurking since then.

    I’ll try competing one of these days, but until then, I’m all about PR Friday.

  13. Happy Birthday 70’s Big! Thank you for all the information and entertainment you have provided over the past two years. I’m looking forward to seeing 70’s Big evolve.

  14. Happy birthday to a great site and a generally very entertaining group of guys

    Anyone else keep a log on the Stronglifts site (ROFL Stronglifts bro etc. “get fucked”)? It’s been down forever and I kind of need my old training information

  15. Another creeper checking in, I’ve been visiting the site for about a year and a half. As someone who has trained alone since I have started strength training, your site has been one of the few that has been an invaluable source of free info. It also helps that you and the logs are pretty entertaining.

    Also just received FIT and I looking forward to read it.

  16. I stumbled across 70s Big shortly after it came online, and maybe 9 months after I’d started squatting. I think there were about 10 posts at the time. It’s been a great benefit to my mindset. I made the mistake of buying a shirt pretty early on, so I have a medium of the original black one. I sometimes wore it to the gym. Now I’m 30 lbs heavier and there’s no way for me to wear the shirt while lifting…so I guess it worked! People at my gym still call me Mr. 70sBig even though I haven’t worn the shirt there for like a year. My favorite part about this site is the emphasis that training isn’t something you do; it’s a mindest, a lifestyle, a state of being.

    Haha, Mr. 70’s Big. Good stuff.


  17. I really need to start posting here. I’ve lurked for far too long (early ’10), despite how often I’m checking this page for updates, and read every comment.

    Definitely glad I found this, as it got me to start squatting, caring about my technique, and to generally stop lifting like every retard at my college gym, emphasizing chest and arms all the time, and if my abs are visible.

    Gained about 40lbs since then, so close to hitting 200 finally (only 5’9″ so it isn’t easy), and my lifts have skyrocketed.

    Keep it up Justin (and do a Seattle workshop sometime please?)

    I’ve talked with some folks about doing a workshop in Portland and Seattle. I’ll get back on that.


  18. I’ve only been here five months (about the time I started Starting Strength) but in those five months I’ve come so far in how I think about training and everything related to it. There are too many good things to list but for one, if it weren’t for this site I’d still be bothered by people criticizing my meat and fat heavy diet. I also wouldn’t have started mobing (which I’m still not doing enough of) and wouldn’t have a clue why shoulder hurts right now (grip problem in the squat, imbalance between chest and back) or how to fix it (row more, bro). An exercise science major I work with who turned me onto the idea of a linear progression is continually amazed by the training tidbits I bring up in conversation. Thanks for everything and I hope to make it to a workshop next summer.

    P.S. Any chance you could re-upload the Word document for Matt Truss’ pulled pork recipe? The link is broken in the original post (I’m guessing this happened when you had to move to a 70’s Bigger server). In the meantime, I’m going to attempt to transcribe it from his videos.

    Yes, I have the document still. Will do.

    Edit: 70sbig.com/wp-content/uploads/files/Articles/Pulled_Pork.doc


  19. Roast a pig, drink some beer, and have a party! Your 2 year party needs to be celebrated. Bony’s 2year party on the other hand is shamefull.

    I have showed lots of people the dog/girlfriend press since you posted it. Good stuff!

  20. Happy 2nd.

    I don’t remember when I joined (I’m sure I could look it up I guess…) but at one point I went back and read all of the posts, and have learned a lot. More importantly, I’ve made a lot of (e-)friends and also actually met people IRL from the site.

    I’m sure the good times will only continue (and maybe some day I’ll get to meet Justin, Brent, and whoever else)

  21. +1 for speedo pics. Including Brent.
    +1 for a Seattle workshop.

    You have a way about you that is absurd, intelligent, funny, poignant, and homo/not-homo all at the same time. Thanks for pulling that off in a really entertaining way.

    I taught a girl to bench (properly) at the gym today – totally random and gratifying at the same time. I think the DB that was trying to teach her learned a few things too.

  22. Good stuff. 70sbig is the only fitness I read with regularity. I used to check crossfit.com, the performance menu, etc. but after a while it all gets old and, shit, they don’t have dudes in speedos :P

    However, I read Brent’s blog for the first time yesterday, and now I’m really worried. Listening to the Smiths and getting all emo? Is this the Shrug Thug?! Is this 70s big?!

    In all seriousness, good stuff. Keep it. I like the new stuff better than the old stuff, fwiw.

    Brent’s training log is pretty good. Maybe you should read the older posts.


  23. This site and this community are the best around. Fact. Great job putting it all together, Justin. Glad I can be a small part of it.

    Also, if you do a Seattle workshop, and Kittensmash will pick me up at the airport, give me a place to stay, and beer to drink, I bet I could make it. But only if we all go out to Rainier and hike up to Camp Muir.

    I would only do the workshop if this were all the case, with me staying there too. I’m sure his wife wouldn’t mind.


  24. I don’t post much here cuz wordpress is a pain in the ass to me and doesn’t work at work. But I been following this site since day 1 and got the first shirt as soon as possible. Needless to say I’ve retired that shirt and upgraded to others due to the permanent gym funk smell that is stuck in it.

    Keep up the good work brochacho’s

  25. I popped your post cherry, was not aware of that. Sorry.
    I’m going to drink this Alaskan IPA in celebration of 2yrs of the Internet being a little more awesome.
    I love you guys. Except stank. And that Charles hammer guy that says gay shit.

    Jesus, this made me laugh.


  26. Also to everyone that wants a Seattle workshop, can’t it be outside of Seattle? Seattle is cool for a city, but the rest of this state is so much cooler. Seattle is all about being skinny and oversensitive, not 70’s Big traits.

  27. Habberday 70’s Big. Didn’t know you’d been around that long, since I only started coming to this site about 6 months ago when I started lifting.
    Oh, and +2 for a PNW workshop (Portland preferably, but Seattle is OK. Would visit again).

  28. I guess I can make my first post. Been lurking here since March 2010, when I started lifting.

    Maybe I’ll post again in another couple years, but thanks for keeping shit entertaining in the meantime!

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