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Remember the other day when I was bitching about how the actors in Thor and Conan could be bigger? Well, then Paul S. sent me some information on Urbank and things got real. Real real.

Urbank dwarfing Ronnie Coleman

Turns out Vince is a big mother trucker, and he kinda looks like the little dude who played Thor.
(By the way, the average guy in Australia is smaller and weaker than in America. Strength training is less popular there than it is here, and endurance training is what is en vogue. I’m not really a big guy and I stood out in most places. That must be why the media got all excited when Chris Hemsworth gained a couple of kilos to not be such a girly man. I’ll never understood why they cast him in the first place.)
What I’m trying to say is that Urbank should have been Thor, because a 7 foot tall muscular 300 pounder is definitely what I imagine when I think Mjölnir.

Urbank is a strongman competitor who just received his pro card in the American Strongman Corporation. The former Marine trains powerlifting-style and doing extremely well:

Here’s a video of him doing a strongman comp and another ripping a phone book in half. I’ve been told he’s 23 years old (although I haven’t seen that officially), is in PT school, and aims to continuously improve in strongman. Hopefully we’ll see him at the big show some day. Click here for an interview with Vince.

Update: Vince is competing in the America’s Strongest Man competition in the ASC this weekend (Kevin Nee will be there). Good luck, Vince.
He’s sort of agreed to an interview after this competition, so post your questions for him in the comments.

35 thoughts on “Vince Urbank

  1. How the fuck did you manage to fit that rant about Australian blokes being puny in that article Justin and how does it relate? I lol’d hard at that!

  2. Sometimes the arguement is that they need an actor who can act…BUT, I’m pretty sure he IS Thor and wouldn’t need to do any acting. Just be himself.

  3. I forget where I saw he is 23, but he served in the Marines from 05-09 so assuming that was straight out of high school 23/24 would be about right.

  4. Ronnie does NOT look happy!

    +1 on the strength training in Australia thing. No one lifts in high school, because ‘it will stunt your growth’. The biggest team sports are AFL and Rugby League, which has comparatively smaller ‘big’ guys than Rugby Union or NFL, and everyone wants to be fast and lean, or be able to run a long way.

  5. I just watched Thor on my flight from Korea and I also think that the Thor character could be bigger. One of Thor’s friends that had the axe should have been a monster as well since they said he ate like two cows in one scene. Loki was too skinny to be fighting Thor. After like one hit, Loki should have been done. The fact that Loki couldn’t even lift Thor’s hammer should have said if Loki got hit with the hammer, he would have been destroyed.

  6. What a fucking beast. I’ve never seen anyone that tall deadlift that much. I’ve also never seen anyone deadlift that much with double overhand.

    The best part of the interview is the first part of his response to the question about how the Marines affected his lifting. I assume it’s a typo. Still hilarious when I first read it.

  7. >I’ve also never seen anyone deadlift that much with double overhand.

    There are a couple guys around (that I know of) pulling 800+ with a DOH hook grip.

  8. Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

    Questions for Vince – he mentions that he places a lot of importance on nutrition. I’d be interested to see more of a break-down on this. A lot of these guys have wildly different views on nutrition, so it’s always good to hear various opinions.

    Also, not sure how in-depth he’s willing to get on supplements, but at least some discussion on how he addresses joint health would be interesting, since a lot of these strongmen guys have some interesting stuff there, too.

  9. Fuck my life. Brb, going to go down a bottle of pills and put and end to my small, weak, pointless existence.

    Also, Ron Coleman is only like 5’11”, so this guy is probably not actually 7 feet tall. Still pretty cool.

    I see on a forum thread that he’s 6’7″.


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